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Teit Max Moscote Søgaard

Senior Scientist looking for a new challenge in major pharma


Having spent my career to date in R&D settings in academia and industry i am now looking to continue in a company that offers the potential to advance to a higher level.  My experience covers working at major research organisations abroad as well as in Biotech in Denmark and I am experienced both in cGMP process development and transfer to CRO as well as in writing and validation of methods for protein analysis/QC. 


Process development for cGMP production. Development of analytical methods. Process transfer and writing  of development reports and standard operating procedures.

Analysis of protein interactions by surface plasmon resonance, Iso thermal calorimetry and microscale thermophoresis.

Macromolecular protein purification by diverse modes of protein purification including IEX, HIC and mixed mode chromatography.

HPLC analysis of proteins by Size Exclusion-, Reverse Phase-, and ion-exchange-chromatography.

Preparation of samples for NMR analysis. set up of crystallisation screens. analysis of protein by SDS-PAGE, immunoblottting, ELISA, Gel flitration, differential scanning flourimetry.

Heterologous protein expression & purification (E.coli, yeast, insect cells, human cells)

Work experience

Jul 2015Present

Senior Scientist

ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies

Project management, transfer of analytical methods to upscale CRO. Authoring of SOP for protein analysis. Development of analytical tools, writing development reports and transfer of these to CRO. Project management.

May 2013Jun 2014


Expres2ion Biotechnologies

Responsible for the downstream development of a process for cGMP production of a malarial protein vaccine for a clinical phase 1 study and transfer of this process to CRO. 

Jun 2012Apr 2013

Research assistant

Department of structural Biology (STRUBI) University of Oxford

The Karlin group. High through-put cloning and expression of viral proteins for crystallisation. Purification and charcterisation of proteins and set-up of crystallisation screens

Nov 2006May 2012

Post doc

The Noble group, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford

Development of purification processes for proteins involved in cell focal adhesion and cell migration. Analysis of protein-protein interactions by diverse techniques. Set-up of crystallisation screens, preparation of samples for NMR analysis.

Jun 2006Oct 2006

Post doc

The Svejstup group, Cancer Research UK

Purification and characterisation of RNA polymease II from Yeast.

Aug 2001May 2006

PhD student

The Svejstrup group, Cancer Research UK

Basic research into transcription initiation in vitro using yeast as a model system. Characterisation of phosphorylation of the  C terminal repeat domain of RNA polymerase II and its consequences in basal transcription.

Jul 2000Jul 2001

Research Assistant

The justesen Group, University of Aaarhus

I developed an ELISA based assay for the quantification of translational read-through of stop codons in mamalian cells.


Aug 2001Jun 2006


Enrolled at University College of London as a Cancer Research UK PhD student 

In the Svejstrup group I met the challenge of successfully conducting basic research in transcription in yeast. I greatly expanded my knowlegde of purification techniques and experienced the speed and efficiency of discovery in a world-leading research organisation.

Sep 1988Jun 2000

Cand. Scient. in molecular biology

Aarhus University

In the Justesen group I acquired a firm footing in molecular biology and protein chromatography. I worked with different groups both at the Aarhus university hospital and at the Department of Macromolecular Crystallography to solve very different types of problems

Aug 1985Jun 1988

Gymnasial afslutnings eksamen

Slagelse Gymnasium

Natural sciences



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