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Programming Languages:

·StrongPHP4/5, XHTML/HTML, JavaScript, Perl

·ModerateXML, Drupal, Smarty, Bash/C Shell Scripting, ASP.NET, EXT JS, LDAP, WML,


·AcademicC/C++, Java, Ada, JSP

Databases:MySQL, SQL Server

Software Packages:Microsoft Access, Excel & Word, Macromedia DreamWeaver Versions 6.0 and 9.0, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Ahead Nero, Eudora, Visual Studio 2005, Borland C Compiler, Turbo C Compiler, Visual Café, Borland JBuilder, Silverpop, SQL Server Enterprise Manager, Eclipse, Borland StarTeam Version 6.0, TortoiseSVN, CruiseControl, PuTTY, MySQL Query Browser, WinSCP, TKDiff, XAMPP for Windows, VMware Player, HeidiSQL, Bugzilla Version 3.4.4, Wordpress Version 3.4.1, Mercurial, WampServer Version 2.2 (64 bit), vBulletin Version 4.1.2, Perforce P4V, Vim File Editor, Jira

Operating Systems:Microsoft Windows 1998, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP, UNIX (AIX), LINUX (Debian), MS DOS

Work experience

Apr 2016Apr 2016

Database Engineer

Tesla Motors

Development Environment:

Work using PHP version 5.3.3 using MySQL version 5.1.73 hosted on an NGinX server with a Gnu/LINUX operating system on the server side along with HTML5 and JQuery on the client side.



Created individual web pages for their internal Device transmittal website including:

A page for listing information concerning the overall progress of various projects including bar charts for displaying progress by department and program manager along with a stacked bar chart for displaying progress by metric/phase of completion located at:

A page for displaying a listing of all possible harness designators and the corresponding device/connector pairs with dropdown fields for unassigned designators implemented using JQuery used for creating or removing these assignments via an AJAX call to a PHP script located at:

Apr 2013May 2013

Web Developer

Trion Worlds Inc.

Development Environment:

Locally: WampServer version 2.2 (64 bit) with memcache as well as Perforce Visual Client for file and application management to maintain the build for the vBulletin forums.

Remotely in Deployment Stream/Production: PHP5.4.3 and MySQL5.5.24 databases using PHPMyAdmin and the LINUX command line for database access and control as well as PuTTY, FileZilla and BitVise for application build as well as auxiliary media server access plus Notepad++ & Vim for file editing.


Worked on administration and management of the Forums for Trion World Games in a highly secure environment including the various localizations of Defiance, Rift and End of Nations located at: Languages

including regular updates using the vBulletin admin panel along with modifications to files, style sheets and addition of media for ad campaigns along with general bug fixes.

Feb 2013Apr 2013

PHP Developer

Consensus Corp (, Inc.)

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Development Environment:

Worked in a LINUX environment on internal features and server side scripts written in PHP version 5.3 using a MySQL database along with PuTTY for server access and Mercurial for version control.Dynamic data management via a custom built internal systems for bug tracking and job ticketing as well as content management along with Bash shell scripts executing SQL files for the creation and modification of tables.


Addition of sanity check functions and their corresponding admin interfaces for the database to test the validity of existing data sets.

Created a history table for the storage of previous commission sku records and a corresponding sql script for its population.

Created a script to monitor page usage for the retail sales checkout and purchase pages of the LetsTalk website located at along with a table for storage of the records.

Modified files involved with the interface for promotion rule creation along with the modification of corresponding sql and bourne shell scripts for its generation.

Created internal admin pages for uploading Excel XLSX spreadsheets for parsing and updating DPCI prices on various Target wireless products located at:

as well as pages for listing, adding and modifying records of retail service partners located at:

and pages for listing, adding and modifying records of retail stores organized by retail chain located at

along with pagination functionality for all admin pages in the section.

Aug 2011Jan 2012

Senior Software Engineer

Power Assure

Development Environment:

PHP5 and MySQL databases using HeidiSQL for database access and control as well as KiTTY for server access and debugging applications, and EditPlus 3 for file editing.I also used TortoiseCVS for file management and version control and VMware Player for starting PHP and generating command line error reporting on my local machine.


Creation of location specific functionality for Power Assure’s EM/4.0 Data Center Infrastructure Management dashboard software including the ability to create, edit and delete various categories of locations containing servers and other power consuming assets along with the functionality for the creation of the corresponding sidebar navigation trees.Also worked on the functionality for the computations involved with the generations of reports describing power consumption and the corresponding page for downloading it into a csv file.Creation of PHP scripts for each class that I worked on that would be run on the command line for unit testing each method.Also worked on internal PHP scripts involved with manual version control system.

Sep 2009Jul 2011

Web PHP Server Engineer

Namco Bandai Games America

Development Environment:

PHP5 using a Drupal Dev staging area, MySQL databases using MySQL Query Browser access as well as PUTTY for command line access and a NULS database accessed through curl requests made to external applications, and EditPlus 3 for file editing. I also used WinSCP for file transfers on servers without FTP accounts and utilized TKDiff for SVN content comparisons and XAMPP for Windows for starting PHP and MySQL on my local machine.


Update and modification of the login related Drupal modules to store session, NULS ID, avatar(image) and leaderboard information in a Drupal MySQL database. These required executing curl requests to remote APIs. Further modifications of these modules were necessary for the retrieval of score related leaderboard information from LDAP to be displayed on the user’s profile page.

Creation of internal CMS pages including a NULS based login feature located at

for displaying error log information stored in a separate database on a separate dedicated server and searchable by source API, user ID and/or event ID and another located at

for displaying user account identification information searchable by name, ID or email. Also included is an admin feature for specifying cms access for any user.

Creation of backend PHP scripts for testing load performance of Pool Pro 3 by triggering a sequence of NULS APIs. Initial execution was attempted utilizing the Apache benchmark command but the use of the php sleep command necessitated the utilization of an httperf command instead due to flaws in the benchmark command that cause it to timeout after more than 30 seconds of delay. This script has since been augmented to utilize and interface with others for the monitoring of performance, socket connectivity and runtime concurrency of different processes.

Development of Facebook login, user & session creation and control, resource generation for health, energy & stamina, friend invites and LiveGamer payment integration for the Hamster Pirates social game located at


Created PHP pages rendering content for mobile devices in WML for people wishing to purchase full versions of various Namco games located at:

As well as an admin page for managing the records.

Aug 2007Jan 2009

Web Developer

Mindjet LLC

Development Environment:

Initially, PHP using StarTeam for version control, XHTML and JavaScript, a MySQL database using PHPMyAdmin for access, and DreamWeaver 9.0 for file editing.

Then, development and rebuilding of a Microsoft based website/project in ASP.NET 2.0 using ASPX files which access CS files for functionality and RESX files for content as well as XML with SQL Server databases and SVN with TortoiseSVN interface for version control, CruiseControl for deployment and agile development (scrum) methodology. 


Maintenance and updating of their previous and current us website located at:

including the development of the Customer Successes section presently located at:

as well as rotating QA and Build/release duties utilizing Cruise Control for deployment. 

Creation of XML email templates and corresponding XHTML files.

Designing of individual pages in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Dreamweaver 9.0.  Development of individual ASPX/RESX pages on Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 including work on the following pages:

The products overview page:

and several pages in the Uses directory of the products section for a web redesign/product release in November 2008 including Brainstorming

Manage Meetings

and Managing Information

and various promotional pages including the following:

as well as the corresponding pages in French, German and sometimes Japanese.


Web development work at ADrive included work on a complete redesign of their existing website which involved the revision to the Symfony web application including redevelopment of the following pages:

Tesla Motors

Mindjet ASP.NET Website

Mindjet Open Source Website

Campaign Pages

Media Pages

Trial Pages

Customer Success Stories Section

JCVGantt Pages