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Tax Chambers is a professional tax law firm based in Canada, which provides a number of tax services and advises to Canadian and international clients on all areas of Canadian and US tax laws. Headquartered in Toronto’s financial district, some of the services offered by Tax Chambers include personal tax and wealth planning services, commodity tax services, tax litigation services, cross border and international taxation, corporate and business taxation, taxpayer representation and transfer pricing. The company strives to ensure customer satisfaction and guarantees provision of the best professional advice when it comes to matters relating to tax.

Having successfully handled numerous clients, both big and small, Tax Chambers has team of professional tax lawyers and advisors who are professional, reputable and experienced. Most of them have practiced Canadian and US tax law for several years, taught tax law in several leading institutions and published several materials include books, articles and journals on matters relating to Canadian and US tax laws.

TaxChambers LLP
155 University Avenue, Suite 1230
Toronto, ON M5H 3B7
Phone: 416-847-7300