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A husband, father of two, and Software Engineer


Jan 2006Jan 2009

High School

SMK Negeri 2 Surakarta

Computer happens, I am in love with computer. Assembling my first computer, later told by my school to assemble dozens of computers and get paid only by lunches. Building my first computer network lab. Get to know PHP, get to know algorithm with Pascal when I represent my school in OSTN (Olimpiade Sains Tingkat Nasional) at Surabaya (2008).

Language Skill

Bahasa Indonesia
  • Listening | Fluent
  • Speaking | Fair
  • Writing | Fair
  • Reading | Fluent
  • Listening | Fair
  • Speaking | Slight
  • Writing | Fair (pardon my grammar mistakes, misspelling)
  • Reading | Fair

Work History

Apr 2016Present

Technical Team Leader

PT. Ebizu Prima Indonesia

I am currently work on Manis ( project as Technical Team Lead.

- Creating the scalable API for Manis app with the best practice
- Managing the API developers
- Managing the Android developers
- Managing the iOS developers
- Scrum Master
- Working closely with Manis product team for possible feature
- Working closely with System Engineering and consult with them for the right infrastructure
- Working closely with Quality Assurance team for testing our app
- Working closely with Customer Support Representative and helping them with technical issue and escalating to the technical team.
- Working closely with Operation Team

Nov 2012Nov 2015

Senior Software Engineer

PT. UrsaByte
Writing codes



Have 6 years of experience in PHP. Vanilla or framework both works for me. Preferred framework is Codeigniter, because it is fast and get the job done. Right now I am focused on Laravel mainly on Lumen.


I have been working on with Android for 3 years. I am a little bit obsessed with design consistency between devices, user experience consistency between devices.

Web Frontend

Javascript, jQuery or Vanilla? I haven't had the chance to work with another javascript framework outside of jQuery. Angular.js , Ember.js? Well, I still prefer my way to handle my views and my data. But I tried them too. Maybe if I have time I will try Node.js

HTML, 4 / 5? I have no need for exploring HTML 5 since my previous projects doesn't require me to explore HTML 5, but when I had the chance to working on project that require me to explore HTML 5, I would, and I will prevail.

CSS 2 / 3? Well, I am not really design-savvy, mostly I am working on back end, because my sense of design is sucks. But I know my way around CSS 2 and 3 pretty good.

I only have 1 years experience with C#, create some desktop application for some BUMN company, but it turns out good, not great though, need more work on code elegance and code efficiency, something that I don't need it anymore in PHP and Java.
Java (Web)
Have 2 years of experience in Java (Web). Have experience working on with servlet and framework. My only experience with Java web framework is Spring. I have experience with Hibernate too, if that interest you.
Java (Desktop)
Have 2 years of experience with Swing, and 3 years experience with Java in general.
I have been working on REST as long as I can remember write my first ajax program with XMLHttpRequest before I even know jQuery. Since then I am a little bit obsessed with REST. I found joy in building API, securing connection when I have no secure connection nor oAuth. I am a little bit control freak about data consistency. Oh, and I have experience with SOAP too.
  • MySQL | Proficient
  • SQLite | Proficient
  • PostgreSQL | Competent
  • MsSQL | Advanced Beginner
  • NoSQL | Beginner, if I have time and somebody paid me to research how to work with NoSQL, I would gladly do that.
Revision Control
  • Git
  • SVN
I could do commit and update to head, but other than that, I need Google.
Operating System

Windows, OSX, Linux well I try them all.

My current environment is Windows because I have some project in WPF C# .NET that need Microsoft Visual Studio.

I love OSX for Coda 2 and Dictionary app. I haven't found worthy rival for Dictionary on another operating system. And I love multi desktop and full screen feature on OSX. I hate OSX file explorer, Finder is sucks.

I love Linux for the command line, well I installed Cygwin on my Windows, so.. And basically OSX have that too. I am not really a Linux fan, Ubuntu still unstable in my opinion.

Between OSX and Windows is my dream operating system.

I have experience with servers too, mail server, web server, since I took Computer Engineering as my major in college and high school. Working with Linux configuration file, shell script, servers, ssh, are no new toys for me.

Computer trouble shooting, server trouble shooting, well my Google Fu is pretty good.


* notable portfolios at relatively big profile company

Personal Interest

  • Books and Literature, I love reading
  • Movies, I love watching, remembering great quotes, searching for movies trivia
  • Arts, I love arts, I love music (I love any genre of music, as long it is easy to my ears), I love great painting (my favorite one is The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh), I love orchestra (my favorite one is by Antonio Vivaldi)
  • History, history hate time gaps. That is why I am pretty interesting in conspiracy theories.
  • Psychology, if I have time and enough money, I want to learn psychology in college, just for the sake of knowledge, I don't really need the degree. Learning human is more interesting than learning computer.
  • Physics, one of my biggest regret is I don't study physics hard enough when I have the time. I started thinking about space and time and now I am really overwhelmed.
  • Sports, actually I am pretty good at sports (Football, badminton, athletic sports) but laziness and food come in between.