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I have had experience within the Media industry, and so would like to continue to work in Media, I bring enthusiasm to each role I hold and encourage those I work with to work autonomously, along side that I also strive to achieve a great level of success with everything I work on, to do this I feel I must be able to keep well to a schedule, work well in a team and optimistic about my work. I feel I have done well in each role  I have taken and would thoroughly enjoy working as a Sound Editor or Cinematographer although I am also well trained in other areas, such as being a camerawoman, researching and marketing.

Work experience

Oct 2013Apr 2014

Sound Editor

Sound Editor for "The Fault in Our Stars"  - a movie adaptation of the book written by John Green. I was in charge of the timing and volumes of the tracks played in the film, this included having to lower the volume during dialogue, as well as making the tracks play at the set times. I also had to synchronize the sound to the picture and wild and dialogue tracks, library material and foley sounds to ensure that the sound effects were realistic but loud enough to be heard. As well as this I had to pay attention to detail and be very computer literate. 

Oct 2011Jul 2013

Sound Editor

20th Century Fox Television

Sound Editor for "American Horror Story" - a popular show produced by 20th Century Fox Television. I created the soundtrack for the show, which involved cutting and synchronizing the sound to the picture, used wild and dialogue tracks, library material and foley sounds. I had to pay attention to detail as well as be computer literate, although I found it difficult I did manage to overcome any arising issues quickly.

Jun 2006Apr 2011


Showtime Networks

Cinematographer for "Dexter" - a crime based drama produced by Showtime Networks. I had to manage the crew and equipment being used for shooting, decide how to bring the script to life by devising a shot list with the director and also design the lighting in a way that worked with each scene. My role as a cinematographer also involved organizing and spending the budget appropriately, by choosing high quality crew and equipment, check safety measures, check parameters and reset for next take and take care of any ongoing production issues.


Sep 2014Jun 2015

Media 90 Credit Diploma Level 3

I studied at Solihull College for a 90 Credit Diploma in Media. I learnt how to edit the sound and picture footage, record footage with the proper equipment, and how to use Final Cut Pro and Sound Cut Pro. Throughout the year I was also taught how to successfully organize Post Production and Pre Production. 

Sep 2009Jun 2014


Lyndon School

I achieved 9 GCSE's whilst at school.

English Language - B

English Language (IGCSE) - C

English Literature - C

Maths - C

Double Science - C and D

Drama - C

Spanish - C

ICT - Lvl 2 Merit