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Work experience

Jan 20112012

Representative for Students Against Destructive Decisions

Chaparral High School (Temecula)

I set up many events that warned other students about the dangers of drugs/ other destructive choices. I was required to attend a meeting every week and to attend conferences outside of school. The other representative and I were in charge of creating new ideas for meetings and guiding the club through different activities.


Aug 2011Jun 2012

Chaparral High School

I attended Chaparral High School for one year and then transferred to Valhalla.


I can work wonderfully with other people. I greatly enjoy the assistance of others to come to one conclusion. Teamwork helps the job get done efficiently and diversely.
Socially Adapted
I am a very talkative and outgoing person. People would describe my personality as bubbly and outgoing. I am very helpful and I greatly enjoy working with other people. I am always eager to assist others and start conversations.
Social Media
I am constantly working on social media and I know exactly how the work. Whether it's Instagram, twitter, or facebook. I am able to advertise or express different news about the world or business.
I am very computer savvy, especially with microsoft. I was once enrolled in a computer essentials class which taught the students how to use the microsoft programs such as Power Point, Word, and Excel.


Sylvia Ibrihim (619) 593-5300

Michelle Norby (619) 593-5300