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Dave Hensman has owned Teamwork Property Management Ltd. for almost 10 years and serves as its President and Managing Broker. Before he became the Principal of Teamwork Property Management Ltd., Mr. Hensman worked in contracting and management for nearly 20 years. As a teenager, he joined the family business and learned about the construction industry. After earning a Bachelor’s degree from Summit Pacific College in Abbotsford, British Columbia, he began working on residential and commercial construction projects, after which he started his own property management company. In 2001, Dave Hensman began subcontracting for Teamwork Property Management Ltd., and in 2002, he became the Principal and owner. Since then, Mr. Hensman has worked hard to grow Teamwork Property Management Ltd. into a respected, well-known company in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia. As the current Managing Broker for Teamwork Property Management Ltd., Dave Hensman believes that the most important investment a client can make is in his or her home. Mr. Hensman believes in the value of teamwork for the effective, professional management of property and has a vision for Teamwork Property Management Ltd. based on leadership, dedication, and integrity. Because of his dedication to Teamwork Property Management Ltd., Dave Hensman has developed a solid base of clients.