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Travis C. Sheard Sr.

Brand Ambasssdor

Work experience


Assistant Sales Manager

Best Buy Co Inc

As a sales manager I was responsible for ensuring Best Buy delivers a world-class customer experience as THE destination and authority for technology products and services. Sharing leadership responsibilities of the overall Best Buy Store along with the General Manager. I played a vital role in implementing sales action plans, analyzing business results, and driving execution of sales strategies. Provide direct supervision, coaching, training, development, and performance management of supervisors and associates. Share accountability with other store leadership to develop talent and build a sales culture where employees clearly understand what is expected to deliver business results. Deliver on all aspects of the sales experience through all touch points with Best Buy inside and outside of the store(eg. Online, Services,, Delivery/Installation, Solutions etc.). Integrate partnerships and 3rd party programs specific to sales, training, and customer facing initiatives to ensure seamless experience. Engage customers using selling skills to build complex, connected solutions while maintain a balance of high velocity and high service.


Geek Squad Manager

Geek Squad Inc Best Buy

Motivate, recognize, and performance manage employees to reach their full  potential. As a Geek Squad Manager I was responsible for executing the Geek Squad vision to“ delight every client we serve, empower every employee, and deliver meaningful profit and growth”. I was responsible for creating a world-class environment where employees could apply their talents in service of the client to deliver a differentiated range of solutions throughout the life of a product. I was responsible for driving execution of end-to-end operations, sales strategies and fulfillment services for the Geek Squad Precinct and Autotech Bay. As a Geek Squad agent I was responsible for making sure product got tested and handling customer related technical issues. My team was consistent at goals and continued to achieve higher rankings throughout the time I was managing. Focus on hitting business performance objectives, while being the top performing Geek Squad Precinct in our Territory Currently on track with training for higher role within the company Consistent customer facing problem solving in direct regards to ensuring all customer issue are handled professionally and pleasing to the customer. Lead my team into the number ranked Precinct in the stores district in FY14. An accomplishment that had never occurred in the location I was working.


Engineering Technician

Anderson Engineering

As a Geo Tech, I was responsible for ensuring quality of build materials for several different building Projects. My job included quality control testing of concrete, footings, and foundation material used In residential and commercial construction sites. Concrete Testing: Break limits, cylinder creation, slump testing, air testing Footing Testing: Correct to Plan dimensions, bearing Soil Testing: Density at site, plasti testing, lab testing Asphalt Testing: Correct to code temp while laying, Core testing


Online Sales Manager / Store Manager

Express Pawn Inc

As an Online Sales manager I was responsible for the entire aspect of online selling. This title included but was not limited to: All online sales, shipping and receiving, handling customer support concerns and technical questions, online merchandise inventory, and online sales record keeping. Without my knowledge of technology and computers I do not believe I would have been able to perform these task in a professional matter. Extended eBay sales for weatherford72401 into power seller rankings and above standard status. Certified in computer basics which include a variety of programs I am able to work with. Went from Store Manager to Online Sales Manager based on my skills pertaining to computers and the ability to research and document different types of merchandise.


Cad Technician

Nelson Design Group

I began as a print technician only handling printouts of Computer Aided Drafting Designs. As I advanced within the company I was able to use my hours logged as a CAD Technician to work on Architectural markups and new designs. Benefiting from my ability to learn new concepts in a speedy fashion I was quickly promoted from Print Technician to CAD technician Skilled in Programs such as: Microsoft Office Suite, AutoDesk AutoCAD, FastCAD32, and FastCad7


Night Manager

Hays Food Town Inc

As a night manager I was mainly responsible for Store closing and ending cash count down. I was also responsible for the job duties of at least 4 employees per night. This included making sure they performed their nightly duties in a timely fashion as well as greeting customers.



Diploma / Certification

Jonesboro High School

Area Technical Institute: CAD Certification while obtaining High SCHOOL Diploma


Associate's Degree General Studies

Arkansas State University

Obtained Associates degree and finished to pursue Retail Management career.


Bachelor's Degree Computer Science

Capella University

Information Technology Degree: Project Management. Obtained online while perfect Geek Squad Manager career.


Bachelor's Degree Computer Science

Kaplan University

Currently pursuing Cyber Security degree for future career plans.


Computer Repair

Advanced hardware and software repair.

Smartphone repair

Software and hardware repairs.

Coaching and Training

Coaching and development of employees into leadership capable roles.

P&L Management

Direct management of profit and loss statements within Big Box and Small business settings.

Big Box Retail Management

4 Wall Accountability for Big Box Retail chain.

Sales Management

Sales team accountability and performance management . 

Website Creation

Building website from back end. Development and creation for front end user experience.

Magazine publication

Creative publication of magazine from ground up.


Computer Aided Drafting


Brand marketing.

Customer Service

Creating world class customer experiences.

Technical troubleshooting.

Patiently evaluating customer issue over the phone and face to face.

Customer Service via Telephone

Creating world class phone in experiences for customers.