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I have a deep knowledge in Embedded Software Model-based Development processes and tools, specially for MATLAB/Simulink based toolchain.
I have a strong experience in Process Management and applied knowledge in Agile Software Development methods.
I have continuously contributed into improving development processes and work efficiency.
I have more than 10 years experience in leading R&D projects.

Work experience

Apr 2011Sept 2016

Product Manager / Project Leader

AVL Software and Functions GmbH

Model-based Embedded Software Toolchain Responsible
Product Owner and Project Leader of the development platform
7 people Team Management

Previous activities: Function Development, Process Manager for Requirements Engineering

Oct 2009Mar 2011

Process Manager

Continental, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Process Manager for Test Management and Requirement Management Processes.
  • Business Unit Key-User for Common PTC Integrity Setup Definition (IMS)
  • Business Unit Champion for PLM Customer Exchange Topics
    • Specially Issue Management and Test Results Exchange with Daimler: DanTe, TEREX
  • Project Leader and Developer for Connector between PTC Integrity and Review Tool
Feb 2008Sep 2009

R&D Engineer, Advanced Development

Continental Automotive

Powertrain, Engine System,  Advanced Development, Alternative Combustion

Closed-loop Combustion Control (CLCC) for Diesel Engine.

Mar 2002Jan 2008

R&D Engineer, Advanced Test Automation

Siemens VDO Automotive

Department Powertrain, Test Center, Engine Test Bench. Worldwide technical responsible for Gasoline Engine Test Automation. Worldwide technical responsible for advanced automation technology like model-based application,online controllers, online-optimization, Design of Experiments, Dynamic/ Rapid Measurement methodology.

Sep 2000Feb 2002

Development Engineer

Siemens Automobiltechnik

Powertrain, Engine Systems, Calibration Methods and Tools

Development of Tools for engine calibration support. Offline Optimization and Online Optimization.

Mar 1999Jun 2000

R&D Engineer


National Service as an engineer for a cooperation project.

Main actor of an R&D project. Cooperation with AVL Graz and TU-Graz, Institute for Automatics. Topic : dynamic optimization of engine calibrations at cold-start.Development of a program for automatic engine tuning of dynamic calibrations at the engine test bench.

Nov 1998Feb 1999

R&D Engineer


Preliminary study at test center and research center to National Service work about actual engine tuning methods for the cold-start dynamic engine calibration problem.


Sep 1997Sep 1998

Engineering Studies. ERASMUS Exchange Program


Last ENSTA Engineering Study Year as ERASMUS Exchange Program at the RWTH-Aachen.

Specialization in Applied Mathematics (Optimization, Operations Research) and Automatics.


Agile Methodologies

Managed a Team of 7 people following agile methodology like Scrum and Kanban. Experience as Product Owner and Scrum Master. Continuous Delivery, TDD, Continuous Integration.

Process Management

Automotive SPICE Provisional Assessor. Process Manager for Test Management and Requirement Management.

Model-based Embedded Software Development Methods and Tools

Special for MATLAB/ Simulink Toolchain.

R&D Project Management

Managed many R&D Projects.

International Experience

Languages: French, German, English.   Born in France. 1 year study in Aachen, Germany.   16 months work in Graz, Austria.  Since Sept. 2000 living in Germany. Experience in managing an international distributed team. Contact with customers from all the world.


Tool Development under MATLAB. Tool for MATLAB/Simulink xCU function development.

Applied Mathematics

Optimization.  Operations Research. Modeling. Statistics. Automatics.

Automotive Engine Knowledge

Engine Calibration: Tools and Methods.   Engine Test Bench Automation.   ECU function development, Engine Control, Engine Modeling and Simulation




Jan 2011Present

Automotive SPICE Provisional Assessor


intacs certified ISO / IEC 15504  Provisional Assessor

Nov 2014Present

Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) -I
Jul 2013Present

Certified Agile Essentials




Development Processes and Tools. Automotive SPICE.


Continuous Improvement.

Agile Methodology: Scrum, Kanban, Lean. 

Lean Startup

Applied Mathematics: Optimization, Modeling

Judo. Chess. Literature.

Mindfulness. Happiness.