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I am an open-source enthusiast and trainer.

I use Linux since 1999/2000, first Mandrake, then Mandriva and in 2005 switched to Ubuntu and I stayed there until today. As a natural result of this, I evolved from being just a desktop user, to contributor and trainer as main activity.

Along with my training experience (+1500h/year) I implement open source solutions like:

  • Ubuntu (Desktop and server)
  • LibreOffice (Linux and Windows)
  • CMS (Worpress, Drupal, Joomla)
  • LMS (Moodle, Dokeos)
  • PHPList

In my free time

I write small articles for my site/blog and some other portuguese IT websites and I am part of the team that is writing a book "Portuguese IT and LibreOffice Open Manual" for schools and training centers.


I am looking for new challenging oportunities, where I can apply my outstanding communication, training and organizational skills.


In my free time I like to see my daughter growing up, surfing/snowboarding and programming.

me @ the web


I train LibreOffice users professionally since 2009 and I am a team member of the project "Portuguese IT and LibreOffice Open Manual", a book for schools and training centers.
When I started as a trainer most of my time was dealing with Windows (starting in XP) and Microsoft Office (starting with 2003). Since 2009 Microsoft training is no longer my main goal, but I keep updating myself.
I train Linux (mostly Ubuntu) users/admins professionally since 2009. When they finish training they can: Install and use Ubuntu has an everyday desktop system Install and manage Ubuntu server has an Infrastrusture server, office server, gateway, LAMP Install and manage Zentyal server
I started developing in 1998 when Dreamweaver was still a part of Macromedia. Now I train people to know the code and improve their static sites, CMS or blogs

Work experience


IT Trainer

Since 2005 I have been a trainer in a variety of courses, using different training formats, such as classroom training, b-learning and e-learning, for several companies, public and private across the country, including:

Main subjects:

  • Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet
  • Linux Desktop
  • LibreOffice/OpenOffice
  • Linux Server

Training Coordinator

Along with my training activity I coordinated some courses.

Main tasks:

  • Recruiting trainers
  • Managing schedules
  • Trainers' and trainees' support
  • Organizing and conducting trainers meetings
  • Managing trainers' and trainees' communications with the company
  • Organizing all the paperwork