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Work experience

May 2005Present

HM1 (SW)

United States Navy

United States Navy, May 15, 2006 – Present

¨Branch Health Clinic Fort Worth November 2006 – December 2008

-Assisted in the clinic operations for a 6 physician ambulatory care clinic.

- Records custodian oversaw the verification and filing database maintenance of over 4500 active and reserve medical records.

- Oversaw the provision of 7,961 active duty, reserve, and all other eligible beneficiaries

- Triaged over 1,200 patients.

- Processed over 5,000 patient reports assisting in analyzing and accounting the daily patient load.

¨USS Doyle FFG 39 December 2008 – July 2011

-Maintained the highest level of preventive health care for the ship’s crew over two deployments by performing over 900 HIV venipuncture’s, 1500 immunizations and 900 Physical Health Assessment’s.

-CPR instructor trained over 100 shipboard personnel in CPR.

- Provided over 2000 immunizations to Columbian orphans and less fortunate locals

- Provided over 3500 immunizations and Physicals to Chilean and Peruvian orphans and lessfortunate locals.

¨Navy Operational Support Center ShreveportAugust 2011- Present

-Senior Medical Department Representative

- Oversee the verification and filing database maintenance of 270 reserve medical records.

- Provide all the necessary paperwork and medical physicals so that all 270 reservists are deployment ready.

May 2005Present

Hospital Corpsman

United States Navy

Hospital Corpsmen (HM) perform duties as assistants in the prevention and treatment of disease

and injury, including first aid and preventive medicine procedures; assist with physical

examinations; provide patient care and the administration of medicinals and parenteral solutions;

perform general laboratory, pharmacy, and other patient support services; perform duties as

assistants in the prevention and treatment of dental diseases and disabilities; assist in the

administrative supply and accounting procedures within medical departments ashore, afloat, and

with the Marine Corps; instruct medical and non-medical personnel in first aid, self aid, personal

hygiene, medical records maintenance, and assist in the transportation of the sick and injured;

assist in the maintenance of environmental and occupational health standards; assist in the

prevention and treatment of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Explosive (CBRNE)

casualties and other contingencies. Senior hospital corpsmen perform supervisory, technical,

planning and management functions in support of medical readiness and quality health care

delivery. In addition to their general assignments, hospital corpsmen trained as technicians

perform specialized functions within the operational forces, clinical specialties, administrative

departments and may be assigned independent of a medical officer.


Dec 2013May 2015

Masters of Business Administration

Colorado Technical University

Concentration in Healthcare

Jan 2007Jun 2011

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Colorado Technical University

Concentration in Healthcare


Financial Budgetting
Healthcare Managment 
First Aid
Microsoft Office


Dec 2007Present

Hearing Conservation Technician

United States Air Force
Oct 2010Oct 2014

Heart Saver CPR Instructor

United States Navy

Security Clearance 

Secret -Updated November 2014