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Key Achievement

  • Successfully lead a student-based community development project in Cibuluh village to
    provide 22 waste recycling facilities and formulate proposal to help the problem of water
  • Conducted student-led initiatives with The Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study  (YES)
    scholarship recipients to provide inspiration class to 200 underprivileged student.
  • Recipient of The Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) scholarship on a year-program in 2010-2011 funded by United States Department of State to Minnesota.
  • Managed Student English Forum (SEF) as the only debating society in Bandung Institute of
    Technology as President during 2014-2015 term.
  • Received Top 10 EFL Best Speaker award in World University Debating Championship 2015
  • Volunteered as content editor and conduct research on the first Smart City in Asia Africa Smart
    City (AASC) Summit 2015 in Bandung.
  • Volunteered on Yayasan Bina Antarbudaya in Jakarta and Bandung.
  • Representing Minnesota to National Rube Goldberg Physics Competition, Purdue University
  • Received Best Provincial Student Award Junior High School Level in 2008
  • Champion of ESDPC Debating Championship 2014 and NUDC Kopertis IV 2014 , Grand-finalist of Ganesha Open 2012, Jakarta Mini Debating Championship 2013, Semi-finalist of Inter Varsity
    English Debate 2014, Quarter-finalist of Java-Overland Varsity English Debate 2014, National
    University Debating Championship 2014.
  • Adjudication Core of Ganesha Open Debating Championship 2014, English-Voice 2014, English
    Parade 2015, National University Debating Championship Kopertis IV 2015 and Java-Overland
    Varsity English Debate 2015.

Interest and Hobbies

Major interest in critical thinking, social issues, and public speaking activity where he devoted himself in competitive debating that allows him to travel to another countries like Malaysia and Singapore while participating in International Tournament. To complement his interest in debating, he is also and avid readers with a goal to finish one book a month. During his spare time, he coaches public speaking, volunteer for Bina Antarbudaya, or conducting community service project to help combat issue of poverty, water scarcity, and education.



Undergraduate Degree

Bandung Institute of Technology, West Java, Indonesia

Working with statistical analytic tools for market research, business process analysis, product development, innovation process and design thinking.


High School Diploma

SMAN 1 Kota Serang, Banten, Indonesia

Public school with good program for higher education preparation.


English Proficiency

An ability to use oral and written English for communication

Ms. Office Suite Tools

An ability to use Ms. Office Tools such as Microsoft Words, Microsoft Power Point,
Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Excel, and other Microsoft applications.

Design Application

An ability to use Solidwork Application; an Computer Aided Design popular in use

Data Processing Tools

An ability to use data processing application of SPSS from IBM and Excel from Ms. Office.