The name and birth

My name is Tasneem Hamed  was born in 2000

Live with my parents and my brothers and I am the second, 

My Birthday 10 March

 My study abroad

تاريخ العمل

In the United Kingdom in the city of Manchester City

2015 - 2015

 She studied at the  Community Revival English Language College and the British School for Girls also at the Saudi Embassy and these school one day a week ,

A good experience and I benefited a lot from him and we wish replay but for a longer time



96 % Ratios

2012 - 2015
School Koran third

 She studied at the Koranic , got a certificate from  another school

One calendar

2007 - 2012

It was a great school and do not forget

2004 - 2007
Kindergarte  AL,NSH AL,SALH  

Kindergarten was beautiful and Alablatt know well also completed in keeping the two parts of the Book of Allah because they were kindergarten and Koranic

 My favorite

I like watching sitcoms and drink juices , also holiday time with my family

 I like ambitious and fun people and I love to laugh and entertaining and I did not at any timeily




2015 - 2015
Community Revival English Language College  

I loved her because of the professor was a good experience and were happy

2011 - 2011
 masabih almjd schools

It was a good experience new Wuxi you work it is interesting