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  • A professional astronomer, an award winning graphic designer, a gourmet cook and an aspiring heavy-metal drummer and blues harmonica player.

Areas of Expertise: include

  • Numerical Data Analysis and Digital Image Processing
  • Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization
  • Large Telescope Operations
  • Astronomical Instrumentation including Telescopes, Detectors and Spectrographs

Work History

Sep 2016Present

Pan-STARRS Observer

University of Hawaii - Institute for Astronomy

Conduct and plan observations using the Pan-STARRS Telescopes.

Feb 2014August 2016

Computer Technician

Jan 2013Dec 2013

Senior Instrument / Observing Associate

AURA / National Solar Observatory

Provided technical support for the McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope Facility on Kitt Peak. Performed instrument setups and conducted observations. Provided trouble-shooting for problems with instruments / telescopes. Worked on a number of LabView applications to control the main spectrograph.

Jun 2011Dec 2012

Computer Systems Consultant

Quality Insertions Ltd.

Provided on-call technical support for computer hardware and software systems. Performed system administration duties and provided on-site training to company personnel.

Feb 2008Feb 2011

Support Astronomer

UCO/Lick Observatory, UCSC

Trained visiting observers in the use of the telescopes and instruments at Lick Observatory. Provided on-call technical support for trouble-shooting problems with instruments / telescopes. Helped to commission upgrades to the spectrographs. Maintained and expanded upon a suite of observing scripts for use with various instruments. Operated the Lick Adaptive Optics system. Conducted guided tours of the Observatory for visiting groups.

Sep 2006Jan 2008

Mathematics / Physics Instructor

Yireh Academy

Provided instruction and tutoring in mathematics and physics to small groups of gifted high school students.

Nov 1997May 2004

Telescope System Specialist

Joint Astronomy Centre

Certified operator for the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope on Mauna Kea. Responsible for telescope operations, fault trouble-shooting, service observing and site safety. Developed a set of software tools to evaluate various telescope performance metrics and helped to commission several instruments.

May 1993Nov 1994

Research Assistant (part-time)

Amistar Research & Development Inc.

Setup and operated a laser Raman spectrophotometer system used in a project to study inelastic light scattering by proteins in solution.

Dec 1991Apr 1992

Scientific Programmer

Channel Consulting

Provided programming support for several scientific projects; including scientific visualization support for a numerical model of the Arctic ice cover

May 1990Jul 1990

Consultant for the UVic / IBM Joint Study on Scientific Visualization

University of Victoria - Dept. of Physics & Astronomy

Provided supervision and technical support for a project involving the graphical depiction of the life cycle of stars. Also performed system administration duties on an IBM RT computer system running Unix.

Jan 1990Mar 1990

Astronomical Observer / Data Reduction Specialsit

Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics - DAO

Obtained CCD spectra of a group of nearby stars with the 1.8m Plaskett telescope and reduced these spectra using IRAF. Developed several IRAF scripts to aid in the data reduction.

May 1989Sep 1989

Consultant for the UVic / IBM Joint Study on Scientific Visualization

University of Victoria - Dept. of Physics & Astronomy


Dr. Kenneth Chambers- Pan-STARRS Director

University of Hawaii - Institute for Astronomy

[email protected]



Continuing Education



  • Excellent mechanical aptitude
  • Knowledge of basic electronics and computer hardware
  • Skilled in the use of scientific instrumentation and electronic test equipment
  • Familiar with several computer systems including the IBM PC family operating under MS-DOS / Windows, the  Apple / Macintosh line of computers and the SUN family of computers operating under Unix
  • Experience in the use of several computer software packages including the Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Creative Suite .
  • Experience in the use of several scientific data analysis packages including, IRAF, SpecX, IDL and MatLab
  • Programming experience in Pascal, FORTRAN, C, TCL/TK, IDL and Unix shell scripting
  • Effective communication skills
  • Well developed interpersonal skills
  • Excellent analytical abilities
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities

Certifications / Licenses


Restricted Operator's Certificate (Maritime)

Industry Canada

Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Automated External Defibrillation Training

American Heart Association

Standard First Aid and Adult CPR

American Red Cross

BC Driver's License ( class 5, 6 )


Professional Affiliations

Research Interests

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Other Interests