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Tasha Tocewicz

Student in Social Service Work


I am completing my diploma to become a social service worker at Centennial College.  As a single mother or two, having an autistic son and experiencing first hand the challenges of being on financial assistance, I understand and sympathize with the difficulties many people and families have to live through.  This personal involvment in the social service world has been the spark that ignited the passion in my heart to help individuals in need.  That is my goal, to fulfill a working position that makes a difference in the world of people and families in need of help. 

Work experience

Jul 2001Jan 2005

Sales Representative

First Capital

Handling of inbound and outbound phone calls

Selling of pre-approved credit cards

Handling customer service and concerns 

Oct 2000Jun 2001

Sales Representative

Datacom Marketing

Making of business to business calls

Selling of directory listings for the company

Jul 1999Sep 2000

Customer Service Representative


Handeling customer service issues

Booking parties and celebrations 

Serving and preparing food at concession stands


Sep 2015Present

Social Service Worker

Centennial College

hands on and administrative social service work

Sep 1996Jun 1999

High School

North Hastings High School

High school education



Sympathize, relate to and share feelings with others

Considerate of others and their needs


Take pride in being on time and organized in my day to day

Take charge of activities and keeping others on track

Team Player

Always listen to other peoples opinions and suggestions 

A team effort is often more efficient then a solitary one

Volunteer Work

Summer of 1995                                                  Candy Striper at the Bancroft Manor Old Age Home

                                                                                   - Keeping the elderly company

                                                                                   - Accompanying them to there meals, church and games

                                                                                   - Providing them snacks and drinks

Nov. 2008 - Aug. 2009                                         Second Base Youth Shelter

                                                                                   - Handeling of food preparation and serving 

                                                                                   - Giving support to youth 


Dec 2013Present

Introduction to Autism: Online Series for Educators

Geneva Centre for Autism

To provide a good understanding of autism and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders including Asperger’s Syndrome, Rett’s Disorder, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder and P.D.D/N.O.S. Learn how a diagnosis is made, theories about the causes of autism and the latest research.

Jun 2014Present

Principles of ABA Teaching and Intervention - Online

Geneva Centre for Autism

To learn the theory, techniques, and ethical considerations required to develop a behaviour support plan.