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Teddy Amuah



Working at Wessex Water has broadened my general understanding of drainage and waste disposal, water and sewerage treatment, Wessex water asset maintenance, trade effluent matters and any related environmental issues affecting the water and drainage industry. I have also dealt significantly with other departments and companies associated with the business and have since developed great personal and professional relationships both internally and externally. I want a role that not only challenges me as an individual but combines the prerequisite for customer satisfaction with the need to make the business and department grow.

Work History

JAN 2017Present

CAPACITY / PLANNING                       



I am currently responsible for providing  planning assistance to abate flood prone area in the wesexwater region region. These mostly required investigations for potential flood control measures, sewers, water mains and non-structural measures. My duties are listed below.

  • Provided hydrologic and hydraulic analysis assistance to investigate best options to accommodate /rehabilitate any new developments during the planning process.
  • Performed site specific assessments on new developments coming forward in local plans  in an effort to gain a more comprehensive engineer's evaluation or risk with each site  and ultimately provide a comparative ranking of which sites  to proceed with further analysis of.
  • Represented WW  interests in providing assistance to consultants, engineers and developers  in their creation of detailed site designs
  • Evaluated the anticipated impacts to results of rainfall-runoff predictive analysis resulting. This led to detailed understanding of foul and surface water impacts on the environment.
  • Provided hydrologic and hydraulic engineers' tools training to agency and consulting engineers on a routine basis annually.
  • Managed all aspects of projects related to sewerage  and water supply modelling, surface-water/ground-water interactions and analyses, and flow to sewage treatment requirements to provide adequate capacity.  
  • Coordinated and performed, data collection activities and data analyses pertaining to water resources project work.
  • Performed hydrologic and hydraulic modeling activities.
  • Used GIS tools to aid in project work.
  • Completed technical reports related to water resources projects.
  • Directly responsible for discussing the continuous improvement and upgrades of WW assets with any prospective developers.

I gained experience in technical support and compliance with other departments and engineering staff. I was responsible for handling pre - planning enquiries,appraisals   and emails concerning  proposed sites in order to provide a consolidated response to engineers, customers  and clients.

This  role helped me expand my communication skills  (both written and verbal), listening and questioning skills as they were very critical for the job. Being open minded, working well under pressure  and prioritising my workload were also qualities that advanced from working forWessexwater 

JULY 2015JAN 2017




The main duties of my role is to assist in administering drainage and water searches/reports, ordering additional conveyancing reports within tight and agreed time scales and also ensuring the smooth running of the department. The role requires the provision of information and services to the whole business, supporting companywide functions and also providing call off assistance to our clients in conveyancing and asset related matters.

This means that having an awareness that the water and drainage report is a legal document and as such requires complete accuracy and mindfulness of the financial implications if the incorrect data is provided  was a critical part of my role.

MAY 2013JULY 2015




I started the role initially as a part time student at university. As the first point of communication for both internal and external Wessex water customers; I dealt with issues and enquiries concerning sewerage, water distribution and complaints. As well as managing crew dairies, I developed a thorough understanding & awareness of Wessex Water policies and procedures for both sewerage and supply operations.


Working for the care team was a fun yet rewarding part of my weekly role at Wessex Water. The team as a whole promote the Wessex Water customer promise by ensuring that we keep customers informed with any updates for jobs, bursts and emergency works that can affect customers as well as ensuring that all our customers are satisfied at the end of any attendance. We also guarantee that we achieve a high satisfaction threshold on surveys we conduct and this is reflected on the OFWAT service incentive mechanism were Wessex Water always score very highly.

OCT 2013JUN 2014

Mail Plus Technical Support

Daily Mail and General Trust

Acting as first point of contact for Mail Plus tablet and phone app, I was responsible for managing and  resolving hardware, software and end user problems resulting in enhanced problem resolution skills and quality assurance procedures.

NOV 2012OCT 2013

Get Into Teaching Advisor

 Department for Education

My duties included but not limited to answering any enquiries (calls and emails) about getting into teaching, the types of funding available and entry requirements for the extensive list of subjects available. My team were also responsible for arranging classroom experience for enquirers, arranging bursary eligibility and I was also given added responsibility of training new employees. I was also PCI acquiescent trained in order to handle personal and sensitive information.



Foundation - Biomedical Science

University of West of England
  • Understanding Physical processes.

       (Physics, I.T and Maths)

  • Fundamentals of Lab techniques.

        (Microbiology and Organic Molecules)

  • Chemical Reactivity and Bonding.
Sep 2009Jul 2011

BSc (Honours) Product Design Engineering

Brunel University
  • Design Process 1,2,3
  • Lighting Design
  • Contextual Design & Embedded Systems for Design.
  • Graphic Communication 1,2,3
  • Workshops with Materials, Design for Manufacture and Communication
  • Mechanics for Design
  • Electronics and Mathematics
  • Dynamics, Mechanisms and Stress Analysis
  • Innovation Management
  • Computer-based Design Methods
  • Dynamics, Mechanisms and Stress Analysis

Design and Art Diploma

West Herts College Access to H.E
  • 3d Animation and Design.
  • Draw/Life drawing.
  • Literacy and Numeracy.
  • Web design and Video editing.

Access to HE Science Diploma

West Herts College
  • Biology, Psychology, Chemistry & Physics.
  • Maths, Communications and IT.