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My passion is developing exceptional consumer products and services. If you need to create a compelling new product vision or hone an existing one, look no further. If you are mired in a competitive space with a me-too product, my experience and interest can help you find new ways to shake things up, stand out and leap ahead.

I'm looking to shape the vision for a new, cutting-edge software product or service, build and lead a company and/or technical team, while pushing the technology envelope in the mobile, web or consumer spaces. Having hired and lead teams of more than 30 engineers, I am also open to opportunities outside the United States.

I work best collaborating with small, motivated teams to produce greatness. I insist on working with fun, creative, smart and respectful people because I find that to excel, one needs an enjoyable, supportive and challenging environment. My colleagues can confirm my incessant drive to beat others to market with a novel product. 

  • 26 years experience – Sr. Software Engineer, Software Architect, Chief Technology Officer.
  • 11 years entrepreneur – founder, co-founder, CEO and President.
  • Mobile development, app design, web development, operating systems, database design, drivers and firmware.
  • Software development best practices, requirements definition, product life-cycle.
  • Inventor – 2 patents granted, 7 pending and 10+ registered trademarks.
  • Rapid-prototyping, detail-orientated and on-time delivery.
  • Business strategy/planning/budgeting, product definition, team-building, management, product development, presentation development, and panel speaker.
  • Creative graphic design with branding eye.
  • Enjoy travel and customer interaction.
Technical Skills
  • Platforms – Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Linux.
  • Languages – Java, Javascript, Ruby, C#, Objective-C, C, PHP, Perl, Python, Bash.
  • Web – Apache, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, XML, JSON, REST, Twitter/Bootstrap, Foundation
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, JQuery, some Node.js, Facebook Open Graph.
  • Database – SQL and NoSQL: MongoDB, SQLite, MySQL, Oracle RDBMS.
  • Tools – Android Studio, XCode, Eclipse, IntelliJ, RubyMine, Git, Gradle, SVN, Ant, Wiki, JIRA, Unfuddle, Confluence.
  • 3D: OpenGL, Unity3d, Blender and Cinema4d.

Wrote Android and Java Hiring Guides

See and written for


George Merritt

I worked with George at Audio-Ex and Cheetah consulting in mid 2000's.

James Kung

James and I worked closely together to develop the NookColor Shop application.

Matt Pallakoff

Matt and I lead a small advanced technology group, "NookLabs", prototyping new user experiences, product features and considering technologies that can enhance Nook. Our focus is purely to enhance the user experience and increase sales.

Michael Atkinson

I co-founded Talktiva and FohBoh with Michael.

Hot Products

Piehole, 3D Arcade Game for iOS

Work experience

Aug 2011Present


Rocktonic Studios

I conceived of, designed and produced Piehole, a wild freemium 3D shooting gallery arcade game for iOS released May 20, 2012 on the App Store. It includes hundreds of sound effects, crazy visual effects, realistic physics simulation, multiple gravity environments, 30 levels, 3 worlds, 33 achievements, 5 power ups and 27 different kinds of guns. Ammo ranges from belching beer bottles to love gun, to disco balls and rubber duckies.

Piehole supports seven language translations and is written in Unity Pro and C#. It integrates Game Center, StoreKit for in-app purchases for virtual currency, Flurry, Urban Airship for notifications, Facebook connect, and Playhaven. It includes stock and custom-made artwork and music tracks. 

Oct 2012Present

Principal Software Engineer


Contributing to Woven, a leading photo sharing/experience app.

Apr 2009Sep 2012

Chief Software Architect and Engineer

Barnes & Noble

Team lead on Nook™ and NookColor™ (, the company's eInk and color eReaders based on Android. First engineering hire at Palo Alto facility. Helped grow the division from zero to 30% eBook market share in 2 years. Now co-leading small Advanced Technology Group "Nook Labs", looking at new technologies to enhance reading, buying, discovery experience and new user interfaces.

  • Developed requirements, use cases, user experience and user interface components.
  • Designed and implemented the Shop application, cover flow, sync and download services.
  • Worked with cross functional teams in New York and Vancouver.
  • Established infrastructure services for SVN, Wiki, JIRA bug tracking and more.
  • Interviewed majority of candidates from junior to senior engineers and executives.
  • Saw product through to completion and assisted with follow-up OTA updates.
Jun 2012Sep 2012

Sr. Software Consultant


Designed and wrote to-be-released cutting edge Android app demonstrating 802.11s mesh networking technology, involving complex multi-device file distribution and synchronization logic, localized NTP time servers, more.

Nov 2007Nov 2009

President, CTO & Cofounder

FohBoh - Restaurant Business Network
  • FohBoh is the world's first and leading social-business network for the $500 billion US Restaurant industry with a worldwide following using Ning.
  • Enhanced core Ning features with PHP and JavaScript for a customized user experience.
  • Developed technology roadmap, trademarks, presentations and product requirement documents.
  • Co-wrote business plan, presentations and help with contract negotiations.
  • Assisted with business development and fund raising efforts.
  • Served on the Board through 2009.
Aug 2008Apr 2009

Lead Consulting Engineer

iPhone Game Developer

I consulted for a Las Vegas-based company that developed cutting-edge interactive touch games.

  • Wrote complex, touch-interactive and shake video-based game for the iPhone and iPod touch.
  • App included full e-commerce store GUI (like App Store) to purchase and download additional titles. Interfaced with osCommerce server including authentication, downloads, presentation and updates.
  • Developed custom scripting and scoring engine, complex branching logic.
  • Cocoa, iPhone SDK, Objective-C, XCode, iPhone Simulator, Interface Builder, shell and scripts, Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver and Subversion.
Jan 2007Nov 2007

President, CTO & Cofounder

  • Talktiva sought to deliver the world's first voice entertainment network enabling consumers to converse verbally and interactively with famous virtual electronic personalities 24/7 by phone in multiple languages.
  • Helped develop the business plan, architecture, technology roadmap, patent strategy, trademarks, presentations and product requirements documents.
  • Put together star-studded technical advisory board with luminaries in speech technology and Silicon Valley from General Magic.
  • Developed exciting, working proof of concept, TalkToSanta, using VoiceXML.
  • Researched the market, evaluated numerous third-party technology providers, and assisted with business development and fund raising efforts.
  • Developed strategy to digitize celebrity voices for TalkTo programs using leading edge voice tech companies at substantially lower cost.             
Aug 2006Apr 2007

Founder and Inventor


Invented and developed unique new consumer product for the burgeoning trillion dollar health and welfare industry. Spautica is a bathtub product never seen or experienced before that when added to a hot bath, fills it with liquid pillows allowing your entire body to float fully emmersed. Product retains heat longer than straight bath to help soothe aching joints and muscles. Performed significant product testing with beta testers with rave reviews. With same technology, also developed hand product for use in small tubs and sinks. After use, user applies green dissolver, allowing the product to drain easily.


CTO & Cofounder

UGOBE Life Forms
  • Ugobe Life Forms is a consumer robotics company that develops revolutionary, synthetic life forms that move fluidly and behave like living creatures. Its first life form was Pleo, the pet dinosaur.
  • Helped bootstrap company from start-up to Series-A, serving in numerous capacities by developing the business plan, product concept, prototype, product requirements, company brand, market research, technology roadmap and engineering plans.
  • Assisted with business development, trade shows, investor presentations and relations, along with sales calls to national retailers including Radio Shack and Sharper Image.
  • Interviewed and recruited staff and vendors, including PR, engineering and design firms. Developed motion-control firmware and emotional response software in C, assembly language and Python.

CTO & Chief Architect

  • Co-architected teleconferencing server using JBoss to provide fault-tolerant services interfacing with partner bridges.
  • Developed presentation-audio synchronization playback and web presentation billing service using SOAP technology integrating with partner platforms.
  • Developed technical strategy and architecture for company's new VOIP teleconferencing service to lower operating costs and increase competitiveness.
  • Negotiated service contracts with Ubiquity, PointOne Communications and Peer 1.
  • Managed consultants and performed industry research.
  • Utilized Java, JBoss, J2EE, Oracle, Helix Server, JMS and other technologies.

Principal Engineer

  • Developed core features of the eMortgageAxis online escrow platform (in partnership with Fannie Mae), including complex fee calculations for HUD forms, proximity search algorithms and a search engine.
  • Helped define/implement advanced XML SmartDoc standard in conjunction with Fannie Mae and MISMO to represent secure, electronic notes.
  • Used Java, XML, XSLT, CVS, Oracle, regression tests and developed highly complex Excel spreadsheets.

Director of Engineering

  • As the Company's first employee reporting to the CEO, built and managed engineering, QA and IT departments (staff of 31).
  • Designed enterprise architecture for company's advertising and e-commerce service for gas pumps at service stations nationwide.
  • Wrote marketing requirements and functional specs for 5-tier network architecture: WebLogic enterprise server with Java, Oracle Database, Ten Square's AMBOS station controller, client-based station controller and thin client gas pumps.
  • Developed capital equipment budgets, handled purchasing, mocked-up user interfaces, and developed board and partner presentations.
  • Developed unique coupon data packing method using 2D barcodes for POS.
  • Evaluated and purchased ETAK GeoEngine for mapping and turn-by-turn directions. Evaluated and purchased Engage's AdEngine to manage ad delivery on thin client gas pumps.
  • Assisted with business development efforts, technical due diligence and contract negotiations.
  • Researched wireless market and technology to enable telematics and Internet access for vehicles at stations.
  • Chaired company's Technical Advisory Board, handled investor/partner technology audits and worked with partners Chevron, BP/Amoco, Marconi, VeriFone, IVI Checkmate, Exxon and others.

CEO & Founder

SurveySez Corporation
  • Developed SurveySez SaaS application allowing online customers to construct, run and embed interactive surveys within their websites using Perl and Apache web server.
  • Provided real-time reports and invented PowerAds, which were mini-surveys within banner ads.
  • Sold intellectual property to ClickToMarket.

Senior Consultant

  • Developed anti-spam algorithms to cleanse Webcrawler's search index.
  • Re-engineered entire search pipeline, streamlined database schemas and indices to achieve a 2x performance increase. Used NeXTStep, C, Oracle SQL, and Enterprise Objects.
  • Developed keyword-based search-result advertising, the precursor to Google's AdWords.
  • Independently developed ImageCrawler, a unique image search engine technology.

Software Engineering Manager

  • Developed XBAND, the first peer-to-peer video game network over phone lines for Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo.
  • Helped design entire embedded operating system on bare metal platforms, developing key libraries including resource manager, pattern allocator, image compressor and smart card driver.
  • Developed call-waiting detection (US Patent #5,651,060) letting calls interrupt games then recover game play.
  • Led development team on back-end player matching service, comprehensive national telephone database, top ten calculations and player statistics.
  • Led research project to determine network performance for Internet gaming.
  • Based on assembly language and C.

Software Engineering Manager

RasterOps Corporation
  • Managed core team developing software for company's entire line of video products.
  • Wrote low level and application software for new line of MoviePak, video capture/playback products for Macintosh.
  • Used C and assembly language, motion JPEG and MPEG standards.
  • Interacted closely with LSI Logic chip engineers.
  • Worked with Adobe Premier and Apple QuickTime team on protocols, drivers and compatibility.

Senior Software Engineer

  • Developed innovative graphics and media software for NeXTstation and NeXTdimension Color workstations, adding multiple frame buffer support and real-time image compositing functionality.
  • Extended window server to support multiple displays (awarded US Patent #5,388,201 for multiple bit depth windows), developed live video media capture and wrote comprehensive 2D alpha compositing library to enhance Adobe's Display Postscript.
  • Worked on real-time video recording and playback product support for workstations, writing low level drivers and high-level application examples.
  • Contributed to Mach OS kernel development, wrote tablet drivers and served on department's performance team.

Software Engineer

  • Wrote and consolidated Radius display firmware for Radius' entire line of large screen display products.
  • Developed cutting-edge Tear-off Menus, a real-time screen magnifier, and comprehensive control panel software-all first-to-market product features.
  • Macintosh C and assembly language.

Software Intern - International OS Group


Developed custom compression algorithms for ideographic Kanji and Arabic fonts.


Software Developer & Consultant


I developed a number of applications and games in High School and early College:

  • 1979-1982 Consulted for a number of small businesses developing custom applications and reports in Basic, Pascal and assembly language.
  • 1980-1982 Developed and licensed a number of educational games for Computer Advanced Ideas (CAI).
  • 1981 created and sold BugByter™, the most widely used, commercial, real-time 6502 debugger for the Apple II, distributed by CAI. Licensed BugByter to Apple for inclusion in its ProDOS development kit. BugByter was advanced for its time, sporting resizable windows, variable speed interpretive debugging, real-time view of registers and memory and more. It served as a model for the Macintosh's Macsbug debugger.
  • 1984 Consulted for Professor Theodore Cohn (now deceased) of UC Berkeley's Optometry Dept. developing real-time assembly coded optical experiments testing visual acuity and reaction times.
  • 1984 Developed Flappy™, a commercial game for Apple II sold by Unison Corp. of Berkeley, CA.