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  Results oriented Leadership Business Process Management                                                              Recruiting / Training / Mentoring Budgeting & Cash Flow Optimization                                Resource Management                          Organizational Development  Project Management            Strategic / Operational Planning            Negotiating Security / Disaster Recovery                  Process Improvement  Client & Vendor Relations Problem Resolution   

Work experience

Sr. Engineering Designer

Sr. Engineering Designer

Project CAD Coordinator (PM)

IDC (CH2MHill)

Project coordinator working within teams across all engineering disciplines on Semi-conductor and FAB facilities design, which was responsible for project proposals, tracking and design development. Formed a cohesive team environment that produced multimillion dollar projects that where on time, under budget and with the highest level of quality. Interfaced with clients to coordinate project design and ensure client satisfaction.

Sr. OSP Project Manager - Network Administrator

Sr. Project Manager and Network Administrator for Engineering group of designers whose primary responsibility is the design, construction, and documentation of long-haul fiber optics routes and facility layout (OpAmp, Regen, Terminals).

  • Project Lead for facilities design: including fiber vaults, manholes and hand holes.
  • Engineering group network administrator
  • Established preliminary engineering and construction cost analysis.
  • Developed and implemented engineering standards for engineers and CAD personnel.

Engineering Manager - IT Manager

Harvard Technology

IT Manager - Engineering Manager for a department of telecom engineers and designer personnel, whose primary responsibility is configuration, specification writing and procurement of DSLAM/ASLAM, DS1/3, T1/T3, STS1, fiber interconnected bays, sonnet, multiplexers, FOT/FDF, Power (BDF, PDB, batteries), Litespan 2000 in Central Office (CO), Controlled Environment Vaults (CEV), Remote Terminals (RT) and Co-location facilities utilizing TP76400 standards.

  • Spearheaded engineering operations for $400 million telecom group; managed teams of 6 engineers and CAD personnel.
  • IT Manager for 100 node network running MS Windows 2000, Exchange 2000 and SQL Server, using AD, DNS, TCP/IP, DHCP, WINS and thin client applications.
  • Manage the development and integration of internal and externally purchased business application software and development.
  • Responsible for assessing and providing input in the process of system integration and due diligence activities to ensure that all proposed initiatives are in line with the stated business objectives.
  • Responsible for developing and initiating a personnel development strategy to ensure the department maintains contact with emerging technologies.
  • Developed custom technologies that were adopted across sister facilities in Texas and California.
  • Spearheaded successful projects that produced revenue of $700,000 - $1,200,000 per month.

Systems Administrator

Wilshire Homes, LP

Systems Administrator for custom home building operation spanning divisions in Austin, San Antonio and Houston, Texas. Provide leadership for application development on propriety “Point-of-Sale” pricing software. I have one assistant Systems Administrator to provide additional support.

  • Rebuilt underperforming IT organization; developed/implemented 5-year plan, aligning IT with corporate goals.
  • Centralized technology and upgraded infrastructure, systems and applications while restructuring/developing team.
  • Provided detailed project status reporting as directed by senior management.
  • Provided development, maintenance and updates to corporate webpage.
  • Identified the information architecture and data structures needed to support business requirements.

Chief Information Officer

Wilshire Homes, LP

Chief Information Officer of Wilshire Homes, with responsibility for IT services across all enterprise divisions with emphasis on Information systems and media. Comprised of a staff of 3 full time employees and 3 contract employees, providing leadership to include systems design, software programming and design, project management, training, implementation of CRM, ERP applications, web design, data integrity, and migration of legacy systems to newer technologies. Reporting directly to Chief Operations Officer, the CIO position gives clout and ensuring IT’s independence. I participate in long-range, organizational strategic objectives while providing management necessary to achieve profits, growth, and goals of the entire organization.

  • Full strategic and operational responsibility for IT organization with 6 support personnel across three divisions.
  • 7 years experience in an IT senior management level position.
  • 12+ years managing extensive enterprise-wide network and telecommunications operations while maintaining solid support team.
  • Extensive project management experience in application development.
  • Architect and developer of BPM using focused and innovative workflow resulting in surpassing corporate strategic goals.
  • Led integration of ERP, CRM, POS, and webpage data.
  • Centralized collaboration between divisional offices, departments, and teams enterprise-wide utilizing MS SharePoint, resulting accessing more accurate data in a timely manner by all personnel.
  • Extensive development of SaaS application ( for Sales and Marketing, resulting in 25% increase in sales targeting B2C workflow and reporting.
  • Built BI analysis for reporting across all divisions resulting in accurate risk analysis, market behavior, and overall corporate performance.
  • Collaborate cross-functionally, providing senior leadership enterprise wide; manage operating/capital budgets.
  • Led flawless transition of legacy ERP modernization and reengineered back-office operations.
  • Assessed and provided input in the process of system integration and ran due diligence activities to ensure that all proposed initiatives are in line with the stated business objectives.
  • Led POS (point of sale) software conversion rewrite (.net) utilizing on-shore and off-shore resources.


Southwest Texas State

University of Texas


Chris Papes

“In my capacity as a Business Unit Leader at Wilshire Homes, I had many opportunities to work with Win Hansen on a wide variety of projects. Win built and managed a knowledgeable and professional IT and technical support team. Win's knowledge, fundamental understanding of our industry and business model allowed him to deliver customized and user friendly technical solutions to meet the often challenging demands of our industry.” February 12, 2009

Regina Scott

“Win is an invaluable asset as a senior member of the leadership team. Win has the ability to see well into the future and lead our company toward long term success by aligning company goals with cutting edge system design, development, management and integration. Win is a straight-shooter who possesses a vast knowledge of his field along with a keen global economic awareness. When combined with his creative spirit, it is easy to see why I consider Win to be a trusted colleague and one of the first I go to when seeking a fresh perspective. He is someone I enjoy bouncing ideas around with and someone whose input I value. As a team player, Win is generous with his knowledge by providing hands-on training and support to every end user within the organization. Win has and continues to be instrumental to our success; both today and tomorrow.” March 8, 2009

Professional Associations


Senior Executive Experience

I am a goal-oriented Senior IT Executive with demonstrated experience and leadership in developing and implementing cutting edge information technology solutions to address business development opportunities. I am a executive who combines in-depth IT and operations experience to build world-class, multi-divisional organization; transforms technology into strategic business partner while optimizing enterprise processes to drive revenue and profit gains. I am a Change Agent who builds mission-critical business solutions in dynamic, complex and challenging environments. I am a Strong Leader adept at combining strategic vision with tactical execution to establish new corporate milestones. I am a Catalyst skilled at driving transformation enterprise wide. Thrive in fast-paced, high-pressure multicultural environments. Cultivate solid business relationships; build high-performance loyal teams focused on commitment to mission/excellence.

With 15+ years of progressively responsible experience, I offer a distinguished career earmarked by accomplishments in leading and directing information technology operations across broad disciplines including software development, sales and production support, project management, database technologies, customer satisfaction, vendor relationships, strategic planning, staff development, promoting change and improvement, and technology implementation. My career spans various disciplines in the petrochemical, high tech, telecommunications, and construction industries. I have strong, adaptive leadership and solid organizational and communication skills, while utilizing excellent problem-solving capabilities from extensive experiences in all phases of business development.

Key Accomplishments

  • Restructured IT infrastructure, systems and applications; aligned technology with strategic corporate objectives. 
  • Cut operations expense 25% and rework costs 30% as key leader in building quality function based on lean strategies. 
  • Introduced solid WAN and remote access for divisional and sales offices; expanded connectivity from 20 + locations while achieving 99.999% system and network uptimes. 
  • Championed seamless software development of POS application resulting in 12-18% increase in sales. 
  • Saved $125K first year of IT budget; upgraded/centralized IT, streamlined operations, consolidated vendors, renegotiated SLAs and outsourced.
  • Led development of cloud based CRM application with extensive conversion from B2B to B2C resulting in 25% increase in sales. Corporate web page was developed to funnel prospects to the CRM application for tracking and follow-up.
  • 12+ years managing extensive enterprise-wide network and telecommunications operations.

Professional Recognition

Service Award     Certificate of Achievement business initiatives

Service Award      Certificate of Appreciation support of Sales

Service Award      Certificate of Excellence Division support of Sales