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Senior Executive offering a background with significant experience as an entrepreneur, President, CEO and Board Member.Experience in divestiture preparation maximizing enterprise value. Proven success repositioning niche businesses significantly enhancing shareholder value. Build consensus and drive collaborative relationships with staffs, boards of directors and business partners.

Divestitures ~ Strategy & Planning ~ Board Level OversightFinancial Modeling ~ Turnarounds & Expansions ~ Mergers & AcquisitionsTransformational Leadership ~ Reorganizations

Career Achievements

  • Through planning and preparation created a 200% increase in shareholder value at time of divestiture.
  • Successfully downsized to meet the 50% drop in business caused by Peace Dividend all the while remaining profitable.
  • Restructured from insolvency to create cash required to eliminate debt and return to profitability in one year.
  • Created a market for licensed manufacturing services in the aerospace accessory business resulting in an 800% increase in business.

Board Affiliations




Work experience



Board Member

on multiple boards 

  • Supported the preparation and sale of Allied Veneer.
  • Assisted in the resolution of a shareholder dispute resulting in a negotiated  buyout.
  • Strategic planning facilitation. 
  • Development of operating plans and financial models.

CEO, President & Director

Manufacturer of aircraft accessories and electronics under license agreements with original equipment manufacturers.


CFO, IT Director, and Production Control Mgr.

Donallco, Inc.

Manufacturer and Distributor of Aircraft Accessories


Public Accountant

Joseph J. Greenberg, CPA



Bachelor of Science in Business Administration