Tasha Adams


Tasha J. Adams

316 Washington Street

Findlay, Ohio 45840


[email protected]

Customer Services

Skills and Qualifications:

·Five years experience working in a fast paced environment.

·Works well with others and a great people person.

·Can work under any stressful situations.

·Experience with handling money.

·Can stand or sit for long periods of time.

·Is adaptable to change.

Work Experience:

·2004-2006, Worked as a cashier and a stocker at 7-Eleven in Findlay, Ohio 45840

·2001-2004, Worked as a cashier and on an assembly line at Subway in Fostoria, Ohio 44830

·1998-2000,Worked as a cashier and on an assembly line at Taco Bell in Fostoria, Ohio 44830


·3 years Fostoria High School. Received G.E.D. in December of 2006.

Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2007 - Jun 2008

inspector, packing

ohio logistics

I worked as a team leader. I unpacked and inspected wire harness for whirlpool. Then packed them and shipped out. I also drove a forklift. I was layed off permantly. The plant closed.

Nov 2004 - Jun 2005

cashier, stocker


I worked as a cashier and stocked shelves and coolers for the store. I quit for personal reasons and will explain if asked.


Nov 2006 - Dec 2006


columbus state