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Work experience

May 2009Jul 2010


Waltz & Krenzer

Responsible for checking arrangement layout (Zumwalt class destroyer, DD-1000) and creating weldment/structural documentation, checking stack-up tolerances & drafting practice.

Mar 2007Feb 2009

Senior Designer

Fuelcell Energy Incorporated

Mechanical design of Fuel Cell Module


  • Simplified the approach of attaching an overseas shipping crate by removing costly structural bracing and replacing with welded coupling nuts resulting in a cost savings.
  • Enhanced the use of legacy components into current designs.
  • 25% cost savings on a newer efficient insulation process over the existing method.
  • Redesigned cast endplate process which resulted in reducing weight by 15% and cost of 20%.
  • Eliminated drafting /drawing time by creating and maintaining a structural steel and componentdatabase PRMS, with comparison table charts for standardization.
Dec 2000Jan 2007

Product Design Engineer (non degreed)

Newport Incorporated (Oriel/Stratford)

Mechanical design of scientific instruments


  • Introduced and launched 3D solid modeling into the engineering department which decreased project design time by 50% and documentation time by 70%.
  • Supplied procurement with a list of reliable local fabricators which cut cost by 20% and achieved expedited turn around.
  • Redesigned legacy instrumentation to remove expensive fabrication and assembly costs and updated component database Termite 7.0.
  • Reduced delivery time on customer specials orders by 50%, creating modeled outline instruments libraries for quick drop in layouts.
  • Eliminated 9 month manufacturing backlog by reorganizing machine shop schedule process to increase efficiency by 50%.
Nov 1997Dec 2000

Mechanical/ Electro-mechanical Designer

AC Design Consultant

Provided customers with 3D solid modeling software, personal computer, design/drafting,           

work in house, list of local fabricators, quoting fabrication costs.

  Mechanical Design: Precision Mechanisms, Instrumentation, Tooling, Castings, Stampings,

                                  Holding Fixtures, Locational Fixtures, Alignment fixtures, Milling,

                                  Plastic Enclosures, Sheet Metal, Flexures, and Piping 

Electronic Packaging: Sheet metal enclosures, EMI/RFI shielding, Control systems,

                                   Cable/harness layout, Bulkhead panel, and System/wiring


              PCB Design: Analog/Digital, double sided, multilayer, SMD, and axial lead

Nov 1994Nov 1997

Electro-Mechanical Designer

EDO Barnes Engineering (Goodrich)

ISO 9001 Certified

Responsible for mechanical test fixtures which held and located devises with precision and optical accuracy. Packaging for tall cabinet test consoles along with cable interface.

Oct 1991Oct 1994

P.C.B. Designer

Cello Audio LTD.

Responsible for analog board designs including schematic and fabrication documentation.

May 1983Jun 1991

Electro-Mechanical Designer

Data Switch/T-Bar Corp.

Responsible for electronic packaging and cable interface of tall boy cabinet systems.

Apr 1978May 1983

Electro-Mechanical Draftsperson

Mark Levenson Audio

Responsible for documentation consisting of schematics, assemblies, sheet metal packaging, cable assemblies and ecn’s.


Sep 1982Aug 1983

1 year Vocational

Porter & Chester Institute
Sep 1978Jul 1980

2 year Vocational

Porter & Chester Institute
Sep 1974Jun 1977


Stratford High School


Solid Works 3D modeling
Geometric Tolerancing ASME Y14.5M-1994
Drafting Standards practiced ANSI, ISO-9001
Office: Microsoft Word & Excel 2003 thru 2007
Autodesk Inventor
 Autodesk Inventor allows you to safely integrate AutoCAD and 3D data into a single digital prototype. This digital prototype can be used to validate the form, fit, and function of a design before building it.


Senior Mechanical Designer / Electro-Mechanical with over 30 years of diverse experience in the engineering environment including scientific-optical research instruments, aerospace satellite sensors, and clean energy power modules. Energetic talent for result oriented problem solving. Dedicated team player who is schedule oriented with knowledge of all aspects of mechanical, electronic packaging, tooling, prototype along with documentation, BOM's and ECN's.


Officer: Inner Guard,

Milford ELK’S #1589

Responsible for Community Activities

Elks provide assistance to the community, veterans; children activities, donations to St.JudeHospital, drug awareness programs, Special Olympics, scholarships to students.