User experience design or software engineering position on an inventive and capable team, ideally working on a game or technical application with complex data that needs to be relayed to the user efficiently. 

My skills are many and varied although I pride myself on these qualifications: 

  • Production of functional and graphically accurate UI prototypes or mockups
  • Documentation of my work so others can interpret my designs
  • Ability to work with a variety of graphic design tools including Photoshop and GIMP
  • Use of most operating systems including Windows (XP - 7) and Mac OS X (all versions)
  • Use of version control systems, mainly SVN
  • Research new UI trends and efficiency models such as Fitt's Law

Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2010 - Present

Helpdesk Technician

Milwaukee School of Engineering

  • Customer service at the user services help desk and over the phone
  • Enter incoming requests into tracking system
  • Check voicemail for messages and act on them
  • Communicate necessary information between department technicians and users as needed
Jun 2004 - Present

Sole Proprietor

10101 Software
  • Programming applications
  • Designing and producing graphical user interfaces
  • Developing and maintaining a web site
  • Publishing software
  • Distributing software to lists
  • Customer support
  • Working with other small businesses and individuals on cooperative projects
  • Working with the Mac App Store
May 2007 - Present

GUI Design and Content Concept Design

Fragmented Galaxy Project
  • Designing Graphical User Interface (GUI) Theme
  • Creating GUI elements
  • Implementing the GUI in a 3D game
  • Working with a team to create a great game
  • Using email, forums, and other forms of communication to talk to interested people






In-class use only. 



2D experience. 


I have experience using the SmartSVN client and pre-made repositories. 



General programming as well as the Swing framework. 


Application development as well as rapid prototyping. 


Graphics fabrication and re-creation.