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Taziamoma Abraham

Future Engineer - Professional Programmer


Seeking exposure to computer, electrical, or mechanical engineering. Also looking for business and more management experience. I'm looking to learn the in and outs of running my own business and mainly, I want to work with top notch professionals with a goal in their mind so that I can help them reach theirs and they can help me reach mine. Ideal workplace is somewhere I can learn a great deal and be able to gain experience in the IT and Engineering fields. I would also like to continue to program and design high quality content for people who yearn for it. I am looking for an organization that will be able to fully utilize my skills and where my skills fully utilized, will bring a change in the company for the better.

Work History

July 2016Present

Retail Sales Associate


Practiced extended customer service. Learned how to manage and perform inventory as well as updating Modules and placing products in the right place. Actively yearned to increase sales performance and continued to exceed sales and team goals on a daily basis.

Dec 2014June 2016

Team Member


Informed customers on the latest and hottest deals on food. Developed new methods and procedures that cut production times in half and food preparation times in. These procedures are now being used to train new members. I also interacted with customers and provided answers to their inquiries. I continued to excel past team goals that were set each day.

October 2014November 2015


Forum Pioneer

Forum Pioneer was the base of my operations when I used to make and design websites. My team and I used Forum Pioneers as a place where customers can find us and we can design high quality themes, templates, and modifications for them. I was supervising all activity and ensuring that customers received the quality work that they deserved and that everybody was working together to strive towards reaching our goals.

July 2015July 2015

Sales Representative

Spring Fireworks Stand

At the fireworks stand, I was brought on as new talent because of my previous sales experience. After three short days, I was the top seller compared to everybody else although they were there two weeks before me. I learned all the material and the products I was selling and provided accurate representations of the products and answered all customer questions honestly. I helped them pick out products that suited them best.

February 2012June 2013


Creative Studios

We at Creative Studios, provided high quality designs in Photoshop, Illustrator, and we also design websites for customers. Every piece was authentic and unique per customer. I supervised all operations and also provided help for my employees and cooperated with my team to provide the best results for customers.

August 2008December 2008


Forum Promotion

I maintained peace within the forum community. I interacted with members on a daily and made sure everything was in order. When members needed help or needed things moved to different places, I was always there to provide the help that they needed.


Website Creation

MySQL, Domain Registration, HyperText Markup Language (HTML)HTML 5, xHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), CPanel, phpMyAdmin, Web Developing, Search Engine Optimization, Wordpress, Content Management Systems, Modification Installation, Theme Installation, phpBB, MyBB, Invision Power Boards, Simple Machines, Web Design, Web Applications, Web Developing, Web Development, Web Applications, Information Security, Integration, Computer Sciences, Extensible Markup Language (XML), Web Services, Advertising, E-Commerce, Interface, Media, User Interface, Responsive Web Design, User Experience Design (UX), Usability, Object-Oriented Programming, Algorithms, Quality Control, Troubleshooting (Problem Solving),Unified Modeling Languages,Software Development, Core, Information Systems, E-Commerce, SCRIPT (Markup)

Graphic Design

Graphic Design, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe InDesign, Photography, Photograph, Visual Basic, Logo Creation, Banner Creation, Use of white space, template design, theme design, colors, complementing colors, Creativity, Packaging And Labeling, Brochures, Media, Microsoft PowerPoint, Web Design, Assets, Adobe Flash, Graphical User Interface

Business Administration

Microsoft Office, Selling, Customer Service, Interacting with customers, Word Processing, Printing, Spreadsheets, Math, Emails, Outlook, Professionalism, Microsoft Access, Business Requirements, Staffing, Public Relations, Recruiting, Professional Services, Writing, Workflows, Data Analysis, Business Analysis, Language Translation, Business Process, GameShark (Computer Peripherals), Gender Identity, IT Service Management, Leverage, Linguistics, Documentation, Business Requirements, Budgeting, Marketing, Best Practices, Banking, Management Consulting, Financial Services, Project Management Professional, Program Management, Timelines, Negotiation, Marketing, Retailing


Computer Maintenance, Computer Repair, Gadget Repair, 3D Modelling, Cell Phones, cell phone repair, apple, Android, iOS, Linux, Macbook, Windows, MacOS, WiFi Maintenance, Cell Phone Upgrade, Software Update, Server Maintenance, Server Installation, Server Settings, Computer Installation, Technical Training, System Integration, Network Security, Architecture, Technical Support, Operating Systems, Telecommunications, Troubleshooting (Problem Solving), Interpersonal Skills, IT Service Management, Disaster Recovery, Value (Economy), Strategic Planning, Project Management, Infrastructure, Agile Software Development, Network Administration, Wireless Communications, Macintosh Computers

Actively Learning

PHP, Javascript, Java, SQL, jQuery, Ajax, Python, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Interaction, Speedy Service, Network Routing, Networking Hardware, Voice Over IP, Wide Area Networks, Local Area Networks, Network Switches, Virtual Private Networks, Active Directory, Cisco Certified Network Professional, Government, Biotechnology, Federal Laws, Marketing Collateral

I am always ready and willing to learn new things so I can add to this list of skills. I am very passionate about learning new things and creating new experiences.


I speak very fluent English and also fluent Lingala. I can speak, understand, and write a little Spanish and I can understand a little bit of French. I am currently working on learning more to broaden my language skills.


August 2012June 2016

High School Diploma

Klein Collins High School

Practiced extended customer service. Learned how to manage and perform inventory as well as updating Modules and placing products in the right place. Actively yearned to increase sales performance and continued to exceed sales and team goals on a daily basis.


I highly enjoy interacting with people on a daily basis, especially new people. I love and I'm good at solving problems and thinking of faster ways of doing them. Designing themes, creating websites, running forums, programming and coding are all things that are very dear to me and something I love doing with all my heart.

But among all of these things, what I love to do the most, is LEARN! I can't get enough of learning and trying new things. Whenever I am presented with a task that I don't know how to perform or that i have never learned before, I do my best to learn the material to the best of my ability because I know that everything I learn, will definitely be beneficial to me in the future.