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Chess, A.I Programming, Robotics.


Continuing to succeed in Application Developement and Project Management by producing value-added business applications for clients. My focus is in development in C#, ASP.Net, and C++ application using Oracle and SQL Server 2008 databases.


To utilize my extensive project experience of System Engineering to build and advance products to market


Legion: Created user controls, custom Web controls and composite controls to address unique business problems and reduce development time. HBO: Created Code Behind pages in C# for new reports. Merrill: Converted proprietary layouts from Excel spreadsheets to be viewed in C#.NET rich console application


Work experience

Jan 2008Present

Software Consultant

Legion Insurance

Responsible for completing the upgrade of .Net standalone application for converting windows documents from native format to PDF and TIFF files. Used remoting services to start/stop and check service status and remotely view logs. Completed rewrite of Electronic Data Management (EDM) front-end into Asp.Net/Javascript. Accessed Asp.Net web services from client script using JavaScript proxy classes to enhance user experience. Created user controls, custom Web controls and composite controls to address unique business problems and reduce development time. Added new features and bug fixes to existing EDM application. Researched enhancements for the EDM SharePoint 2003 site as part of the portal rewirte.

Jul 1998Present


StarMask Technologies, INC

Tasked to building shortcuts to network analysis for growing networks. Proceduralized intranet and internet security policies for VPN solutions. Created configuration for port scanning and virtual server (ip-forwarding) services. Analyzed several counter measures for “Denial of Service” and “Remote Control” attacks. Worked with special projects using “genetic algorithms” for analyzing and prediction modeling. Converted intranet ASP website to ASP.NET. Completed case study of C# Remoting and communications server. Analyzed market trends for new product lines in software development and implementing online training and facility.Technologies Used: C++, C# and .NET

Jun 2007Dec 2007

Project Lead/Architect


Migrated Intranet Application used for Employee Assessment running on Windows Server 2000/SQL Server 2000 to Windows Server 2003/SQL Server 2005. Implemented web changes in VB6 Components and VB.Net. Ported Content Administration console application from Java 1.3 to Java 2. Technologies Used: VB/VB.NET, ASP, JavaScript, Java, SQLServer 2000/2005, stored procedures, Crystal Reports and Business Objects.

Oct 2002Jun 2007

Senior Software Consultant

Merrill Lynch

Lead Team member to produce code for Executive Stock Options transmissions. Resource pool included 2-5 members with varing skills. Excelled in software development with clients requested customization of core product and new development. Software methodologies used were a combination of Agile software development for high priority production issues and waterfall for new development and project enhancements. Technologies Used: C# and .NET, Unix/C++, SQL scripting, Shell Scripting, SqlServer 2005, Oracle Common Interface (OCI) libraries, Oracle 9i, Multi-threaded applications.

Nov 2000Jan 2002

Software Technical Lead


Directed and developed software components trading and real time transaction. Developed stand-alone program coded in C++ using OCI library designed to extract data from multiple Oracle data sources to transmit via Tandem Pub/Subscribe channels. Created application for parsing data files that were received from clients which updated online database with member firm accounts from overnight reconciliation of accounts. Designed using the J2EE technology to implement “entity beans” EJB allowing real-time access to account information via a web browser interface written in JSP and Swing components.

Jul 1999Oct 2000

Software Consultant

Diva Systems
Developed software through full life cycle for Video-on-Demand Server. Supported the development, integration and system test of Diva’s Content Distribution System (CIP) with Content Preparation and Scheduler application. Developed application for creation of MPEG-2 content in a proprietary format, designed application for scheduling of the content of deployed video servers, distribution of the content via Satellite broadcast and/or tape, and the introduction of the content to the video servers. Reviewed and debugged data conversion issues with audio streams matching video
Apr 1999Aug 1999

Software Consultant

Computer Sciences Corporation
Produced database for material QA acceptance with failure reporting and tracking capabilities. Initial task involved analysis of procedures and development of data model. Extended database schema core to perform new management initiatives to tracking shipping issues. Application exported data from large warehouse database to QA’s MS Access database. Created VBA interface for user input and reporting. Technologies used: MS Access, VBA, Windows NT
Sep 1998Apr 1999

Software Consultant


Developed/Enhanced Digital Signal Processor code for JBATS radar system. Application executes on a four vector processors that perform calculations in real time to generate data for multiple display consoles that are used for acquiring and tracking targets. Transformed Matlab formulas to vector processes. Embedded software developed on C/Unix platform, targeted compilation for CSPI SuperCard. Technologies used: C/Unix, Matlab formulas, Vector processing

Jun 1993Sep 1998

Software Engineer

Lockheed Martin
i) System integration of Explosive Detection System. Developed and implemented original detection algorithms and used 3D rendering package for operator viewing stations. - ii) Developed applications and design new tools for Information Warfare and Network Security. Tested network designs using vulnerability assessment tools. iii) Demonstrated network features such as SLIP/PPP connectivity for Echonet and GEMnet Archive applications for Medical Systems.
Jun 1993Sep 1998

Sotware Engineer

L-3 Communications

- Unit Lead for design, code, and implementation of serial communications software for the Secure Terminal Equipment (STE). Solution includes asynchronous and synchronous data protocols. Completed a simulation of hardware for unit testing of software. Used test scripts and unit code to test hardware for asynchronous secure communications. - Designed corrective solutions to source code for Integrated Radio Room (IRR) communication. Completed rework of Software Trend Analysis and compiled reports of Software Trouble Report history. Evaluated and maintained procedures for documentation updates



Engineering Leadership Program

Lockheed Martin