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Work experience

Nov 20062009

Director, Software Alliances

Directed all business, engineering, and partner initiatives with strategic Linux software partners for this $6 billion global technology leader and innovator for computing and graphics solutions.Managed a 21-member global engineering and marketing team in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.

  • Created and executed AMD’s Linux server strategy which contributed approximately $180 million in AMD microprocessor revenue in 2007 — surpassed revenue goals by over 15%.
  • Delivered $20 million in incremental revenue through the creation of collaboration initiatives with Red Hat and Novell which enabled the delivery of high-value solutions to key vertical market segments, including financial services and healthcare.
  • Achieved 40% revenue gain outside of the US through the creation of a comprehensive OEM enablement program which allowed AMD to significantly expand their global footprint.
  • Developed and delivered hardware / software solution bundles with strategic OEM partners: Hewlett Packard, IBM, Dell and Sun Microsystems.
  • Constructed Linux Technology Centers of Excellence in the Americas and Asia Pacific which promoted awareness of HP and Dell products, resulting in a 20% increase in annual sales.
  • Created a “priority customer program” that rapidly resolved key customer issues as well as providing early hardware evaluation systems and technical support — increased annual sales by over 50%.
2003Dec 2006

IBM Account Director

Oversaw all strategic planning and execution initiatives: engineering, product development, sales, marketing, procurement, and executive relationships. Led a 30-member IBM account team that delivered more than $700 million in cumulative revenue. Developed and executed sales and marketing plans for the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

  • Led multi-year strategic server engagement that resulted in IBM launching the industry’s first AMD Opteron-based server, breaking Intel’s monopoly in the x86 server market and precipitating larger industry adoption of AMD server products — secured AMD’s position as a mainstream server technology provider.
  • Closed a second, more expansive product agreement with IBM which allowed AMD to grow their overall market share by 15% and server blade share by 25%.
  • Successfully launched IBM’s expanded product portfolio in China and delivered AMD’s keynote and product presentation at IBM’s launch event in Beijing, accelerating market awareness and sales.
  • Teamed with IBM to deliver joint proposals to Los Alamos National Labs in 2006 — secured AMD design win resulting in the deployment of over 1,000 servers, making it one of the most power supercomputers in the world and elevating AMD’s stature as an innovator and market leader.
  • Developed and managed “relationship elevation plan” which significantly improved executive relationships with IBM — tripled the frequency of meetings and personal communications which contributed to rapid closure of business deals, timely product introductions, and improved time-to-revenue.

Lenovo Account Executive

Advanced Micro Devices

Managed and optimized business relationships and revenue during the IBM PC division divestiture to Lenovo.

  • Negotiated and managed contracts for flash memory and embedded products resulting in a 15% increase in market share.
  • Created a cooperative product and marketing strategy with Lenovo which delivered customized value propositions to mature and emerging markets — increased overall profit margins by over 10%.
  • Closely partnered with Lenovo to develop regional sales and marketing initiatives which helped establish awareness and early momentum — increased sales pipeline by over 30% during the first year. 

Sales Manager

Advanced Micro Devices

Managed a 25-member global sales team that delivered up to $115 million annually.  Managed and negotiated all corporate contracts, pricing, terms, and conditions.  Handled all escalations and customer satisfaction issues.

  • Consistently exceeded 20% annual sales growth targets and managed relationships and quotas for manufacturer’s representatives and distribution partners. 
  • Drove IBM’s worldwide design win activities and program tracking for all divisions — achieved greater than 30% revenue conversion rate versus the industry rate of approximately 15% to 20%.
  • Achieved 200% revenue growth with IBM’s Retail Store Solutions division — secured key design wins which involved the creation of a new business case around semi-custom product development for IBM.
  • Exceeded total annual revenue goal by over 30% for key product lines: embedded products, programmable logic devices, and flash memory products.
  • Consistently achieved #1 supplier ranking at IBM for key metrics: pricing, on-time delivery, quality and reliability, problem resolution, and terms and conditions.
  • Overcame engineering barriers by establishing strategic CTO relationship with IBM’s Server division in 1999 which led to IBM’s early support for AMD’s technology and eventual product introduction.
  • Secured IBM as a strategic supporter for AMD-sponsored “HyperTransport Consortium”, solidifying industry adoption of AMD’s architecture vs. Intel’s dominant Itanium architecture.
  • Achieved “preferred supplier status” through the creation of special supply chain / just-in-time warehousing programs which supported contract manufacturing in the US, Canada, Europe, and Singapore, achieving incremental revenue increases of $15 million annually.

Account Manager

Managed over 50 customer accounts throughout the NY region for one of the largest publicly held distributors of industrial electrical components and production supplies. Exceeded annual revenue goals by over 40%.

  • Expanded customer base by 20 new customers and doubled revenue within the first 18 months.
  • Surpassed revenue goals for strategic customers in the NY region: GE, Kodak, Xerox, Harris, IBM - exceeded annual revenue goals for the territory by over 40%.
  • Positioned Marshall as a strategic supplier to IBM for DSPs, ASICs, and logic through the creation of a dedicated programming center which drove a 15% increase in overall revenue.
  • Managed relationships for strategic product lines: Texas Instruments, Motorola, Intel, SGS, and Analog Devices — exceeded 15% annual sales growth.

Area Manager, Northeastern U.S.

Alliance Electronics

Led all semiconductor sales and market development activities in the region and increased overall revenue by 400% in 18 months




Binghamton University - School of Management


Additional Skills & Practices
Competitive Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Heat Mapping, Target Account Selling and Executive Selling, Budgeting and Forecasting, ROI Optimization, Online Virtual Meetings
Personnel / Team Building
Specialty: matrix & cross-functional team building (sales, marketing, engineering, operations, PR, legal, QA)
Productivity Applications
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SalesForce, ACT, MindJet
Professional and Public Speaking/Presenting
Professional presentations and private sector speaking & teaching


Steve Simon

Ted has personal integrity which is important in this business. He demonstrated a depth of business knowledge, was effective in relationship building, and could be counted on to execute on his commitments.”

Dan Galloway

“Ted is a gifted professional, filled with a passion for life. Ted’s unique blend of sales/marketing experience, complimented by a strong technical acumen makes him a rare find. I have found Ted to be one of the effective communicators I’ve known! Frankly, that’s putting it mildly. As a bonus to his passion, diverse skill set, and articulation, Ted has an approach to life that is tenacious. He faces challenges head-on while refusing to waver in his commitment to being the best he can be and mentoring others to successful.” August 9, 2009

Zusan Yang

“I have had the enriching experience to work for Ted for about 2 years at AMD, but I have known Ted for almost 6 years now. He was able to drive strategic partnerships between AMD and one of AMD's most important customers. He brought people together amongst different functions and across all levels and to come to an agreement. This was often during times when there was a lot of dissension, high pressure, and a politically charged environment. His written and verbal communication skills are the very best that I have seen. Ted is a very positive leader and always motivated his team and those around him. He always had a strong vision and strategy for our account team, and he was able to deliver results.”

Jimmy Lawson

“I have had the privilege of working with Ted Donnelly for many years at AMD. Ted was one of our top Sales managers for one of our most critical and demanding customers. Ted manages critical tasks with ease and has the ability to think multiple steps ahead in any given process or task. Ted is a dynamic individual and is constantly moving forward. He has the uncanny ability to rally people to achieve greater levels of success and is always focused on providing win-win opportunities for the company as well as for customers. I can safely say that Ted’s achievements and talent have left a lasting impression on many within AMD and with our most important customers.”

Tom Follette

I had the wonderful opportunity to work for Ted as part of the IBM Strategic Account team here at AMD for roughly 2 years. I was able to leverage Ted's direct insights into the company, gained through over a decade of experience in a variety of roles. Ted has a unique ability to work effectively not only cross-functionally, but also vertically from both the execution layer to the most senior executive level. He also has among the strongest verbal communication skills I have encountered in my 17 years in the industry and is able to articulate almost any type of material - from business to technical - to any type of audience. I think Ted would be a tremendous asset in a Senior Management role that leverages his experience, business acumen and interpersonal skills, and I am proud to offer my highest recommendation of his ability to be an asset in any organization."


Visionary business development professional with a track record of forging strategic alliances with industry-leading OEMs to deliver exponential revenue growth, expand global footprint, capture significant market share, improve profit margins, and solidify company’s reputation as an innovator and market leader.Accomplished at managing complex business relationships with C-level decision-makers and closing major business deals with industry leaders.Key competencies include:

·Global Sales & Marketing

·Account Development & ROI Optimization

·Strategic Alliance Management

·Mature / Emerging Market Penetration

·Channel Enablement & Go-to-Market Strategies

·Hardware / Software Solution Optimization

·Staff Management & Development

·Engineering Management & Business Alignment

·Product Planning, Positioning & Messaging

·Negotiation & Presentation Skills



Autism awareness and education, volunteer activities, mentoring, physical training, social media, cutting-edge technology, golf, fine cigars