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As a member of the community in Southern Nevada I believe it is important to give back to the community and establish relationships with other business owners around town. Being successful requires a group of like minded professionals with similar interests in mind.

  • Nevada Republicans Men’s Club
  • Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce
  • Big Brother & Big Sisters of Southern Nevada
  • Heritage Foundation Member


I am a top performing sales representative  who was number one in my company out of 400 salespeople for two and a half years.  My first year in the business I was the highest grossing agent in the history of the company.  Currently I am looking for an opportunity to help develop a business and increase it's sales in an industry that is doing well.

     In my years as a sales professional I have increased companies sales numbers by instituting training programs and working hard towards the companies goals. I have the ability to add value to any type of company sales organization as well as the ability to implement new programs. I have been a salesman for my entire adult life and have the ability to cold call, door knock, business to business sales, and in home presentations.  My skills are continuously improved because of my constant striving to learn more and better my abilities as a salesman.

Work experience


Manager Special Services

  Bluegreen recruited me as a top performer from my previous employer.  As an in-house special services representative I sell vacation ownership packages to the existing owner base.  My duties are to meet with clients on a daily basis and present to them the benefits of buying more points for their vacation activities.  I am also in charge of training new hires and performing financing presentations from time to time. 

They are a nationwide company publicly traded on the NYSE that own real-estate as well.  Our jobs require experienced sales skills  as well as the ability to maintain a positive attitude day to day.  We do one on one presentations for one to six hours that include property tours as well as presenting financing options.

I was promoted to management within two months from my start date.  As a manager we supervise a team of 15 professionals in various aspects.  We are required to work as a team and provide a high level of customer service to our clients' continuously.


Sales Consultant

International Affiliation Network

As my wife is the owner of a concierge service my list of responsibilities is endless.  I created this company from scratch and have developed a system that allows the company to operate even when I am not there.  We have developed a company that prescreens professionals in every category of home improvement and ensures they are in the top of their field.  I deal personally with the owners of thirty different companies all over the Las Vegas Valley.  My duties include:

  • Cold Calling business owners in every field of home improvement
  • Developing, building, and running a website online
  • Creating forms and brochures of all types for sales and marketing literature
  • Sales of memberships to homeowners and real-estate investors
  • Organizing of affiliate company's and promotions of their services
  • Advertising and Marketing of our services
  • Developing and building a sales organization
  • Establishing relationships with city organizations and various charities

My business allows me the freedom to pursue other avenues of business to increase my household income and help develop other businesses.  Currently I have people to run my business and I continue to play an active roll in all aspects while maintaining a separate career.


Manager Special Services

Monarch Grand Vacations

  I began my Monarch career as an in-house special programs representative.  As  a representative my duties were to give sales presentations to couples and groups in a high paced environment.  We were required to maintain minimum sales quotas and sell vacation ownership points to existing owners.  I was promoted to management within 18 months to a fast paced system of selling multiple deals at one time.  We sold products ranging from 4k-100k in a two hour sales presentations to owners of all different backgrounds. 

As a representative I was the number one agent out of the entire corporation of 400 sales professionals for two and a half years until I left to pursue other options.  I also  set numerous sales records and was a training representative for the entire time I was employed with them.

  • Highest grossing agent in the history of Monarch Grand Vacations
  • Was number one agent two out of the two years I was an agent
  • I had the second highest volume per guest for two years in a row
  • I had the second largest group of owners in my database
  • Two time Platinum award winner
  • I did group presentations of up to ten couples at one time
  • Created new sales programs with the General Managers

My career as a vacation counselor allowed me to meet people from every different walk of life.  Our sales were to owners on a daily basis and required us to move in a very fast pace.  As a manager I had various other duties such as trainings and meetings on finance.



Visual Effects Land Design

After college I started my own Landscape installation company in Arizona.  After beginning with several partners I started my own company and worked in Sedona and Flagstaff Arizona.  As the owner of my own company I was responsible for all of the aspects of running a business.  My first six months I generated $60k in sales by going door to door and generating my own business.  We had a crew of six people and I did everything from the marketing and networking of our services to the installation of landscaping products.  My duties as an owner included:

  • Learning of new landscaping products and services
  • Marketing and Sales of landscaping contracts
  • Billing and Accounting of the business
  • Establishing relationships with other business owners at meetings and events
  • Member of the Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas and Flagstaff Arizona
  • Hiring and training of employees and project managers
  • Installation of sprinkler systems, walls, patios, stairs, planting, and various other products
  • Retaining clients for maintenance contracts
  • Establishing contracts with other business' in town along with credit accounts

I began landscaping when I was in school as I majored in professional golf management at NMSU University.  As a professional I developed many relationships with other business owners in the community and was profitable from day one of starting my business.  I always build my companies with very little start up cost and give them the ability to make money quickly.  I decided to transfer my license to a new type of business which I currently operate and run in Henderson Nevada.


Independant Sales Representative


As an independent sales rep I was in charge of cultivating relationships with business owners by cold contacting them about their credit card processing services.  I would visit the owners business and analyze the amount they were paying in credit card processing fees.  We then would sign up business owners with a four year equipment agreement and change their card processing services to our company.  I was an independent contractor in charge of motivating myself and generating my own business.  My duties included the following:

  • Cold calling on business owners in any type of business
  • Writing four year agreements with clients for their card processing services
  • Training business owners on the use of credit card machine products
  • Developing relationships in the business community
  • Sales in multiple cities and states
  • Training of new sales representatives
  • Running leads given by the company to pre-arranged meetings

Being in a cold calling type of business environment allowed me to improve my sales skills and learn how to be a self motivator.  This position allowed me to market my own services and establishes relationships with the owners of many different types of businesses. 


Assistant Branch Manager

Wells Fargo

  In high school I began my career as a part time teller at a branch of Wells Fargo bank.  In my pursuit to major in financing I learned all about banking operations and procedures.  As a teller I was responsible for various banking activities and training procedures.  My job for the bank came with the following responsibilities:

  • Sales of bank related services and financing products
  • Handling of money and accounting procedures for the bank
  • In charge of customer service relationships with banking clients
  • Training of new agents on the computer
  • Learning of new banking system computers
  • Safety and training procedures of the banking system
  • I won customer service of the month 3 out of 7 months

As a agent I was asked to be an assistant manager of the bank within seven months of being employed.  I was offered several positions at various banks, but decided to pursue a college education.  Customer service and client relationships were a strong part of this business.


Alex Jiminez

Mr. Jiminez was my General Manager when I worked at Monarch Grand Vacations in Las Vegas.

Corey Massey

Mr. Masey has been my personal and business accountant for the past three years.

Courtney Frank

My company is involved in several charities including the Big Brothers.  My wife and I are the mentor to a six year old boy in Las Vegas.

Bill Simpson

Mr. Simpson was my football coach growing up and is currently a good friend of mine as well as a mentor.


High Schhol Diploma

Douglas High School

In High School I participated in various different activities such as simulating real life corporations and playing on Varsity Athletics.  When I was a junior I was the Vice President of the school company and was in charge of overseeing my own class of workers.  I also had the following accomplishments in High School:

  • Captain of Varsity Football team
  • Varsity Golf team    State Tournament
  • Who's Who among American High School Students
  • Who's Who among American High School Athletes
  • F.B.L.A.  Future Business Leaders of America
  • National Junior Honor Society all four years
  • AP classes History/English
  • 3.83 GPA Cumulative all four years
  • Honor roll all four years
  • Century 21 Scholarship winner
  • 1997 National Weightlifting Champion State of Nevada
  • All Division Guard 95 and 96
  • Honorable Mention all Conference Guard 96
  • 2nd Team all Division Defensive Tackle 96
  • Honorable Mention all State Guard

Professional Golf Management

  • Division I football player
  • Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

General Studies

  • Member of the University Football Team


Small Business Consulting
  As a successful sales professional I have often times consulted with smaller business to help them to develop a strategic business plan and implement strategies to increase sales.  I have helped to develop several different types of businesses in the Las Vegas area.  The types of business' I have consulted with are:   Chiropractic Clinic with a Hypnotherapist Anthem Salon & Spa Henderson, NV Property Tax Consulting Internet Start Up Company Gift Basket Service General Contractor
Designing & Producing Marketing Materials
I have had to make every different type of form that a business requires to be successful.  These forms include everything from business cards to independent contractor agreements and long term marketing agreements.  I designed and printed these types of forms:   Terms & Conditions contracts Business Cards Internet Videos Sales Brochures Employee contracts and handbooks Business Plans Business Proposals Purchase order contracts Car stickers and yard signs      
Web Site Development
As a business owner I have learned many different skills including the ability to design web sites.  I have started two different websites that are currently active and operating at a profit.  These websites are for different purposes, and are hosted by Microsoft.  My websites are:  
Group Presentations
  As a sales professional I have given presentations in front of groups of as many as 25.  I was in charge of running the room as well as giving sales presentations for up to four hours at a time.  It gave me the ability to conduct multiple deals at multiple times and coordinate the logistics of getting the paperwork processed.
Various Computer Programs
As a business owner and college student I have learned to use various computer programs in various different capacities.  The programs I am proficient at are:   Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher Art Publisher Pro Quicken/QuickBooks Peachtree Accounting ACT Sales force Microsoft Office Live Web-site development software  Typing (58 WPM) Constant Contact Merchant Circle Smart Draw Landscaper Plus Pro Corel Draw Business Plan Pro Adobe Photoshop




Timeshare Sales Representative License

Nevada Real Estate Division