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Work experience

Jan 2007Present

Managing Member

TCC Consulting LLC

Provide cost-effective solutions to our clients by using Industrial Engineering techniques and experiences in both manufacturing and service industries.

Apr 1997Jan 2007

VP of Industrial Engineering Services

Kiran Consulting Group

As part of company’s management team, helped to develop and maintain a very strong customer satisfaction and retention. Identify, design, develop and deliver specific solutions for the projects resulting in quality, cost and cycle time reduction, resource alignment and capital expenditures. Realized high-value gains for the clients. The clients worked with includes top financial banks, manufacturing and service companies.

Some Key Contributions:

  • One of the original contributors and share holders of Exametric, Inc which has been an industry leader in workforce management solutions in retail banking. The company was acquired by Witness Systems in October 2006. Helped Exametric to execute its workforce management software/solution by designing, implementing unique modeling approach. Helped to maintain 100% customer satisfaction with top clients such as WF Bank, BofA.
  • Various Financial Clients in USA and overseas, designed and managed time study and banking excellence (lean thinking) projects to improve branch operations by improving customer service levels over 90%.
  • High Traffic Musuem, managed and designed a visitor traffic model in order to design operational rules and parking capacities. The developed model used for daily visitor schedule and planning as well as the parking garage utilizations. It helped to achieve 100% visitor satisfaction without any delays.
  • Well Known Theme Parks, managed, designed and modeled custom solutions for better visitor experiences It helped the companies to achieve 100% visitor satisfaction and cross-industry benchmarks. 
  • A Large Food Company, facilitated and helped to design, train and implement a pull system for RTD manufacturing operations in four facilities. The project helped to reduce inventory levels by 40% and reduce production lead times by 700%.
  • A Global Phone Manufacturer, designed a flexible simulation model to analyze the impact of warehouse consolidation in its Dallas manufacturing facility and recommended the optimum warehouse and item assignments. The project helped the company to reduce warehouse space by 50%.
  • Sportswear Distribution Company design and analysis of new shipping consolidation system through simulation modeling. Helped to choose the right design alternative and define operating rules.
  • Global Logistics Company, helped to prepare a single source logistic solutions for a major computer manufacturer by developing simulation models and analyzing current transportation methods.
  • A Midwest Bank, designed and managed teller activity time study project. Managed and implemented time study results into Exametric’s C2S scheduling software.
  • A Large National Bank, defined process improvement opportunities to improve teller line throughput by applying Advance Flow management methodology. Project included on site observations, developing a generic simulation model to analyze branch teller activities to evaluate the cash dispenser implementations for the branches. Helped the bank to improve teller lines at least by 15% and saved over $50M in cost avoidance by selecting right number of machines and the branches which qualifies.
  • Media Company, designed and managed a highly visible, important directory scheduling optimization and modeling tool. The tools consist of 5 different production area simulation models and a scheduling tool with an optimizer. Developed tools helped the company to make smart strategic decisions such which directories should be published when and what it’s the optimum schedule and required resource mix to maximize expected profit. Using the tools, the company was sold by parent company by over $ 5 billions.
  • Media & Communications Company, managed multiple time standard/work sampling projects that involved the analysis and on line observations of sales and operational processes. Helped company's management to establish standards for their sales process to implement future employee incentives and to identify process improvements.
  • An Electronics Company, managed a new layout design project that involved the analysis and implementation of new layout for its Juarez, Mexico facility. As a result of this project, expansion plan and construction were speeded up and new product-process lines were formed.
  • A Computer Manufacturer, managed multiple simulation projects that involved the analysis and evaluation of current manufacturing processes as well as new design concepts such as Kanban system. Helped the management to design the effective lean manufacturing line for selected product group.
  • A Shipyard, managed a very large scale simulation and project improvement project that involved the analysis and evaluation of modernization alternatives at the shipyard. During the project, developed a hierarchical modeling approach that is internationally accepted as a valid modeling approach. The project was successfully completed helping the company to receive National Funding for some of the most challenging modernization projects.
  • A Shipyard, managed a project that involved the analysis and optimization of material handling of large subassemblies. The resulting tool, which was developed by a team of KCG consultants, helped the company save more than 10 million dollars.
  • Various Manufaturing Companies, simulation and ProModel Training for selected group of representative to be internal simulation experts.
  • A Large Office Products Company, for two different facilities designed new manufacturing cells and Kanban (Pull) system through complete facility simulation and Excel analysis tool, identified system bottleneck sequences and requirements, trained the personnel and implemented the new systems in record time. Order cycle is reduced from five days to five hours. WIP levels are reduced by 50% and overall $ 4 million/year savings is achieved for these two facilities...
  • A Large Communications and Manufaturing Company, simulation modeling of a major international airport’s information system including logical data requirements, its ATM switches and backbone. Also developed a Business Process Model for the airport’s revenue generating sub-systems.
  • A Large Office Products Company, finishing center simulation project through complete facility simulation, identified system bottleneck sequences and requirements when the production volume increased by 100%.
  • Custom Manufaturing Design Company, new Intel test machine design, modeled the new machine design concept to establish machine throughput under different parameter settings.This project helped the company to sign multi-million dollar contact with Intel.
  • A Large Department Store Chain, new sortation system design through flexible simulation model, identified the most effective system operating rules and the system requirements under different scenarios. This project helped the company to design the managerial part of the system before multi-million dollar sortation system was installed.
  • A Computer Manufacturer, new desktop PC manufacturing line design through a flexible simulation model, system requirements such as the number of assembly cells, test stations, and aging lines were identified under different operating rules.
Feb 1995May 1997

Sr. Industrial Engineer

Packard Bell NEC
  • Developed and designed a computer simulation model for the entire production line from kitting to shipping.
  • Established manufacturing system performance measures such as expected throughput per product mix, and manpower requirements.
  • Designed a pull system for software kitting process, reduced the number of operators needed by 50%, and improved the quality by 100 %.
  • Helped the company to be world leader in manufacturing and shipping desktop computers in short two years.Increased productivity from daily 1000 units to 25,000 units.
Jan 1990Feb 1995

Sr. Manufaturing Engineer

Adel Wiggins
  • Helped to form self-directed manufacturing cell teams to implement SPC at machine cells. Improved cycle times by 300 %, and reduced inventory levels by 30%.
  • Supervised manufacturing teams and departments consist of different manufacturing machines and 150 employees.
  • Managed shipping and warehouse operations in order to maintain on-time delivery up to 99% and monthly budget of over $2.5 M.
  • Performed time study in order to establish standards and cost estimations.
  • Helped company to transit to a TQM organization from a traditional manufacturing organization by getting everybody trained in TQM philosophy and implementing cellular manufacturing.
Oct 1984Jan 1990

Research Assistant

Istanbul Technical University
  • Taught Industrial Engineering courses such as computer programming in Basic, COBOL, FORTRAN, Production Planning, Operations Research, Management and Organization.
  • Designed and developed computer based material control systems (known as MRP) in COBOL language for two companies as part of department projects.
  • Part of a special team, helped to select and implement computer system for local municipality and written applications such as payroll, accounting systems in COBOL language.


Sep 1987Present

Ph.D. (Writing Thesis)

Istanbul Techinical University

Working on my PhD. Thesis: A new hierarchical modeling approach for large-scale modeling

Jan 1989Jan 1991

As Visiting scholar; attended advanced scheduling and planning courses, performed research on "Expert Systems in Manufacturing" for my Ph.D. Thesis

Oct 1984Feb 1987


Istanbul Technical University

As MS Thesis: Developed and implemented a MRP software using COBOL language  for a manufacturing company.

Oct 1980Jul 1984


Istanbul Technical University

As Final Project : Developed a manufacturing facility simulation model using GASP II simulation package.


User of several advanced statistical tools such as Stat-Fit, GPSS, JMP.
Published and presented technical papers in conferences and publications.
Effective Presentations
Simulation Modeling
Several well known packages such as ProModel, MedModel, Arena, Simul8, GASP II
MS Office Products
MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access etc.

Other Networks


Accomplished and integrity-driven professional offering over 24 years of Industrial Engineering and business success on national and international levels with strong concentration and enormous success in project management, simulation modeling, optimization, six sigma and lean for fortune-100 manufacturing and service companies.

Recognized as a savvy leader with strengths in re-engineering business processes, defining continuous improvement processes, building consensus, and powerful teams. Intelligent businessman with highly diverse business/consulting knowledge and experience in both manufacturing and service industries.

Broad experience in the design, development, implementation of the cost effective solutions and proven success in developing simulation models, creative solutions using cross industry expertise and best practices for clients in cross industries. Highly skilled at providing analytical thinking and coaching for team members. Strengths in:

  • Project Management
  • Simulation Modeling
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Forecasting, Planning and Scheduling
  • Process Improvement and Optimization
  • Workforce Management
  • Advance Flow Manufacturing
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Process Re-Engineering


Seeking the next challenge as a management consultant, or any other challenging executive role where all of my skills, education and experience can be utilized.  My top priority is to identify and eliminate non-value added things and waste at every level of the life at home and work. 


Elimination of Waste

Music (Pop, Jazz, Folk)

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