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Work experience





Jun 2004May 2006


Mushtifund Higher Secondary

Score : 71%

May 2004


Mushtifund High School

Score : 78%



Frameworks Used :   Ruby on Rails JRuby    
Frameworks Used :   ExtJS
Frameworks Used :   Spring Struts Hibernate
Frameworks Used :   .NET
Frameworks Used : Codeignitor CakePhp Doctrine Wordpress

Projects Worked On

Cognizant Technolgy Solutions :

Part of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence team.

  • Working for Metlife Insurance client (US)
  • Total applications handled : Around 10

As a developer my responsibilities include :

  • Monitoring the daily/weekly/monthly data load process.
  • Troubleshooting in case of any issues.
  • Enhancement of existing applications.
  • Performance tuning of SQL/applications.
  • Involved in Smoke Testing/DR testing activities.
  • Coordinating/Communicating with On-site/Client
  • Shell scripting.

PresentSoft Technologies :

A custom Wordpress theme for a blog.

  • Design layout (psd) + conversion to wordpress theme.
  • Cross browser testing.
  • Technologies used : PHP, Wordpress framework,CSS.

Image preview/thumbnail functionality for a website.

  • GIMP (image processor) + SCHEME (Script) to automate GIMP..
  • Sinatra to handle web requests and invoke GIMP.
  • Sinatra and GIMP applications ran on a different server.
  • Technologies used : PHP, SCHEME, RUBY, SINATRA

Payment Page interface for Home Automation based company website

  • Images,CSS design and integration to match new website desing.
  • Cross browser testing.
  • Technologies Used : HTML, CSS

Newsletter Generator

  • HTML templates/themes definition using WYSIWYG editor.
  • Tags definition with corresponding content.
  • Template selection, tags insertion and publishing.
  • Tags replacement using Radius tagging and html output generation.
  • Technologies used : Ruby on Rails, Radius tagging, WYSIWYG Editor

Facebook Fan Page for a website.

  • HTML page to Facebook fan page conversion Using FBML.

New design for a social networking site

  • New design/layout in Photoshop.
  • Ported design to web application in PHP and using Smarty templates.
  • Cross browser testing.
  • Technologies used : PHP, Smarty, CSS.

Subscription management for a social networking site

  • Ruby + Active Merchant gem used to process PayPal payment for subscription.
  • Notifications interception for recurring payment for membership renewal.
  • Technologies used : Ruby on Rails.

Newsletter Subscription management for an online shopping cart site.

  • Integration of Subscription form with home page.
  • Post transaction signup option for buyer.
  • Newsletter managing site's PHP api to complete the subscription without redirecting the user outside the site.
  • Technologies used : PHP

Inventory management system

  • The frontend client designed using ExtJs JavaScript Framework
  • PHP for server side processing
  • The back end using Mysql database.
  • Technologies used : PHP, ExtJs, Codeignitor, Doctrine

Website Monitoring Android Application

  • Android application to constantly monitor/ping an address + raise an alarm if the site is down.
  • Technologies Used:  Java, XML

B.E. Final year project :

GPS/GSM Based Vehicle Tracking System.

  • Desktop Application + Remote interface (Web) for tracking device control.
  • Desktop application (Local) developed in C# using .NET
  • Remote interface (Web) developed using PHP
  • Oracle database used as datastore.
  • The tracking device (Telit Gm862) programmed using Python.
  • AT Command set to communicate to GSM modems (Local)
  • SMS to exchange Data between server and the tracking device.
  • Google earth integration with desktop application and Google maps with web application.
  • Functionalities : Locate the vehicle, Get trace, Turn off the engine, Trigger alarm.
  • Highly sensitive relay circuit designed for shutting off the engine using ECU (Fuel cutoff).
  • Technologies used : C#, .NET, PHP, Oracle, Python, Google earth api, Google maps api, AT, GSM, GPS.

Freelancing :

A Website for Non profit dance organization

  • Designed a simple,vibrant theme.
  • Ported it to Wordpress framework.
  • JQuery was also used.

Logo/Graphic Designs

Other Achievements

  • Member of the Organizing Team for national level gaming event Vengeance 2.0.
  • Member of INTENSA (IT Branch Goa College of Engineering) Council 2008-09.

Technologies and tools

GIT (Distributed Version Control)

Continuous Integration tool (CruiseControl.rb)

HTML Debugging - Firebug (Firefox) , Developer tools (IE)

SVN (Version Control)

IBM Tivoli Scheduler


FTP Tools





Experience :

Been working in the field of IT for around 2 years. Starting the career as a programmer, i have worked as a freelancer for few months in web development.  Joining as a developer/programmer in PresentSoft Technologies , i had an excellent industry exposure to various technologies of programming(Java, C, etc) and web (PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc). This opportunity also involved 4 months of Client Side/On-Site experience.  Later joining as a fresher in cognizant, got trained in Data Warehousing technology and on-boarded DW & BI team working for Metlife Insurance client. Informatica, Cognos, Shell scripting, Oracle, DB2, UDB were few of the technlologies i came across.

1) 4 months + Freelancing experience  as graphic and website designer

2) 10 months of programming and development experience at PresentSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd(Goa), which includes 4 months of client side experience.

3) 1.3 years experience in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence at Cognizant Technology Solutions

Expectations :

I am looking for an innovative and challenging position that fits my interest.


Dec 2011Present

Informatica PowerCenter Level 2 Developer

Informatica Corp.
Feb 2012Present

Cognos 10 BI Author