My mission is to advance entrepreneurship through effective media communication. The objective is to be a superior  content marketer; specializing in multimedia for crowdfunding: Videos, Podcast, Blogs, Websites, Social Media, & Events. 


Playing Guitar, Song Writing, Reading, Movies,Aikido, Learning and Exploring, Mathematics, Politics, Languages, Communication, Marketing, Psychology 


Marketer by practice, entrepreneur by birth.

My diligent communication and professionalism brings a positive return on investment. I have been fortunate over the years to succeed at project management, marketing communication, social media, and customer service, which have contributed to increased revenues. You will find me to be creative and self-motivated.My goal is to work with those whom are as passionate as me about building a better community.

In previous positions I worked towards end objectives with respect to the mission statement and fiscal

goals. My methods use my fullest understanding of language, culture and technology to succeed. I execute

campaigns with the appropriate plan and implementation measures, while monitoring analytics. My

communication is constantly holding a conversation with the audience, while sharing information and

experiences to gain a deeper understanding of metrics. My tactics are towards creating effective

communication by getting involved as an active participant in the experience, which requires: debate,

research, sharing, and listening; my role is to be the guide in this process, the content curator for the engaged communities. I execute strategic campaigns that generate inbound traffic, and support outgoing teams.

My background is not just academic, I have detailed real world understanding combined with a master's

degree in Strategic Communications. I bring an in-depth understanding of multicultural business, as I am

bilingual and bicultural, having lived and worked professionally in Mexico for over 5 years. These unique

experiences and gives me the versatility to be placed in a variety of contexts with the same level of


Una acción vale más que mil ideas; y acción para los demás le conseguirá a usted mismo todo lo que quiera.


Work experience

Work experience

Workshops, seminars and training

  • Stephan Schiffman    | Telesales and cold calling
  • JayConradLevinson |Guerrilla Marketing
  • David H. Sandler       |Sandler sales systems

  • Tom Hopkins            |P.D.R For Top Performers & Low Profile Selling 

  • Brian Tracy               |Success Mastery Academy & Identifying Needs and Presenting Solutions

  • Anthony Robbins       |Personal Power / Get the Edge

  • John H. Morgan         | Horsepower – How leadership works

  • Valentine DiCerto       |Time and Task Management for busy people

  • Fred Pryor                 |How to manage multiple projects, meet Deadlines, and achieve objectives

Participant/Attendee @ Networking events

  • Angel Capital Summit

  • ITT Tech PAC committee

  • Dexone Denver Local Leaders Forum

  • Fraud, Embezzlement, & Cyber Crime presentation

  • TEDx Mile High (volunteer)

Writing samples for publication

  • 03/06/2010 - Article submission by Tarik A. Ocon

Subject: Commentary - UU expelled students v. University of Utah http://goo.gl/xysol

  • 04/10/2010 - Article submission by Tarik Ocon

Subject: Trading Privacy for protectionhttp://goo.gl/bwXst

  • 05/27/2010 - Article submission by Tarik A. Ocon

Subject: Commentary on ethics in media reportinghttp://goo.gl/AE6bw

Apr 2011 - Present

Media Marketing Manager


Specializes in Integrated marketing management. Creates strategic campaign plans and sources media producers to present clients with services, such as: Video, Podcast, Blog, Website, Social Media, and Events. Manages team of web developers, video producers, graphic designers, and other marketing professionals. Engages over  20 + crowd-funding platforms to match up with client’s marketing campaign. Works with clients to form dialogue, a two way communication. Daily activities revolve around: research, marketing, sales, and product development. Hands On involvement at events and trade shows; helps to set up booths and work the floor. Internal role is to manage budget, bookkeeping and client billing. Additionally, maintains website content, creates advertising and nurtures clients. Also responsible, as project manager, for vetting stakeholders; amultifaceted role; including, but not limited to, document research, interviews and other verifications to identify pertinent background screening needs. Clients profited from media campaigns by increasing public awareness and sourcing potential investors, lenders and clients to grow revenues and relationships.

May 2012 - Jun 2013

VP of MSUS Entrepreneurs

Center for Innovation at MSUD

A one year elected postion to be the liaison to other student organizations officers.Leading recruitment projects and activities as well as working with President and Treasurer to receive funding a approval. During the absence of the President preside over meeting. Represents Metro State Student Entrepreneurs in outreach programs. Establishes relationships with organizations and non-profits. Researches opportunities for Metro State Student Entrepreneurs in philanthropic missions.

2011 - 2011


RMTV network (Anne Marie Home)

Assist in the producing of the ¨mom advocate show¨. Booking guest, communicating with advertisers and general office work.

Jan 2007 - Jun 2010

Communications Specialist

Inter- Business Relations

Helps transnational workers communicate in a global marketplace. Manages successful corporate communication, while managing website content, new client acquisition, and hands on teaching.

Mar 2004 - Oct 2006

Marketing Coordinator

Durango Advertising

Implement daily promotions and advertising for fourteen restaurants, creating brochures and menu displays in mass and direct media marketing. Control budget of yearly promotions.Supervised client tracking (sales force) tools, supported training and evaluation of new marketers.

Project managed three successful promotional campaigns over a two year period.These resulted in an average of 1500 visits a month to the establishments, a 46% increase from the previous year, and created strong and lasting client relationships for the company.

Apr 2001 - Mar 2004

Director of Lead-generation

Woodland Prescott Financial

To help transnational workers communicate in a global marketplace. Drove a successful corporate communication program, while managing website, content, new client acquisition, and teaching.

Manage innovative sales and marketing campaigns. Generate leads with ongoing prospect relationship management. Daily prospecting activities resulted in a 16.7% contact to close ratio. Handle cash flow of marketing responsibilities to produce profit maximizing strategies.

Create and design original marketing idea that increased sales for that company branch office over 133%, in addition, the size of the branch grew by 86% over two years. Personally close on average 4.7 accounts per month tripling pre-campaign sales revenue.Pre-campaign closing ratio per sales agent increase from 1.7 to an average of 3.4 accounts a month.


Jul 2004 - Present

3rd Kyu


Ki-Aikido is “mind body unification,” a Japanese martial art, (sometimes referred to as Japanese yoga) develops relaxation, mindfulness, coordination, flexibility, and balance. Working with energy to practice the art of unbalancing the opponent. The mind/body coordination practice of Ki-Aikido develops physical and mental balance for handling the challenges of everyday life.

2009 - 2010

Master's of Arts (3.9 GPA)

National University

An integrated education of Integrated Marketing Communications, Media Advertising, Public relations planning, Campaign management

2003 - 2006

Bachelor of Arts (3.4 GPA)

Fort Lewis College




Project Management

Customer Service


ROI Analysis




Social Media


Spanish/English  (Professional working proficiency)


How leadership works : John H. Morgan,  Ph.D: Horsepower  Personal Success: Anthony Robbins: Personal Power / Get the Edge MMDI Leadership Styles and Qualities Report: Scored highest as Leadership Theorist, Ideological Leadership, Visionary Leadership 21 indispensable qualities of a leader: John C. Maxwell       

Professional Networking

Windows, Chrome, Adobe

  Proficiency in common tools including MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint).  

Taking action

Creative development

Solving problems

Finding talented people

Verbal persuation



Strategic Public Relations Management: Austin/Pinkleton: Planning a Managing Effective Communication Programs One minute Manager: Spencer Johnson/Kenneth Blanchard Time Management: Valentine DiCerto: Time and Task Management for busy people Project management: Fred Pryor:  How to manage multiple projects, meet Deadlines, and achieve objectives   


Guerrilla marketing: Jay Conrad Levinson   Story telling: Seth Godin: The power of telling authentic stories in a low-trust world Integrated Marketing communications: Anthony young & Lucy Aitken: Guide to marketing return on investment Public relations online: Tom Kelleher  


Real estate selling: Tom Hopkins: P.D.R For Top Performers & Low Profile Selling (Sell like a lion act like a lamb)      Service selling: Brian Tracy: Success Mastery Academy & Identifying Needs & Presenting Solutions Telesales·Stephan Schiffman: Telesales and cold calling: Full series of Books and CDs.  Relationship Selling: David H. Sandler: Sandler sales systems  


Oct 2006 - Oct 2006

Certification of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)

University of Cambridge at Bridge-Linguatec