Janis Taranda

Janis Taranda

Senior Programmer

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2013 - Present

Senior programmer

SIA "Eptron"

Python+Django+JS (Jquery)+CSS3(Bootstrap)+HTML5+REST API+PHP (Laravel)+SocketIO+Twisted+Postgre+Whoosh and Elasticsearch

Fitindex.be (system architect, programmer, etc. - Python+Django+JS (Jquery)+CSS3(Bootstrap)+HTML5+REST API+SocketIO+Twisted+Postgre+Whoosh and Elasticsearch). Project in progress.

xmas.eptron.eu - (small & quick Xmas project)

At free time learning (hoby)

Haxe (StablexUI, OpenFL, Awe6, etc.), QT creator (multi platform coding), Godot game engine, Unity3d, Unreal4, Shader language.

Aug 2012 - Oct 2013




http://www.drosibasakademija.lv/jaunumi (from starch)

http://www.espariga.com/en/ (responsive design)

http://ff.lv/ (bugfixes)

some non public systems included ElasticSearch..

and many other small & big pages on PHP, I don't remember all...

Python+Django+Postgres+CSS3+HTML5+JQUERY+Boostarp+Responsive design (full package)

http://rosme.lv/lv/ (from starch)

Tvnet game - http://www.tvnet.lv/zinas/latvija/466741-prognoze_popularako_rakstu_un_sanem_celojumu_800_latu_vertiba_vai_ipad_mini (game over)

Poster PDF print software for Prisma (non public, not launched yet)

CSS3 transitions + HTML5 + JS + Jquery

Tevnet 3d cube banner (not launched yet)

Raphael js + CSS3 + HTML5 + Boostarp

Upcoming project... 

Sep 2005 - Apr 2011

Lattelecom Technology (early Microlink)

I worked for this company for 5-6 years as programmer for projects such as

All thouse projects above where based on PHP, HTML+CSS, JS, MYSQL or ORACLE technologies. 

For couple of years I worked on JAVA for projects such as:

  • Lattelecom's intranet
  • Bank of Latvia intranet
  • Swedbank-Lattelecom getway (asynchronous data messaging)
  • etc

But I prefer PHP WEB programming, that's why I didn't add JAVA to my Skills section. 

The work was always in 1-5 people team and on last 2 projects we used "Agile Scrum Methodologies" to better management and work quality.

See my portfolio (right side of page) for personal hoby projects.






Oracle (not used a while), Mysql, Postgres, Elastic search & Whoosh (beginner)    

Web styling & interaction

Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, Responsive, Bootstarp, JQuery, snapsvg, Google web developer

Language skills

Language skills 1 of 10     German - speak (3), listen (8), read(5), write (1) English  - speak (8), listen (9), read(10), write (8) Russian - speak (5), listen (8), read(3), write (0) Latvian  - native   

Social networks & api's

Facebook api, draugiem.lv api, google+, etc. 

Digital 3d art

My latest passion is to work with software called Blender 3d for creating digital art. Check out works in my portfolio.    

Web design

Have experience with software like Inkscape, Gimp, Blender 3d, Google WEB designer for creating WEB content. Check out my portfolio.  

Network platforms

http://nodejs.org/ http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/    

WEB programming

  PHP (Yii, Symfony, Laravel, etc), Python+Django, many more.... 

Cross platform development

Haxe, QT creator, etc.

Game development

Unity, Godot game engine, Unreal4, OpenFL