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Installation, and training of electronic imaging devices for the printing and non-printing industry. Product support of printing plates, chemicals, and workflows.  Installation and training of RIPS (raster image processors). Cleaning, repairing and maintainance training of CTP devices. Troubleshooting of plate, film or workflow issues within the prepress or pressroom enviroment. Communicating with Manufacturing and distribution sales on potential revenue streams based on solutions for our customer.

Work experience

Mar 2010Present


R & L Technical services

Service repair, training, buying and selling of laser driven printing equipment with emphasis on technical service. Perform preventative maintenance, cost analysis of ownership and ROI. OTP (out to press-room) support. Setting up of business partners for better support. Using social media for communications. Setting up remote diagnostics to assist customers for equipment reliability.

Mar 2003Mar 2010

Customer Support Technician

Installation of CTP (Computer to Plate) systems. Training and repair of CTP devices and Plate processors. Out to press support and training. CTP Devices include:

 Fuji Film Saber series CTP devices


 Screen CTP PTR series

        4000-4300, 8000-8800 GLV and 16000-24000

         Mal and Sal series autoloaders

        Canned, Fiber and GLV laser diode trained

 ECRM Mako series CTP

         Mako 2,4- Mako Newsmatic

         CT Server, ECRM RIP and Rip Mates software Mac and PC

         Installation, Training and repair

Apr 1998Mar 2003


Service of all aspects of the printing and non printing industry this would include Mercy hospital (king Concept unit) Scripps Clinic and UCSD(Fuji Pictrography printer 3000, 4000 and 4500 units), Scanners, C41 and RA4 film processing equipment, Olec 5k light sources for exposing printing plates, plating processors, Film processors, laminating devices. Punching and registration devices for proper image alignment. Calibration of plates and proofing to match press conditions.

Installation and service of proactive servers and small networks. Setting network shares and permissions on Win 98, Mac OSX, Win XP, Win 2000, Win Server. Punch down and termination of Cat 5 cable. Inspection of networks for data loss. Virus ratification and cleanup. PC troubleshooting and repair.  Building PC workstations and servers

May 1995Apr 1998

Service Co-ordinator

Phone support and dispatch service technicians to customers with troubled machines. Billing of work orders and assist in general ledger adjustments for interoffice billings.

Apr 1993May 1995

Customer Service

Communicate with customers and process orders for shipping and receiving. Take orders and verify for proper input to order taking system.


Tom Maxey

Mentor and close friend.

Steve Smith

Steve and I have worked side by side for quite some time. Steve was my supervisor at Nelson-Keystone

Richard Walker

Regional service manager.


The use and programmng PLC logic controllers and Omron controllers.
Building and configuring computers. Teaching and assisting others in the use of windows based computers . Remote access on family and friends computers for remote diagnostics. Virus, adware and spam removal.