Internationally renowned artist Ted Stourton is a co-owner at Camelot Castle Hotel, which is located in Cornwall, UK. The hotel is becoming one of the favorite holiday destinations where guests enjoy the outstanding views, soak up the magical atmosphere and rejuvenate their spirits. He has a studio there where he spends time creating fabulous pieces of art, many of which can be seen in the hotel's gallery. His collection that is housed at Camelot is by far one of the largest and most varied art collections anywhere in the world. Collectors arrive from all corners of the world to meet him and collect his art while fellow artists and art students arrive to get advice and be encouraged by his successful methodology and his unique perspectives.

Views of Art

Through art, Ted Stourton believes that a painter finds a stream of communication to the viewer of the painting. He considers the possibility that through his brush strokes, he can send messages of hope and inspiration to people across the world, and according to him, there has not been a better or more important time than now to share his ideas with the world. Artists are vitally important to any society, but in the past that importance has been grossly underestimated. It is his goal to encourage artists to once again begin contributing to society and making a difference that can be made only through the vision of the artist.

Artist in Residence Programme at the Camelot

Artists from across the globe gather at the Camelot Castle Hotel  to tap into the very special creative atmosphere that is abundant there. It is unclear exactly why the hotel and its surrounding grounds are so inspirational, but it might be a combination of the gorgeous views with the mythology that is built around the castle. Ted Stourton and owners John Mappin and Irina Mappin instigated an Artists in Residence Programme, which enables any artist around the world to apply for a residency position in the hotel. The programme has become a very exciting concept that influences and empowers the artists. The purpose of the programme is to create a space for artists where they can  concentrate only their art rather than the worldly interruptions of daily life. The artists are chosen for inclusion in the programme by the hotel owners, who look for those who are interested in using any media or form of art as an avenue of communication. In the past months and years, Camelot Castle hosted many international artists through the programme.

Camelot Castle and the Surrounding Area

The castle is magnificent and the location is one that can only be found in Cornwall, England. The castle is situated above the famed Tintagel Castle, which is the alleged birthplace of history's King Arthur. Filled with legends and stories of the king's knights and the round table, the hotel and its grounds have a mythological and magical atmosphere that permeates every corner of the property. Ted Stourton chose that exact location to make his home and to open his studio, where he benefits from the charm of the castle, the unique location and the views for inspiration and creativity.

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Work experience

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