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Aug 20092012

Diploma III

Telkom Applied Science School

Major : Computer Engineering and specialized in Network Programming

Dropped out at 2012 due to solve real-world problems with software engineer.

Language Skill

Bahasa Indonesia

  • Listening | Fluent
  • Speaking | Fair
  • Writing | Fair
  • Reading | Fluent


  • Listening | Fair
  • Speaking | Slight
  • Writing | Fair
  • Reading | Fair

Work History

April 2017Present

Senior Software Engineer

ARIM Technologies

Creating MSSP Dashboard for Cyber Security application using Laravel at AWS infrastructure

Apr 2016April 2017

Technical Team Leader

PT. Ebizu Prima Indonesia

I am currently work on Manis ( project as Technical Team Lead.

- Creating the scalable API for Manis app with the best practice
- Managing the API developers
- Managing the Android developers
- Managing the iOS developers
- Scrum Master
- Working closely with Manis product team for possible feature
- Working closely with System Engineering and consult with them for the right infrastructure
- Working closely with Quality Assurance team for testing our app
- Working closely with Customer Support Representative and helping them with technical issue and escalating to the technical team.
- Working closely with Operation Team

Nov 2012Nov 2015

Senior Software Engineer

PT. UrsaByte
Writing codes


Back End

- PHP (Laravel, Lumen, CodeIgniter)

- Java Servlet


- Third Party SDKs

- Third Party Libraries

- Back End Optimization

* more than 6 years experience in PHP

Front End


- CSS (Vanilla, Bootstrap Framework)

- Javascript (Vanilla, jQuery Framework, jQuery plugins)

- Bundling & Minification Assets 


- Ajax

- Company Profile, Landing Page & E-Commerce

- Dashboard System

- Front End Optimization

* more than 6 years in experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript


- Java Swing

- C# WPF



- PostgreSQL

- SQLite

Cloud Infrastructure


-- EC2 (Using it as Web Server and Middleware Worker)

-- RDS (MySQL, Aurora, PostgreSQL)

-- SQS (Queueing System from Laravel to Middleware Worker)

-- SNS (Push Notification to Mobile Device [Android, iOS])

-- Elastic Cache (Redis, as cache and session storage)

-- Elastic Search (For faster data storage and geolocation search)

-- SES (E-Mail Blast and Auto Reply E-Mail Bot)

-- Elastic Beanstalk

-- Elastic Loud Balancer

-- Route53

-- S3 (As static files storage and backup)

Operating System

- macOS

- Linux (especially Ubuntu)

- Windows

- Bash Scripting

- Command Line (Comfortable using command line for everything, even creating alias for lazy typing)



- PHPStrom / Atom

- Insomnia REST Editor

- Composer (PHP package manager)

- NPM (Node.js package manager)

- PIP (Python package manager)

- Maven (Java package manager)

- Gradle (Java & Android Dev package manager)

- Brew (macOS package manager)

- APT (Debian package manager)

- Laravel Artisan

- AWS Command Line

Development Methodology

- Kanban

- Scrum


* notable portfolios at relatively big profile company

Personal Interest

  • Reading (web articles, books, at every topics)
  • Watching and discussing movie
  • Learning new language (both programming language and human language)
  • Learning new software technology, can be web / desktop / server / command line 
  • Spending time with my family
  • Science rules!


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Without wax,
Bias Tegaralaga