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Tegan BRiant


Aug 2013May 2014

8th Grade

Neosho High School (511 Neosho Boulevard)

I have completed 8th grade. I am currently in 9th grade, but since it is not the end of the year just yet, I can not say that I have completed 9th grade. Honor Classes: English, geometry, and history                                                         Awards Received: Honor Roll

Work experience

May 2014Jun 2015


Neosho Little League (employed by Angie Leach)

The scorekeeper is quite often the primary representative of a city or league at a sports venue. Their primary responsibility is to keep an accurate record of the sporting event they are working at, but there are always various other duties associated with the position. Scorekeepers typically are employed by a municipality's parks and recreation department for a public league or the league itself for a private league.


Lawn Mowing and Weed Eating

In order for the fields to appear sharp on game day, one must know how to do so. I am that one. 

Computer and Scoreboard

I have access to a computer whenever a document is needed whether it's an information sheet for the members of the Neosho Little League or a spreadsheet to create schedules. 


I am currently enrolled in Spanish 1 in high school, heading to Spanish 2. I do not fluently speak Spanish; however, I do comprehend the basics of it in case of an emergency. 


Neosho Little League President, Angie Leach: 1-(417)-850-6369               Neosho Little League Vice-President, Travis Adams: 1-(417)-455-3698