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About  Ted Titmas

For eight years, Ted Titmas has advocated for the needs of the American Red Cross and blood recipients across the country. He stands out as the creator of the LifeSaver Stik® Technology, an easy-to-use saliva testing system that assesses for contaminant risks in potential blood donors. Ted Titmas has created this system as an alternative to the post-collection testing system currently in use, which currently results in hundreds of thousands of dollars in discarded donations each year. The LifeSaver system, by contrast, tests blood before collection using a simple and durable system that detects infectious disease, substance use, chronic medical conditions, and other sources of contamination.

Ted Titmas has filed a total of 10 US and international patent and trademark applications for the LifeSaver family of products, which currently includes the Alkohol Stik® and Drugs of Abuse Stik® as well as the Hepatitis Stik®, Malaria Stik®, and other contaminant-specific products. Currently in the process of filing nine additional patents in 100 countries across the world, he continues to advocate for the system's benefits to the greater health care industry. Mr. Titmas comes to his work with more than three decades of entrepreneurial experience, having founded companies across such industries as automotive sales, water purification, and telecommunications.

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