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I have over 7 years of experience with web and software development. I'm a project manager with expertise in the areas of software development, web development, ecommerce, cloud computing, search engine marketing and optimization, and web strategy. I bridge the gap between Internet technology and business like few others can.

  • Extensive experience in managing enterprise IT project life cycle through all phases.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience in cost management, time management, risk management, and integration management.
  • Experienced in IT project budget analysis, outsourcing strategies, and contract management.
  • Strong technical background in systems architecture, database design, and software development life cycle.
  • Solid skills in writing proposals, biding projects, and winning contracts.
  • Proven ability to deliver high quality IT products and services on schedule and under budget.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills in communications, client relations, and negotiation.

I also write (as a hobby) in some specialized websites and magazines about IT and Project Management.

Work experience

Feb 2009Present

Project Manager / Software Architect

01Systems WLL

01Systems is one of the most successful IT companies in the regoin, it is specialized in Banking Solutions and got many big clients in the region and around the world, 01Systems is in the market from over than 25 years.

Web Project Manager

  • managed a team of web developers and graphic designers in the design and implementation of a three-tiered web-based auditing system that enabled KFH bank employees to audit the cheques verification process from different office locations.
  • gathered and assessed requirements from KFH management team and coordinated the efforts of the development team with the QA team to design and implement ASV system (Automated Signature Verification) which is the backbone of the cheques verification system in KFH bank (using C#.NET, SQL Server, Multi threading, SOAP, Web Services, Plugins and mass data processing).
  • managed relationships with third-parties (e.g. MITEK).


  • collaborated directly with business units to assess the technical impact of business requirements and to reach consensus on alternative solutions when necessary in an effort to maintain a consistent yet flexible architecture.
  • designed and programmed a system (C#.NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000) to process and report on publication orders provided as files (XML or delimited) by external parties.


  • participated in the design and implementation of the new release of the very popular signature/fingerprint capturing system (SigCap, which is used in over 200 banks all around the world)  by designing and coding an object-oriented application (C#.NET) that intelligently retrieved data from any generic capture device (Scanner, Webcam, Signature Pad and thumbprint reader) and transformed it to a suitable format (Standard image or BIR data) that can be integrated with ASV system or any third party.
  • worked with expert business analysts and managers to develop detailed business requirements; data architects to improve data access performance; and QA personnel to create end-to-end system tests to ensure that the application functioned in accordance with the specifications.
  • documented all the technical aspects of ASV system and the new release of SigCap capturing system, the documentations are designed to enable any newly joined team member to easily understand those systems, it also helps the QA team to build test cases.
Oct 2007Feb 2009

Project Manager / Software Architect

ICOL Global Holding / TechTel21


  • initiated a year-long project to create an in-house e-commerce processing platform to handle orders from different sources and to facilitate the creation of new offers that would all use a shared core to reduce development and testing time.
  • worked with various business units to get their products online through various e-commerce initiatives including customized storefronts and online catalogs for a wide assortment products; prepare stand-alone offer pages to determine the most effective method for delivering a marketing message; and promoting offers on third-party sites.

Search Engine Optimization

  • spearheaded the effort to discover why was failing to receive traffic from search engines comparable to major competitors; presented findings and recommendations to upper management for search engine optimization (SEO) project approval; and followed through with a plan that resulted in a 255% increase in traffic from search engine results
  • worked closely with the project team that created the Global Tourism Club http://www.GTC.Travel web site so that SEO best practices were followed from the start.

Other Responsibilities

  • assessed project feasibility, gathered business requirements, and executed project plans for various business groups that were part of the company's 5 years plan (including the fancy GPS tracking portal
  • managed relationships with third-parties (e.g., Laipac and many others).
  • write proposals in response to RFP. Manage multiple contracts and negotiate new teams for contract extension

Lead Web Developer

  • collaborated with Mobily KSA and Zain Bahrain to architect a custom-built GPS Tracking portal (Customized version of using (ASP.NET, VB.NET, XML, SQL Server 2000) that included functionality to streamline the sales process, centralize information, manage customer accounts, simplify advertisement placement, and schedule equipment maintenance.
  • provided technical expertise to the project and account managers during discussions with Al Jazeera Bank upper management and followed through with statements of work that described the project scope, resource requirements, and deliverable time lines.
  • collaborated with BNI Bahrain to architect their website using (ASP.NET, VB.NET, XML, SQL Server 2000, UML) that included functionality to simplify advertisement placement.
Jun 2003Oct 2007

Senior Software Engineer

Nour Co.

Nour Co. is specialized in building enterprise applications (both desktop and web based). The company's clients are primarily government establishments.

  • architected a customer relationship management (CRM) system using ASP.NET, C#.NET, and Oracle for the "Municipality of Homs City" help desk that reduced the time it took for a support technician to resolve customer problems while at the same time increasing the number of calls that each technician could handle.
  • designed and implemented the payroll system for the "Syrian Ministry of Education" which automated the payroll process of over 60000 employee.
  • designed and implemented an IVR systems built from scratch for the "Governor of Homs office" which helped to answer customer inquiries with minimal number of support technicians.
  • directed the software development efforts of 4 junior intranet programmers and provided mentoring to prepare them for taking on more responsibility at the end of the project.
  • introduced the use of advanced software development techniques such as source control, code reviews, and test plans for intranet development.
  • completed the development of a large and complex workflow system for the "Syrian Ministry of Education" (automated examining system) using Borland Delphi, QuickReports and Oracle.
  • completed the development of a large and complex reporting system for the "Syrian Ministry of Education" (automated examining system) using Borland Delphi, QuickReports and Oracle.
  • engineered the migration of the "Syrian Water Ministry" billing system data to the new system that I participated in designing and building (using Borland Delphi and Oracle) after the unexpected resignation of the senior programmer.
Mar 2001Jul 2003

Junior - Semi Senior Developer (Part Time)

Nour Co.

Nour Co. is specialized in building enterprise desktop and web solutions. The company's clients are primarily government establishments.

  • participated in building the billing system for the "Syrian Ministry of Electricity" (using Borland Delphi, Quick Reports and Oracle).
  • participated in building a software for a special hardware device made by the company "phone-call recorder".


PMP Certificate Preparation


Preparing for my first shot on the PMP exam Feb 2009



MS Project / Cloud Computing / PM Skills
GPS/GIS systems, RFID
Apache, IIS, SQL Server, Oracle 8i
.NET desktop/web, C, C++, XML/XSL, UML, Delphi, Java Script