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Recognized worldwide for his culinary explorations, Chef Joe Ciminera brings years of experience and an unparalleled passion for cooking to his latest TV show, “Taste This T.V.!” Based on the premise that, “There are no rules in cooking,” “Taste This T.V.!” is about finding new flavors, experimenting with old favorites, and spending time with fun guests in exciting locales. Dedicated to sharing the secrets of local cuisine, “Taste This T.V.!” is filmed in a new location for every episode and features interesting insights from organic farmers, grocery store owners, local chefs, and ordinary men and women who just love good food. Beyond hosting “Taste This T.V.!,” Chef Joe Ciminera has shared his passion for food with his fans as the host of the popular television shows "Joseph Plays with Food" and "Eat at Joe's." In addition to his work as a TV personality, Chef Joe Ciminera is also the accomplished author of two books on cooking. Joe Ciminera’s first book, “In the Weeds: A Chef’s Tales,” details accounts from over 50 top chefs on their worst experiences in the kitchen and has been hailed as a must-read for young chefs. Chef Joe Ciminera’s second book, “Joseph Ciminera’s New American Cooking,” is a unique cookbook based on Chef Ciminera’s personal cooking philosophy. To date, “Joseph Ciminera’s New American Cooking” has sold over 1 million copies. Prior to becoming a TV host, Chef Joe Ciminera cut his teeth in fine cuisine under the watchful eyes of some of the most highly regarded chefs in Italy. Beginning his career at the famed Hotel Venesia in Milan, Italy, Chef Ciminera has gone on to cook at such renowned restaurants as Le Cirque, Les Celebrites, Le Petite Bijou, and Carmines.

Professional Organizations

Joseph Ciminera Fund, Lamborghini Club, Chef Joseph Ciminera Taste This TV, Children with Disabilities Fundraiser, Childhood Obesity, Kids and a Chef Foundation, Diabetes Research Institute, St. Judes Foundation


To organize recipes and cook those recipes on TV. To seek talent and produce other cooking shows.