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Software Engineer with 5 years of professional experience developing tools, cloud services, hardware controllers, and user interfaces. 

Work Experience


Software Engineer

Amazon Robotics

Developing tools, applications, and services using Java, Bash, HTML, JS, CSS. Writing documentation for many products on the internal wiki. Also reviewing the code of my peers and creating deployment/migration plans. 

Lead developer for a suite of operational tools for the support team, custom hardware controller, and a robotics diagnostics user interface.

Worked on multiple other products including work allocation/configuration cloud services, implementing mutual-authentication for a message routing cluster, and associate UI workflows.


Sole Proprietor

10101 Software

Creating tools and games on my ownReleased various cross-platform tools between 2003 and 2012, focusing on games in Unity using C#. 

Released iFactor, a casual multiplication game in 2016. The game includes online multiplayer and is available on Steam, Windows App Store, Amazon App Marketplace, Google Play, Mac App Store, iOS App Store,, and is playable on my website. 

Development of Fragmented Galaxy, a 3D RTS game, is ongoing. The game is played in VR and is still in an early stage of development. It can be seen/downloaded from my website. Many if the technologies I a using in this project I have written myself, including material caching, 64- to 32-bit position transposition, and cross-frame variable caching systems.  

In order to help the Unity community I also develop and release various libraries including custom shaders that improve performance, general C# utilities, and a cube-map generator. 


IT Technician

Milwaukee School of Engineering

Providing in-person support, fixing software problems, removing viruses, and replacing hardware.



B.S. Software Engineering

Milwaukee School of Engineering

Game development emphasis including graphics (OpenGL) and artificial intelligence.