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Work experience

Apr 2006Present


US Army National Guard

    My job starting off was a 63B which is a vehicle tech. I fixed on miltary vehicles and performed daily check- ups. My current job is a 21K  which is a plumber. I am doing a lot of training at my duty station on my job. Were also changing out the old bathroom supplies and putting in new ones. We do physical training to stay in shape and take annual physical test. We also pratice on our warrior task and drills when we attend, such as shooting weapons and marching.

Aug 2008Oct 2008

cook/ cashier


                My job was to run the store. I was working with one of my previous managers that hired me until i could find something beter. He taught me how to do everything but didn't have a management spot for me. So i was running the store doing management work at regular pay . The reason I left was because I found something with better pay.

Jun 2008Aug 2008


    My duties were washing dishes with a dish machine. After washing the dishes I was to put them back on the cook line. Then I was to go get bus tub full of dishes from the front and repeat process. Also sometimes we have to bus tables to keep bussiness flowing. Every hour I had to clean the bathroom then take the trash out. The reason for leaving was because I went from 50 hours a week to 6 hours. And i couldn't leave off what i was making.

Oct 2007Jun 2008

Cashier/ cook


      I started off as a front cashier cleaning the lobby and restroom. Then I moved to drive thru working front cash/ pass out. Then back cash were I prep salads and food, wash dishes, and  keep back area clean. Then I moved to grill were I cooked meat, dropped chicken,nuggets, and frys. Before I left I was on sandwiches were i prepared customers food. The reason for leaving was there was no pay raises or oppurtunity for advancement from crew to management. I did everything I was told to do, with the GM saying she would advance me, and it never happen. So I left for a job with better pay. 

Feb 2007Apr 2007


    My job was cashing out customers and keeping the lobby and restroom clean. I know it sounds blend but thats all  i did. Reason for leaving was because i relocated to take care of sick family member.

Feb 2007Apr 2007


My job was to be a cook. Preparing well cook meals at posted times. Making sure every plate was placed right and all food products were put in right spot. Reason for leaving was that i relocated to take care of sick family member.

Nov 2006Jan 2007


    My duty was to perform great customer service. I took care of cashing out customer, reminding them to have a great day and to come back soon. Also if a customer had a problem finding a product or finding out the price i'm the one to help. I cleaned restrooms and keep the store clean as possible. I was at the job so short because I went on military duties and was told if i wanted to come back to re-apply.

Dec 2005Apr 2006


Waste Management

My  duties were to dump cans on the back of a truck. Me and two co-worker will go out on our trash route daily. One driver, me, and my other co-worker would go through the city. Grab cans and empty them in the back  the truck. Reason for leaving was because I made the decision to join the Army.


Aug 2004May 2005

High School Diploma

James S. Rickards


     I am a very determined employee, that takes pride in his work. I work hard to benefit my self and my company. My attributes are that i am discipline and hard working. I  come to work on time and leave later if need and possible. I am a dependable person and I am easy to get a long with. People enjoy working with me because I try to make everyone's job easy. I also try to make sure that my job is done to the best of my ability. With the chance to develop a career and establish a foundation for my life would be taken seriously. It would be taken for granted or forgotten.


Certified Mechanic by US Army

Certified Plumber by US Army

Finishing Basic Training


    My objective is to find a career. If you look at my resume you will see I have worked jobs. Jobs to take care of me and my family. Now that I'm getting older and a lot wiser I would like to find me a career. One that I can get comfortable with. That I can go to school and find out more about. Use money that the military is paying for my school for  something useful. Something that's going to help me out in my career, to advance and be the boss one day instead of a worker.


    My interest are computers. I would also like to study some law. Not to be a lawyer but to work in a law office. I feel like anything that I take into study could be interesting if I could use it to be better in life.


Anthony Nealy

Jamal Mitchell

Captain Newman

Jeremiah Kelly

Tiffany Branch