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Sample Work


-Know how to persuade others properly, without forcing my ideas on them harshly or directly -Utilize public speaking skills in order to communicate effectively with others
Teaching experience
-Have assisted multiple teachers as a teacher's assistant at the elmentary school level -Liberal Studies background -Confident in my ability to explain things in a way others can understand  
Public Speaking
-Know how to properly express myself in a professional manner -Confident with speaking in front of others even if it is short-notice

Work experience

Aug 2009Present


Artie and Toni's Steakhouse

-Serving customers to make sure their needs are met to ensure an excellent dining experience

-Being able to pick up things quickly

-Familiar with operating the "restaurant manager" computer program

-Develop and maintain a positive attitude, while trying to please others

-Manage and maintain relationships with customers and co-workers 

Sep 2013Jan 2014

Flight Attendant

Mesa Air Group

-Able to perform CPR as well as basic first aid

-Able to perform safety related functions and duties

-FAA certified

-Effectively communicate with passengers in difficult situations

-Effectively able to respond to last minute schedule changes

-Responsible for being dependable and punctual

-Effectively able to respond to stressful situations brought upon by deadlines and dealing with last minute changes

-Responsible for operating all emergency equipment

-Successfully able to sit in a jump seat with seat belt and shoulder harness fastened

-Successfully able to lift objects up to 75 pounds in weight without accomodation

-Successfully able to operate all Aircraft exits and emergency exits

-Excellent customer service skills

-Excellent time management skills

Jan 2012Jan 2013

Vice President of Recruitment

Alpha Gamma Delta

-Responsible for organizing applications looking for potential new members

-Worked in a team environment with the rest of the recruitment team and organization members

-Used public speaking skills to effectively share with other about our organization

-Responsible for representing the organization

-Used organizational skills to effectively help pick new candidates for our organization

-Spent long hours utilizing meetings organizing and planning events to reach out to potential new members

-Directly communicated with potential new members


Marcella Lolos

Marcella Lolos was my first employer. She operates her family restaurant with her mother Toni. I have known Marcella for four years.


Aug 2009Aug 2013

Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies & Minor in Communication Studies

Longwood University