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Cover Letter

Friday, April 8th 2011

Miss. Casidy Guzar

Superintentent of Schools

Chair, Searh Committee

Faculty of Education, Nipissing University

100 College Drive, P.O Box 5002

North Bay, Ontario

Dear Miss. Guzar or Dear Selection Committee

As a student currently enrolled in the primary-junior program in the Faculty of Education at Nipissing University, I anticipate the day when I can apply all that I have learned within a classroom environment. With each opportunity that I have been given to practice my teaching skills, I become more excited about my first teaching position. It is for this reason that I write to you, with the hopes of attaining a teaching position with the Grand Erie District School Board.

For many years my work experience has been completed while keeping a career in teaching in mind. Each experience has exposed me to innovative and challenging teaching situations, and at the same time, further introduced me to wonderful opportunities such as special education. My summer with Camp Kennebec offered me a great deal of experience within the field of special education, and opened my eyes to the challenges, needs, and motivation that is behind each one of those amazing children. With this experience, I saw the need to continue my professional training in the area of special education. Camp Kennebec also exposed me to a variety of teaching situations, which I believe would be an asset to your Board

The Grand Erie District School Board is of particular interest to me because as a student within the board your teachers encouraged, nurtured, and pushed me to become the best individual that I could become. Not only that, but now I can look back and state that they have much to offer as role models for teaching. My teaching placements within the Grand Erie District School Board have led me to admire this effective team of committed teachers.

In addition to my competence in the core subject areas, I offer a strong background in the Arts, particularly fine art, and drama. I look forward to participating in all aspects of school life.

Thank you for considering my resume. I hope it has convinced you that I am a suitable candidate for one of your teaching positions. Please feel free to contact my references, and I would be pleased to respond to any further questions that you may have. I can be reached by phone at: (705) 845-5183


Tasha Stewart


Tasha Stewart

60 Donegal Drive

Brantford, Ontario N3T 1A4

Cellular: (705) 845-5183

Email: [email protected]

Ontario College of Teachers registration number is 620919


August 2011                                  EDUCATION IN SPECIAL EDUCATION

                                                         Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario

May 2011                                               BACHELOR OF EDUCATION

                                                        Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario

                                                         Primary/Junior Division

                                                         International Teaching option course

                                                         iTeach Laptop Learning Program

June 2010                                                  BACHELOR OF ARTS

                                                       Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario

                                                        English Major, Orientation to Teaching

Career Related Experience

Winter 2011                                           GRADE FIVE PRE-SERVICE TEACHER

                                                       North Ward Public School, Paris Ontario

                                                       Planned and presented differentiated lessons for grade five students

                                                       Assisted in the production of the school play

                                                       Created innovative lessons using SMARTboard technology

                                                       Created lessons that follow the Tribes Learning Community standards

Fall 2010                                                   GRADE TWO PRE-SERVICE TEACHER

                                                       Ryerson Heights Elementary School, Brantford Ontario

                                                       Planned and presented differentiated Math lessons for a grade two classroom

                                                       Created innovative lessons using Smartboard technology

                                                       Attended and participated in weekly division meetings

                                                      Attended and participated in Professional Development days that focused on                                                              improving schools in the middle

Summer 2010                                                         CAMP COUNSELLOR 

                                                       Camp Kennebec, Arden Ontario

                                                      Planned, presented and analyzed life skill lessons for children with special                                                                  needs

                                                      Assessed students’ progress on a daily basis using a rating scale 

                                                      Communicated with parents on a weekly basis: informed them of students’                                                                  difficulties and successes

Other Employment Experience

2006 – 2010                                              SECRETARIAL CLERK

                                                     Atlas Forklift Canada Inc., London Ontario

                                                   Created spreadsheets using various computer programs (i.e. Simply Accounting,                                                       Word, Excel)

                                                  Organized a filing system 

                                                  Cooperated with other staff members to ensure efficient business productivity

Volunteer Experience

2008 – 2010                                                          BIG SISTER

                                           Big Brothers, Big Sisters, North Bay, Ontario

                                           Mentored a young female child, and met with the child two times a week

                                           Communicated with child’s guardian on a regular basis to acquire up-to-date                                                             information regarding new challenges, or needs that needed to be confronted, or met

                                           Conscientious toward child’s sensitivity when organizing activities

2007 – 2009                                                    GRADE FOUR TUTOR

                                             Frontier College Students in Literacy Program, North Bay, Ontario

                                             Cooperated with the student’s teacher to ensure the success of the student

                                             Organized and prepared literacy-based lessons on a weekly basis

                                            Created innovative activities to meet the needs associated with the disability of the                                                    student

Winter 2006                                                     COMMUNITY BUILDER

                                             Habitat for Humanity, El Salvador

                                             Collaborated with the Habitat for Humanity chapter in El Salvador to build a home for                                               a family 

                                             Adapted the family’s pre-existing home to meet the physical needs of the family

2004 – 2006                                                  RECREATIONAL COACH

                                               Brantford Figure Skating Club, Brantford Ontario

                                               Guided a small group of individuals in the process of learning how to skate

                                              Cooperated with a series of other coaches to establish ideal instructional techniques

                                              Patient towards meeting the needs of individuals at all skating levels


First Aid and CPR, 2010

Tribes Training, Charles Sturt University, 2011

Inquiry Based Science, Nipissing University, 2011

Professional Development

Smartboard Training Session, Nipissing University, 2010

Running Records Workshop, Nipissing University, 2010

iTeach Laptop

Extracurricular Activities

Reading, camping, canoeing, figure skating, running


Miss Casidy Guzar, Associate Teacher

Ryerson Heights Public School

33 Downden Avenue

 Brantford Ontario N3T 0A3

Phone: (519) 752-8814

Miss Leslie Southern

Associate Teacher at North Ward Public School

107 Silver Street

Paris, Ontario, N3L 1V2

Phone: (519) 442-2311

Mrs. Sandra Reid

Faculty Advisor

Phone: (519) 429-0244 

Email: [email protected]

I, Tasha Stewart, grant permission for my references to be contacted.