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I'm working as a marine engine specialist from Sept 2008 to present. Now I'm working as a diagnostic engineer at SGS Testing and Control Services Singapore Pte. Ltd.


- Machinery Automation and Control

- Mechatronic

- Marine Structural Engineering

- Machine Design

- System Simulation and Modelling


ARENA System Simulation and Modelling Software
Matlab & Simulink Programming
PIC Microcontroller Programming
AutoCAD Mechanical
Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point

Work experience

Sep 2014Present

Diagnostic Engineer

SGS Testing & Control Services Singapore Pte Ltd.

Duty and Responsibility 

- Analyze and interpret the lab results regarding about physical properties, wear metals & contamination of machinery lubricating oil, grease & hydraulic fluids.

- Diagnose the overall condition of the machinery and give recommendation to customer for preventive maintenance.

- Scrap-down analysis for 2-stroke slow speed main engine.

- Contact directly to customer for vital information on emergency case to minimize the risk of unscheduled maintenance.

- Review and revise the complete report before releasing to customer.

- Maintain turn-around time to release the report.

May 2013Sep 2014

Service Engineer

Chong Lee Leong Seng Co. Ltd. (Yanmar Authorized Dealer)

Duty and Responsibility 

- Repair and Servicing Jobs for Yanmar 4-Stroke Diesel Generators and Marine Type Medium Speed Main Engines

          - Major unit overhauling  service

          - Fuel injection pumps, injection timing inspection & adjustment, and timing gear inspection service

          - Turbocharger overhauling service

          - Bearing condition inspection & overhauling service

- Inspection Jobs on Major Engine Parts

          - Crack inspection for connecting rods with magnetic detector

          - Crack inspection and hardness test for crankshaft with eddy current and hardnometer

- Commissioning Jobs for New Yanmar Engines and Taiko Oily Water Separator.

- Troubleshooting and Fault Finding Jobs for Medium and High Speed Engines

- Preparing Documents for Repair & Service Jobs in Shipyards.

Mar 2012Sep 2012

Third Engineer

Uniteam Marine Ltd.

Duty and Responsibility (Operational Level)

- Operation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting on generator engines, boilers, air compressor, separators, freshwater generator, heat exchanger and pumps.

- Engine room watch-keeping engineer officer in charge

- Marine chemical and engine lubricating oil store keeper

- Preparing and making report for monthly inventory for chemical, lubricating oil and spare parts.

- Preparing and making report for monthly performance check to generator engines.

- Performing weekly safety check to all engine room safety equipments and fixed fire installation system.

- Maintaining the engine room machinery and safety system according to Planned Maintenance System (PMS)

- Bunkering and sludge discharging engineer officer in charge

- Engine cooling water, lubricating oil and boiler water analysis, and chemical treatment.

The following jobs have been done independently.

- Generator Engines - Types: Sulzer 9L21/31

 (major overhaul)      - Fuel injector overhaul and test.

                                - Cylinder head overhaul and pressure test

                                - Cylinder liner, liner o-rings, piston and piston rings checking and replacing

                                - Main bearing and big end bearing clearance and condition checking

                                  and replacing

                                - Overhaul to pneumatic control valve block on starting air line system.

                                - Troubleshooting and fault finding the generator engine control system

                                  and piping system.

- Marine Boiler        - Types: Aalborg Composite Boiler

                                - boiler water analysis and chemical treatment

                                - regular maintenance on rotary type main burner

                                - boiler smoke tube cleaning and maintenance

                                - boiler safety equipment monthly check for proper condition

Feb 2011Nov 2011

Fourth Engineer

Uniteam Marine Ltd.

Duty & Responsibility (Operational Level)

- Operation, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting on air compressor, separators, freshwater generator, heat exchanger and pumps. I have done the following specific jobs independently.

          - Main Air Compressor    - cylinder liner replacement

                                                  - piston and piston rings replacement

                                                  - main bearing and big end bearing clearance check

                                                    and replacement

                                                  - 1st and 2nd stage low lift light plate type valve lapping

                                                    and replacement

        - Marine Separators         - Intermediate service and major service

                                                - separator bowl parts, o-rings and sealing rings check

                                                    and replacement

                                                - Vertical and horizontal shaft alignment and bending test

                                                - shaft bearings, shaft seal and centrifugal clutch check

                                                  and replacement

                                                - troubleshooting and fault finding on control system ,and sensors

                                                  functioning test

          - Fresh Water Generator - condenser and evaporator plates and plate gaskets condition

            and Heat Exchangers      check

                                                  - regular maintenance for plates

          - Pumps                          - type: centrifugal pumps, screw pumps, gear pumps and

                                                  piston pumps

                                                - overhaul to bearings, shaft seal, mechanical seal and packing.

Sep 2008Sep 2009

Junior Engineer

Uniteam Marine Ltd.

- supporting level

- assist to senior engineer in maintenance jobs


Aug 2014Present

Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering)

Nanyang Technological University

Specialized in Marine Engineering and System Simulation & Modelling.


Jul 2010Jul 2010

MOT Class III Engineer

Department of Marine Administration Myanmar