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Taylor in Action


Father's Name: Bill Bennett: Business Owner

Mother's Name: Sue Bennett

Brother: Zach Bennett

Athletic Resume

GPA:(cum) 3.5, (09-10): 3.8          ACT: 24       Registered for NCAA Clearinghouse: Yes

Statistics:    Tackles      Solo      Assist      TFL      QB Hurry      FBLC      Sacks

Sr(4 games)    37              5             32          2                                  1               1             

Junior              86              23            63          4                1                 2

Soph.              23              13            10                                                                1

2009 Awards:

  • 2009 NOC All Conference - Valley Division Football
  • Gazette Associated Press Northeast Inland All District
  • Division 1 Honorable Mention
  • All Sun South/Central Team
  • All Gazette Honorable Mention
  • MVP Defense Team Football Award, 2nd year Letter.

Scouting Report by Lisimba Patilla - Recruiting Specialist, Noblesteps Management

Taylor Bennett is a fundamentally sound linebacker who is an excellent tackler and cover linebacker.   He is also excellent at defeating blocks and closing on opposing ball carriers. Taylor currently has a personal trainer which is focusing on his speed and strength.  One of the most fundamentally sound linebackers in Ohio.


Football IQ; Knows how to play football the way it was meant to be played.

Nose for the football

Fundamental execution of tackles, defeating blocks, fill and pass coverage

Area or Improvement



Personal Message

“We just read the guards and did what our coaches told us to do”, The Gazette

Coach's Recommendations

As a football coach at Medina High School, I have had the honor and privilege of watching Taylor Bennett develop into a man as well as an exceptional student athlete at Medina High School the past two years.  Taylor plays linebacker, tight end as well as special teams.  Taylor is a hard working, highly motivated young man that would be a welcome addition to any college football program. 

            Three words that I would use to describe Taylor are: dedicated, motivated and unselfish.  High school coaches are always looking for athletes that are willing to be dedicated to his/her sport,   Taylor is dedicated to being the best he can be at all things he does.  This off season he has again dedicated himself to the weight room.  Going into his senior season, Taylor has put on an additional twenty pounds of muscle.    Motivation is something that all successful athletes must have to achieve their goals.  Sometimes motivation is provided by coaches and outside influences, and sometimes motivation comes from within.  The athletes that can internally motivate themselves become champions.  Whether it is in practice, in the weight room or in the classroom: Taylor is internally motivated, he wants to be the best he can be and he wants his teammates to be successful.  The third word I would use to describe Taylor as a person and as an athlete is unselfish.  Taylor Bennett is an unselfish teammate who always puts his team’s goals above his own.  He wants to be a champion and is willing to sacrifice stats and personal glory to do it.  This last season we asked him to move to strong side outside linebacker (from his middle linebacker spot).  We moved Taylor to the strong side because we needed a linebacker that could read linemen and attack fullbacks/lead blocks.  Taylor was more than willing to do this for the team; he is by far our best linebacker at reading his keys and making sound decisions based on those reads.    I have no reservations that no matter what I asked Taylor to do for the team, he will do it and do it to the best of his ability.

            Taylor Bennett is a fine young man and an even better student athlete who would help any football program reach its fullest potential.  He is the kind of dedicated, motivated, and unselfish team player that you would want to make the cornerstone of your program.  Taylor is a natural leader, who by his actions demands nothing but the best from his teammates and coaches.  I would highly recommend Taylor Bennett to any coach/program; he is an outstanding athlete and a great role model.


                                                                                    Dan Sutherland (S[email protected])

                                                                                    Medina High School


My goals for my senior year are to create a balance between Academics, Athletics and Community/School Involvement. 

  • Academics – graduate in the top 20% of my class and maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher.  Athletics - continue to build strength, speed and knowledge,  be a team leader, and win the state championship AND  I would like to commit to playing football at the College level. 
  • Community  Involvement – volunteer at school as LINK leader which helps incoming Freshman assimilate to the high school, volunteer time in Booster fundraisers which aids in funds for school athletics, member of youth group embarking in a Mission trip in July to assist in building a house for the less fortunate in Costa Rica.