Work experience

Work experience
2002 - Present

Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer - Risk Management Programs

Fidelity National Financial, Inc.

Develop, train and manage multiple-brand national sale forces of 2,500 sales representatives in key metropolitan markets, crafting geographic and market segment-specific marketing concepts to support customer benefit driven sales initiatives.

ØFoster and manage carefully selected team members, performing market research and creating the content and design of all risk management-related technical brochures, promotional materials, product information, direct mail pieces, web site, internet based distributions, e-brochures, power points, educational materials, product introductions and special events; and directed multi-media and multiple channel marketing campaigns.

ØThe new financial services UCC Risk Management Program was broadened to three distinctly unique programs, and was deepened to include multiple second and third generation ancillary and complimentary products.Collectively the programs were designed to generate new revenue via new sales channels.Conversely each program would serve as an internal cross-marketing tool to capture and defend core real estate related title insurance market share. To accomplish this function, the business plan was tri-furcated as follows:


Mezzanine & Structured Finance.The underwriting and insuring of private equity funds and commercial loans for the attachment, perfection, and priority of their security interest in reliance collateral. Became a loan origination checklist item and required by the Rating Agencies for asset value enhancement for re-sale into the secondary market.Positioned to reduce origination costs, shift risk and enhance value.

Capital Hill Strategy.Risk Management Program positioned as a credit enhancement and underwriting tool designed to protect bank capital, credit quality, liquidity, and collateral of secured commercial lenders.Targeted public policy makers, Bank Regulators, Bank Examiners and bank credit & risk officials. Positioned to protect lenders and investors, and to enhance borrower loan packages thereby increasing small business lending and jobs creation.

Environmental Carbon Markets.Introduced rigor, discipline and a new level of standardization to the voluntary and legislative emerging market of buying, selling and trading carbon credit offsets, by developing the concept of underwriting and insuring ownership and contract rights.Positioned to insure the validity and enforceability of contract rights leading to financing, investment capital, liquidity and development of a secondary market; and to increase the unit value and transaction volume of carbon credits sold publicly, and on the commodities exchanges.

Cultivated relationships with recognized market segment experts and early adopters, and alliances with leading supply chain vendors.

1998 - 2001

President, UCC Financial Products Division

The First American Corporation

Served as President of a major commercial division of one of the nation’s leading Fortune 500 real estate service providers. Responsible for product development, program management and the national introduction of new financial products and services through newly created business alliances and multiple sales channels. Developed and managed the introduction of the concept of UCC insurance, representing new revenue and cross-marketing benefits

1996 - 1998

Vice President, Affinity Marketing Program

First American Title Insurance Company

National marketing director of a new program developed to leverage brand recognition for bundling core products with new ancillary products as “customer benefit program”.

1994 - 1996

Vice President, Director of Strategic Alliances

Fidelity National Title Insurance Companies, Inc.

Responsible for identifying, negotiating and structuring relationships with a wide range of real estate origination and closing products and services complementary to existing core products and services, in order to broaden the value proposition for the benefit of long term customer retention.

Early Career History: The San Diego Chargers NFL Football Club, Director of Executive Sales and Marketing, 1993-1994; HomeFed Corp., President, 1992–1994; Torrey Pines Bank, Vice President Corporate Banking, 1988–1992; National Association of Credit Management, Manager, Corporate Restructuring Group,1980–1988; Dun & Bradstreet, Business Analyst, 1978–-1980.

Academic Affiliation