Enthusiastic senior software developer and electronics engineer with experience in the entire development life cycle of complex plant-floor systems and web applications. Experience managing development teams using both Agile and Waterfall techniques. Hands-on leader, always willing to help others. Motivated and effective communicator who enjoys learning from peers and contributes immediately to the team.


  • Full stack developer with over 10 years of experience developing, testing and commissioning SCADA and MES systems for Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) manufacturers
  • Stand-alone and web based real-time systems in C#, C/C++, ASP.NET, VB and recently Java
  • Experience leading teams and providing effort estimates on development tasks
  • Experience designing, configuring and troubleshooting networks and systems.
  • Competent at managing concurrent responsibilities in a fast-paced atmosphere
  • Results-oriented, quick learner, eager to further my programming knowledge and skills
  • Experience documenting change using UML, GIT, SVN.
  • Fluent in Spanish

Professional Experience

Work experience
Jan 2013 - Apr 2015

Automation Analyst

Tenaris.                                                                       Calgary, AB

Project leader and Lead software developer in charge of a team of full stack developers at the Tenaris welded pipe manufacturing facility in Calgary. The job was focused on developing testing and commissioning applications that aimed to increase productivity yields and enforce quality assurance and safety policies in our manufacturing facility.

  • Implemented a SCADA alarms module to monitor 2000 failure points
  • Led and implemented a system to automatically load recipes into PLCs
  • Redesigned core C# component for data exchange with PLCs increasing reading speed by 200%
  • Designed and built soft real-time software systems using C#
  • Improved performance of legacy plant-floor ASP.NET applications
  • Co-designed and coded a C# framework to build real-time plant-floor applications
  • Provided effort and completion estimates on development tasks
  • Carried out project management activities
  • Implemented SCRUM as the team’s Agile technique and Kanban to keep track of issues, new requests and to keep an organized record of solutions to common software failures speeding up the team’s response to support calls

Nov 2003 - Dec 2012

Senior Software Developer

Tesis Automation & IT.                                                      Mexico

As a Senior Software Developer, I participated in the complete development life cycle of MES and SCADA systems.

  • Devised architecture to interface a QNX SCADA with Windows clients
  • Proposed and participated in the porting of a QNX SCADA to Linux using POSIX C
  • Designed the architecture of several real-time MES applications in Windows, Linux and QNX.
  • Developed a suite of software services and applications in C# (WCF, WPF, Windows Services) to synchronize 4 robotic arms

  • Designed and conducted revamping of the necessary software to operate an industrial Ultrasonic Testing line using C++ and C#
  • Acted as mentor for less experienced developers
  • Supervised progress of concurrent projects     
  • Participated, as a consultant for Tenaris, our main client, in the decision making process regarding the direction their automation department must take in order to build a new standard suite of software applications
  • Acted as an agent of change in the Automation department of our main client promoting the benefits of using OOP, OOD, Software Patterns and SOLID principles
Aug 2001 - Sep 2003

Research Assistant

MIT Media Lab                                           Cambridge, MA, USA

As a research assistant in the Speech Interfaces Group. This research group was focused on developing novel applications, user interfaces, and services to exploit computer speech processing for interacting with computers and mobile devices.

  • Worked with portable and mobile audio detection, capture, transmission (over IP) and classification, this work included extensive programming in LINUX and WINDOWS (C/C++ as well as signal processing using MATLAB
  • Built audio detection circuits and RF transceivers
  • Designed and Built a small audio card to add into a mobile phone
  • Conducted live demos to Lab Sponsors
  • Maintained and developed new C++ modules in LINUX for a signature project of the Speech Group.
  • Implemented audio detection algorithms in embedded devices with limited processing capacity using C++ and cross-compilers.
  • Designed and built server and client C++ applications for a distributed audio classifier.
  • Conducted a presentation on my research project at the 2003 International Conference on Auditory Display.




  • Certified OPC Professional. Levels 1-4 by the OPC Foundation, 2013


  • IoT evolution
  • Human-computer interaction
  • SCADA systems
  • Real-time development in mobile devices. Currently developing a SignalR C# Server and an Android client application.
  • Continuous learning.  Currently reading books on Ruby and Qt.
  • Embedded devices. Currently exploring potential of an Arduino board