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Work experience

Mar 2002Jan 2008

Non Profit-Fundraiser/ Business Development

Eubank's Consulting


Sep 2008Jun 2009


Central Oregon Community College


Professional Fundraiser/ Business Development
Maria Ragan 141 SW 15th Street Space 10 Bend Oregon 97702 541-508-4537 [email protected]                                        Professional Work Experience   1)      Professional New Business Researcher 2)      Sets Numerous Appointments 3)      Excellent Phone/ Writing Skills 4)      Professional Cold Calling 5)      Creates Successful Lead Bases   1) Aflac Insurance                                                                                          May 2008 Built lead base, New Business Research. Cold Calling, Customer Negotiating, Data Entry, Provided Excellent Customer Service   2) Eubanks Consultants                                                                                  May 02-08 Professional Business Calling and Fundraising, New Business Researcher Sold Advertising Space for Oregon State Trooper Magazine, Cold Calling, Customer Negotiating, Created Successful Lead Bases, Built Business Base   3) Western Directory Company New Business Research, Set Appointments for Agents, Created Successful Lead Bases. Company Telemarketer, Professional Business Calling, Set Up Phone Book Deliveries, Hired for Book Deliveries, Surveys, Heavy Client Negotiating. General Office Skills   Education: Floyd Central High School-Indiana Central Oregon Community College-Bend Oregon


I am seeking a position in a company or mission -related organization that would bring healing, and health to the masses. I am a professional fund-raiser and activist for racial /cultural acceptance I write songs, poetry. essays, mostly geared toward the healing of the nations. I believe in individual responsibility for change, which begins with me. I would prefer work, piecework, freelance, work out of my own home office.

  I have provided years of excellent customer service, customer negotiations, fundraising, indoor sales, and small business development. I desire a position that is meaningful and can promote positive changes in a world that is in desperate need of balance.

  I have special interests in Native American culture, animal rights, protection of Mother Earth, and making positive changes in the ways we reach out to eachother as individuals and humankind as a whole.


An open heart begins with me. The eyes may lie. The ears may lie. The mouth may lie. The mind may lie...but the heart does not lie.


Writing, Reading, Native American Studies, Spirituality, Natural Medicine, Research, Music, Activist for "Healing of the Nations" Cultural Awareness, Spreading the word concerning the healing power of uncondional love.


We carry pain for many years

Convinced we are succeeding

Yet committing the very sins

That keeps our people bleeding

An arduous path our ancestors forged

Still reminds us of our pain

It does nothing to repair the bridge

Or release our sense of shame


The only way to mend the wounds

And keep our world from sinking

Is to make a decision to forgive

And change our selfish thinking

Two wrongs don’t make a right

It only stirs up strife

Then we are no different than the ones

That took our life


We must turn ourselves around

And quit repeating our mistakes

Walk in love and harmony

For all our children’s sakes

Never letting go of pain

Demanding what is due

Never moved a single stone

To bring healing through and through


The only way to mend our wounds

And keep our world from sinking

Is to make a decision to forgive

And change our selfish thinking