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Digital Media
  Mass media writing to inform (print and online) and persuade (public relations, advertising and business) Newsgathering/writing techniques, including: interviews, news judgment, story development, use of basic resource material, writing style and editing Audio and visual storytelling Use information delivery platforms common to digital media production and online publication Work individually and in teams to produce and manage digital media projects for publishing on the web Digital photography for print and electronic media, including: principles of camera and lens operation, digital storage, file formats, image editing, peripheral equipment and aesthetics Basic skills used in studio and field video production, including: basic camera operation, lighting, editing, audio techniques, new technologies and production methods used to produce digital video art that tells a story, sells a product and informs an audience  
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Sound Cloud
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Word Press
Audio editing program
Apple iMovie
Adobe Photoshop
Digital photography
60 wpm
Microsoft Excel
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Oracle & Optica
Electronic database & workflow system Used daily
Microsoft Outlook
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Brian Zylstra

Brian and I have worked together on issues or projects of mutual interest for our agency for approximately 8 years. Brian is qualified to confirm my professional skills and experience, especially in regards to responding to media inquiries and requests for information. 

Linda Shea

Linda and I worked together at the Secretary of State's Office for approximately 4 years. As a result, Linda is qualified to confirm my professional skills and experience.

MaryBeth Haggerty-Shaw

For the past 19 years, MaryBeth and I have routinely worked on issues or projects of mutual interest to our respective agencies. The issues we tackle together generally require a high level of knowledge and analysis of state law. As a result, MaryBeth can confirm my professional skills and experience.

Jeff Even

For the past 19 years, Jeff  and I have periodically worked on issues or projects of mutual interest to our respective agencies. The issues we tackle together generally require a high level of knowledge and analysis of state law. Subsequently, Jeff can attest to my professional skills, aptitide and experience.

Randy Marston

For the past four years, Randy and I have worked on my career development. Randy can confirm my workplace skills, experience and education as well as my soft skills. He has assessed my aptitude, strengths and areas that need development. As a result, Randy can speak with authority concerning my suitability for various positions.

Donnelle Brooke

For the past 19 years, Donnelle and I have routinely worked on issues or projects of mutual interest to our respective agencies. The issues we tackle together generally require a high level of knowledge and analysis of state law. As a result, Donnelle can confirm my professional skills and experience.

Work experience

Apr 1995Present

Customer Service Specialist (CSS) 3; CSS 2; CSS 1; Clerk Typist 2

State of WA, Secretary of State's Office
  • Use technical knowledge and judgment to interpret laws, rules, policies and procedures
  • Fulfill public records requests from the media, general public, enforcement agencies, registrants and the legal and business community
  • Aid staff and registrants in determining if submissions meet legal and procedural requirements
  • Field inquiries from the media, general public, registrants and the legal and business community involving complex registration and customer service issues
  • Subject matter expert: Considered a "go to" person for questions and assignments requiring a high level of technical expertise and/or problem resolution
  • Involved in assorted special assignments, including specialized reports, research and testing
  • Draft unique correspondence and form letters for registrants, legal and business community and the general public concerning registration requirements, information, compliance issues and complaints
  • Create forms and informational material for the program
  • Active involvement in development, training and implementation of work process improvements, policies & procedures
  • Train, mentor and assist new and current program staff and act as liaison between staff and program supervisor
  • Designed and delivered presentations concerning program registration requirements
  • Received Director’s Award, 1999
  • Nominated for division Employee Recognition Program, March 2010

Current CSS3 position represents fourth promotion; duties and responsibilities have progressively increased over last 19 years


President; Vice President

Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. - Thurston/Grays Harbor/Mason Co. chapter
  • Supervised chapter officers and ensured compliance with corporate policies and procedures
  • Facilitated monthly business and financial committee meetings
  • Collected reports from chapter officers and prepared quarterly reports for regional & state officers
  • Planned, promoted and conducted state-wide events attended by up to 500 members
  • Designed and delivered presentations to officers, members and the public
  • Provided leadership to chapter officers and members
  • Attended, and served as chapter ambassador, at events hosted by other chapters
  • Led chapter's member recognition program (for exemplary service, skill and participation)

Volunteer position, approx. 20 hours/week

Served as chapter Vice President 2000-2002; and chapter President 2005-2008

Articles & Profiles




Jan 2014Present

Bachelors of Science

Colorado State University - Global Campus


  • GPA 3.8

The Bachelor of Science in Communication program supplies students with the knowledge required to successfully fill organizational training and human communication positions. Capabilities will include ethical and critical thinking skills necessary for today’s global society. The coursework covers oral and written communication, mass communications, new media, public relations, technical writing, and the leadership and management skills needed to successfully contribute to an organization.

Students in this Communications degree will:

  • Apply critical-thinking and strategic communication skills to a variety of scenarios.
  • Explore interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational communication.
  • Understand the impact of diversity and culture on communication practices.
  • Evaluate ethical, legal, and organizational influences on communication effectiveness.
  • Use theory to create communication pieces for diverse audiences and purposes by integrating verbal, written, visual, and online media.

Marketing Specialization (minor):

This specialization includes promotion, creative services, public relations, research, consulting, communications, advertisement, strategy, branding, and much more.

Jan 2012Dec 2013

Associate in Arts

South Puget Sound Community College


  • Member of the International Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa
  • President's List - Spring quarter, 2012
  • Vice President's List - Fall quarter, 2012
  • GPA 3.83

The two-year Associate in Arts program with Digital Media Emphasis includes general education courses, prepares students for transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a Bachelor's degree and emphasizes the skills and education needed for careers in media studies, journalism or related fields.

Students of this program have the following skills:

  • Develop written, visual, and auditory content for on-line journalism
  • Manage information systems commonly used by on-line media outlets
  • Communicate effectively
  • Think logically and critically
  • Evaluate and process quantitative and symbolic data
  • Understand themselves in relation to others in a multicultural world
  • Understand ethical responsibilities and consequences
  • Proficient in word processing, desktop publishing and internet navigation


This was an assignment for my online digital media class. My journalism beat was non-traditional college students, although there are other examples of my work posted.

Published Articles


I am a writer, professional and college student with 19 years of work experience in the public and nonprofit

sectors. My job with the Washington State Secretary of State's Office, strong writing ability and education in

digital media have collectively afforded me a wide range of demonstrated skills and experience in


I am trained in multimedia, journalism and photography and have experience with technical writing, public

relations, mass communications, and responding to press inquiries. I recently earned an Associate in Arts degree

with digital media emphasis from South Puget Sound Community College and am currently in my third year of college pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree in Communications online from Colorado State University.

My short-term goals include a obtaining a position in a communications-related field and writing for publication.

Possible long-term goals include freelance writing and consulting in areas of specialty and expertise, such as

nonprofit organizations.

Excited by the prospect of today's ever-changing communications and the opportunity to use my multimedia skills

and education, I look forward to the next phase of my career.