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I engage in creative projects that are innovative and inspirational, especially those projects that are breaking new ground in Word Press, Social Media and SEO. If you are looking for someone who thinks "out of the box" and ahead of the times, and you are of like-mind, then we might just make a great team on future projects.

Keep me in mind for groundbreaking new development projects in OpenSocial, Social Media Marketing and Systems, Word Press, WishList, Search Marketing, Niche Analysis and Vertical Online Market Analysis.

If you are looking for assistance in developing Social Media Marketing Strategies, I've developed the "Social Butterfly Effect" along with Russell Wright of Theme Zoom, a social media system so powerful, we took it off the market publicly!

Work experience


DBA Social Media Mantra

DBA Social Media Mantra was a corporate training system for the "Social Butterfly Effect Systems".

I have created a series of videos highlighting the work of myself and co-creator Russell Wright, who developed the SEO aspects of the Social Media Software and system.

Video: What is the Social Butterfly Effect System?

Video: Introduction to Social Media Mantra

"Social Media Anthropology, Social network Anthropology and Social Network Anthropologist are neogolisms created by Theme Zoom/Krakken CEO Russell Wright and Technology Goddess / Social Media Mantra CEO, Erika Preuss. The terms describe how the study of NeuroSocial networks and online culture as civilizations fit into the greate ecology of web 2.0 and global web culture within physical culture."

Video: Social Media Anthropology

I am also the creator of "NeuroSocial Networking", along with Russell Wright. What is NeuroSocial Networking? In short, it's how your business survives, thrives and applies technology to leverage itself in social network marketing. 

Video: NeuroSocial Networking

Back in the early days of Technology Goddess LLC, I created a video highlighting how OpenID and FOAF might be used in the future of SEO, along with Google's OpenSocial about a year before OpenSocial was released.

Video: OpenSocial, OpenID, FOAF and SEO

Video: Erika Preuss and Russell Wright of Theme Zoom on Data Portability

Sep 2007Present


Technology Goddess LLC

As CEO of Technology Goddess LLC, I have consulted in and developed Social Media Marketing Strategy, Word Press CMS and Social Development and Systems. Co-Creator of "Social Butterfly Effect" software for social media marketing campaign content management as taught through the "Social Media Mantra" course.

Currently located in Hawaii, we are launching "Aloha Social Media" - the first full-service SEO/Social Media Marketing and Word Press CMS development agency in the Hawaiian Islands using Krakken/Theme Zoom technology.


VOMA Vertical Online Market Analysis

Theme Zoom

Protege of Russell Wright, CEO of Theme Zoom and co-creator of Krakken in Vertical Online Market Analysis (VOMA), Keyword Research, Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Niche and Market Research.


Russell Wright

Russell and I have partnered on several business endeavors including the co-creation of the "Social Butterfly Effect" social media marketing system. He has been my primary mentor in Vertical Online Market Analysis and Keyword Research.



Word Press CMS Platform
I specialize in helping clients develop Word Press CMS Platforms for the business that are fully integrated with Social Media Marketing, SEO and Membership site software. I use Krakken Theme Zoom technology and expertise in SEO, and fully integrate the Word Press Platform with required plug ins, video, audio and content management if required. I'm experienced in Photoshop and am able to create customized sites from many popular themes.   My specialty is "Magazine Style" themes for membership sites and publishers. I love Word Press, and feel that it is the only CMS platform any business needs and that it offers the best social integration available for online business. My SEO skills in Word Press are exceptional (I was trained by the best!) and your website will never look "like a blog".   Many businesses are unaware that Word Press is an excellent CMS platform that offers better search engine results and SEO, higher conversions, more social features and usability than Drupal or Joomla.
Social Media Marketing Systems
I started in Social Media back when it was called IRC, ICQ and AOL. Today I'm known for setting industry standards and semantics, such as NeuroSocial Networking and Media, Social Network Anthropology, Social Network Ecology Lifecycle, Sustainable Social Media Marketing and I coined the now popular job title, "Social Media Anthropologist" that is used by many PR and Marketing experts.   I'm best known for developing social media marketing systems and software such as the "Social Butterfly Effect" and for consulting with top agencies and businesses, helping them train their staff and establish effective social media marketing strategies in house.   I was the first in social media to combine SEO, keyword research and online vertical market analysis to social media marketing strategies, developing a comprehensive system for social marketing that also allows clients to rank higher for keyword themes and keywords targeted in the campaign.