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Tawfig Falani

Environmental Specialist at Sirte Oil Company - Libya

Work experience

Sirte Oil Company

June 2017Present

Head of Environmental Studies and Research

  • 1st June 2017 – present : I’m working as Head of Environmental Studies and Research at SOC, I’m managing 7 technicians to do many jobs for 12 fields and 4 plants.

In 2018 I start planning to do several researches on formation water, ground water, soil, and sea water.

Sebha University

Jan 2001Apr 2007

Environmental Lab Engineer

My duty was teaching students the basic of environmental lab & analysis techniques and give them awareness to use the instruments & equipment of the environmental lab .

Sirte Oil Company

Jan 2002Jan 2012

Environmental Egineer

My duty as new engineer was to assist my colleague to perform all requirements of environmental jobs such like  but not limited all analysis of air, water & soil samples, Make radiation measurements & noise survey, write weekly ,monthly & annual reports.

Sirte Oil Company

Feb 2012May 2017

Environmental Specialist

 My duty was to teach new employees in my division to do all environmental requirements & give them my experience.

Also I developed my performance by doing some practice & papers.


Sebha University

Sep 1990Feb 1995

B.Sc. of Environmental Sciences

Subjects have taken in the university for getting my certificate :

  1. General Chemistry
  2. Organic Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Botany
  5. Zoology
  6. Mathematics
  7. English
  8. Biochemistry
  9. Analytic Chemistry
  10. General Microbiology
  11. Hydrology
  12. General Ecology
  13. Statistics
  14. Urban Planning
  15. Water Quality Control
  16. Microbiology
  17. Eco-physiology
  18. Soil Chemistry
  19. Soil Physics
  20. Data Analysis
  21. Ecological Systems
  22. Health Engineering
  23. Environment Engineering
  24. Eco-toxicology
  25. Pesticides
  26. Fresh Water Ecology
  27. Climatological Studies
  28. Environment Pollution
  29. Marine Ecology
  30. Programming
  31. Project " The effect of desert plant on the ecosystem "


Training courses & certificates:

* Gas chromatography for laboratory chemists (Training in UK for 6 months finish in Feb. 2007).

* Pollution & environmental protection in oil industry (Training in India for 2 months finish in Feb. 2008).

* HSE Impact Assessment (Training in United Arab Emirates for 5 days finish in May 2013).

* Training on atomic absorption spectrophotometer (Training in Germany for 2 days finish in Jun. 2006).

* Oil spill response (Training in Libya for 4 weeks finish in Jul. 2004 / Jun. 2009).

* Environmental auditing (Training in Libya for 2 weeks finish in Jan. 2005).

* Environmental management system (Training in Libya for 2 weeks finish in May 2009).

* IOSH work safely (Online learning in Libya for 1 week finish in Jun. 2010).

* Task risk assessment level 2 (Online learning in Libya for 1 week finish in Jan. 2010).

* Gas chromatography for laboratory chemists (Training in Libya for 2 weeks finish in Mar. 2009).

* Occupational health & safety assessment series 18001:1999 (Training in Libya for 4 days finish in Mar. 2005).

* Skills of laboratory (Training in Libya for 4 days finish in Jun. 2002).

* High English language course (Training in Libya for 2 months finish in Jun. 2006).

* Windows & XP (Training in Libya for 2 weeks finish in Feb. 2006).

* Defensive driving certificate (Training in Libya for 3 days finish in Jun. 2002).

Tasks were done in SOC

‎- Monitored industrial hygiene aspects of the construction activities such as: Air sampling in welding spaces, gas monitoring in confined spaces, review and approval for chemical handling and confined space entry.

- Supervised waste management such as: Oil pollution treatment, NORM disposal, tank cleaning,‎ marine cleaning & disposal of wastes.

‎- Cooperated with safety department in occupational health, safety & ‎environment issues & managed of environment tasks during turnaround of ‎plants. ‎

‎- As a member of team I carried out internal environmental auditing & set up scope of work for ‎environmental impact assessment studies for new projects as well revised ‎& evaluated such these studies. ‎

‎- Gave awareness of environmental risk assessments to other ‎employees.‎

- Inspected for proper waste management and good environmental behavior.

- Investigated of environmental incidence & related complaints and allegations from the project host communities.

- Developed and implemented of ISO 1400 EMS requirements.


I have good capability in computer to work with word, exile, power point & other common software.


Supply electricity to the houses & set up the wires net & all accessories from A to Z




    * ‎ Land farm remediation for oil contaminated soil in SOC (2008).

    * Measuring the additive of Sodium Hypo Chlorite to drinking water in SOC (2015).

    * Noise survey for all locations of SOC (2015 – 2017).

    * Noise Risk Assessment in all plants & workshops of SOC (2017).


    * Team member in Tank cleaning in SOC (September 2008).

    * ISO14001 team member in SOC (January 2013).

    * MSDS team member in SOC (March 2013).

    * Team member in Pollution of soil & ground water & management of formation water in all oil & gas fields of NOC (September 2017).



Level of hydrocarbon contaminants and it’s spread in the area of refinery operations of Sirte Oil Company (June 2014).