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Charlie Q. Yang (杨庆)

Ph.D., CFP® (博士,注册金融规划师)

Work experience 工作经历


VP - Sr. Financial Consultant

Charles Schwab 美国嘉信金融集团副总裁/高级咨询师
  • With client assets under direct supervision of over $850 million, developed and managed relationships with high net worth individuals, their families, corporations, and foundations. Conducted comprehensive financial planning for over 400 Schwab client households with building and preserving their financial wealth. 5 times Chairman's Club award winner. 分管负责8亿多美元的资金投资规划和风险控制,为机构和个人选择最佳投资机会和产品经营400多位百万美元以上高端客户的开发、咨询、和维护工作。曾五次获得公司董事长俱乐部年度业绩奖。
  • Created and implemented long-term asset allocation plans within the context of each client’s particular risk tolerance, and by providing access to innovative investment ideas and opportunities. Approved to represent Schwab at Chinese TV channels as a guest speaker on market updates and financial planning matters. 制定和讲解个人、家庭、及其企业的财务资产全面规划和实施,包括在保险、税务、投资、退休、遗产、和信托法规共六方面的知识咨询和产品服务。曾协助集团公司建立中文交易网站和中文客服平台,并代表公司在美国中文电视媒体进行经济资本市场的分析和解读。

President / Management Consultant

ACIBA 管理咨询师 / 美中国际商会首任会长

As founding president of  ACIBA, provided CEO level of management consulting services in technology, business, investment, and coaching to various sized American and Chinese corporations. 曾为十几家著名中美企业的CEO提供技术创新、管理咨询、效益改进、及人员培训等收费服务。

  • Managing Director, appointed by CEO of American Eastern Securities (2001-2003) – Initiated investment banking deal for American Dairy and Feihe. Through the merger, the new American Dairy (ADY) became listed on NYSE. 受聘作为美国东方证券投资银行执行董事,为中国中小企业(飞鹤乳业)在美国纽约证券交易所实现首家通过买壳快速上市并完成资本市场PIPE融资。
  • CEO/COO, appointed by Chairman/CEO of Hartcourt Companies (2000-2001) –  identified emerging opportunities in China, including early stage investments in the leading China financial data provider (WindInfo). 受聘作为美国海科投资控股集团CEO,最先发现万德Wind资讯的发展潜力并完成首轮注资。
  • CEO, appointed by Chairman of Datang Telecom Group (1998-2000) – Served as President and CEO of Datang's subsidiary in developing 3G international wireless standard (TD-SCDMA) for China Mobile's national wireless networks. 受聘担任大唐电信集团信威通信CEO,协助开发3G无线技术国际标准和推动中国移动TD-STDMA网络规划的完成。
  • Vice President/President, appointed by Chairman/CEO of ZTE Corporation (1997-1998) – Advised and assisted the establishment of  ZTE USA research subsidiary and appointed as the founding president of ZTE US Research Institute. 为ZTE中兴通讯提供管理咨询和规划其美国研究所并受邀担任首任所长兼中兴通讯副总裁。
  • General Manager/Managing Director, appointed by CEO of  Watkins-Johnson Company (1997) – Led wireless group and developed world-leading software-radio and advised the board to sell the IP properties for maximizing shareholder value. 受聘担任美国知名WJ公司无线通信部总经理,成功开发智能软件无线电新技术,实现股东利益最大化。
  • Assistant General Manager (China), selected by  Wang Laboratories (1983-1988) – Initially worked for Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) as a research engineer. Later selected by Shanghai Government to form Shanghai Computer Development Company to establish the first JV factory with a US Fortune-500 company (Wang). 早期就职于中国科学院曾独立完成L CD智能配色系统,其后选拔担任上海计算机开发公司任总经理助理,参与创建首家中美合资生产企业(上海王安电脑有限公司)。

Founder and Chief Investment Officer

ISIR 美国系统化投资研究所首席研究员
  • 在担任ACIBA管理资询师为企业提供服务的同时,资助创建了美国系统化投资研究所(ISIR),出于对美国华尔街金融服务业乱象丛生的不满,ISIR支持的研究项目力图重新审视现代投资理论,从根本上去除其没有考虑交易心理的简化假设,打破金融行业对现代投资理论基础误解所导致的过份迷信。
  • Establishing ISIR was motivated by the fact that most of financial product brochures were full of marketing gimmicks and confused fine prints, and lack of simplicity and high quality facts. Even when there were numbers, the assumptions, performance, and fees were often very misleading. The lack of scientific aspects in investment industry makes investors feel vulnerable to make sound and unbiased financial decisions.
  • 研究建立了一整套完善的金融市场投资评估体系,对美国资产管理行业不合理收费提出质疑,其间还开发完成了资本市场人气实时测量系统,形成投资组合测评的统一标准化基础,并且开始对以金融技术创新的研究项目给予支持,最终目标致力于改进金融服务产品的真实效益和客户价值。
  • Developed  the scientific formulation for measuring "random" and "irrational" market behaviors. Defined and laid the foundation of the new Capital Market Behavior Theory (CMBT). Challenged the modern portfolio theory (MPT) that places oversimplified assumptions on the market prices and risks.
  • Funded and supported 15 new investment education and FinTech research websites  (live content available upon turning on), including (Investment Behavior Measurement Standards and Benchmarks); (American Foundation for Investment Education & Advisory);;;;;;; among others.

GM / Product Line Manager

Hughes Network Systems 美国休斯网络无线产品部总经理
  • Served as business center manager (GM) and product line manager (PLM) for   Hughes Network Systems' new ETDMA fixed wireless network technologies and innovations.
  • Managed the growth from 0 to $300 mil annual revenue for a new product line multi-functional group involving sales and marketing, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, procurement, field operations, and customer support.

System Engineer / Business Planner

Bell-Northern Research 北电贝尔研究所系统工程规划师
  • Worked as a member of research staff for  BNR, the then leading telecommunication research facility in Ottawa.
  • Performed business budget planning, computer simulation, system performance evaluation, and engineering design validation.